Audio Mindset Minute: “Give Anonymously”


When we give while expecting something in return, that is not true giving. Giving from the heart, for the pure joy of helping someone or making them feel special...and not having them know who it is...that is a special kind of giving. Join me and let's give anonymously! Because Together is Better, … [Read more...]

Contrast is Essential


We are so great at thinking and talking about what we do not want, aren't we!? We can dwell in that place for days, months, years, and beyond. Why do we do this? It serves no purpose. It only allows us to be stuck there and to attract more things into our lives that we do not want. This can be anything we do not want: Financial hardship, a bad relationship, health issues, a mean boss, self loathing, moving to a new state, a job, a messy home, and the list goes on. When we continually have these thoughts in our conscious mind, our sub-conscious mind is busy at work bringing what we are focusing on into our lives. Knowing what we do not want is called contrast, and contrast is neutral and contrast is essential. The best way to become clear about what you do want is to briefly (as long as … [Read more...]

Audio Mindset Minute: “Covering Up Our Perceived Flaws”

Mindset Minute

We all have things we think are flaws about ourselves...but are they really flaws? I think we are our own worst critic, and if we can look at ourselves as whole and perfect, we may just feel more confident to be who we truly are. Take a listen and in 5 minutes you may feel a little differently about your perceived flaws. Because Together is Better, … [Read more...]

Inspired By My Teenager


This week, I am spotlighting one of my daughters. Ryan is almost 15 and she wrote this real account of a situation that occurred last weekend. This post is peppered with so much humor, truth, and life lessons…I had to share it with all of you. Please be encouraged to share this with your family and especially with your children. I also challenge you to go out there and Take Action as a result of being inspired by her words! Because Together is Better, As pretty much everyone in Arizona knows, there was a monumental and destructive rainstorm quite recently, causing many people immobility for hours. Arizona is commonly known for all of the dirt we have here, and that's exactly what came rushing onto local streets everywhere due to the storm. Now, this rainstorm was unlike any petty … [Read more...]

Helpful Cliché


My mom was the Queen of clichés when I was a child and she still is. If there was a situation that warranted a good use of a cliché, she would use one. I learned, and ignored, many life lessons based on whether I paid attention to my mom's clichés and applied them. This talent of pulling clichés out of a hat like a magician was inadvertently handed down to me as soon as I had my own children. I spew them off instinctually while my kids look at me confused, just as I used to look at my mom. I really think if more people paid attention to these wise words and put them to use, the world would be a less chaotic and calmer place. The other day, one of my daughters was getting out of her shower and she did not do a very thorough job of cleaning the glass with the squeegee. I made her go back … [Read more...]

Audio Mindset Minute: “Eat the Rainbow”

Mindset Minute

We all would feel better if we continually ate the colors of the rainbow, and I am not talking about Fruit Loops. I am talking about eating fruits and vegetables that are the different colors of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Take 5 minutes to listen to this segment and do your health a favor and eat the rainbow!   Because Together is Better, … [Read more...]

Move Over Pride and Ego!

move over pride and ego

I have known so many people throughout my life who let their pride and ego get in the way of forgiveness. I have been one of those people at times. I'm sure you have as well. I know it is hard to forgive sometimes. It feels like it is a "give" on our part or like we are excusing the wrong behavior...but we also rationally know that hanging on to a wrong only hurts us. We are so stubborn at times. What makes us think that not forgiving someone is healthy or will do any good? Why would we think that holding on to that negative energy will hurt the other person? The energy of un-forgiveness is so very heavy. When we look at it in that light, it seems so very silly, doesn't it? We are intentionally hurting ourselves...that is so counterproductive! I know that when we are in the emotional … [Read more...]

Audio Mindset Minute: “Do Something for YOU!”

Mindset Minute

We all do so much for others while wearing multiple hats. We need to make sure we are taking time out for ourselves so we don't burn out. Listen in and then do something for you! Because Together is Better, … [Read more...]

Want or Need?

wants or needs

This past week before the kids went back to school, I did the "Annual Purge". We go through all their clothes, hand down the sizes, and go through all the bins. It is quite a production. With three girls still living at home, there are a lot of clothes and shoes to go through, hand down, and donate. We do this before we go school clothes shopping, so we know what they need and what they want. We have so much. Sometimes kids have a hard time deciphering between want and need. Many times adults have the same struggle. We buy things we think we need, but we really just want. It is amazing when we start to clean out drawers, closets, and shelves how much we have. I know several families who have so many things that they can't even park in their garage. Why do we think we need to keep … [Read more...]

Audio Mindset Minute: “No Complaining Challenge”


We all complain, more than I think we even realize. I propose a challenge for us all: Listen to this Mindset Minute and commit to taking the "No Complaining Challenge". Take a listen! Because Together is Better, … [Read more...]