Do You Wash Your Hands Often Enough?

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The older I get it seems that I wash my hands more often. Part of me washing my hands more often as an adult, is due to the fact that I realize how many people do not wash theirs! This, in short, means that everything I touch, including other people's hands, is probably infested with germs. I have never thought of myself as a germ-a-phoebe…but I am beginning to rethink that notion. Maybe my extreme hand washing is part of why I stay so healthy though. I know that the anti-bacterial gels and lotions and sprays are all the rage, but I personally think good old-fashioned hot water and soap do a better and more thorough job. Plus, the alcohol in the anti-bacteria products smell pretty bad and it is very drying to my tender skin. Sometimes the old way of doing things is the better way, … [Read more...]

Just Water?


When I am out to enjoy a meal at a restaurant, and I find myself not ordering an alcoholic beverage or a soda, I tell the waiter or waitress, "I'll just have water." This happened a few nights ago, and that statement rang in my mind over and over again. "I'll just have water."??? I'll just have the most important thing for my body? (right up there with oxygen) It seemed so wrong that I was belittling such an important part of my health. That I was making it seem less important than the other drinks being ordered around the table. As if I were shorting my taste buds, or punishing myself. As if water is somehow inferior to other beverages. Hmmm… Knowing how important water is to our bodies, I did a little research to confirm what I already knew. I also … [Read more...]


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The word "Fear" keeps popping up all around me this week…in emails, Facebook postings, songs, a speaker at my mom's group, etc. I decided that if this word keeps appearing to me, it is for a reason, and I need to think a little deeper on it. Fear is often said to be the opposite of Love. I believe that, because it is also known to many that you cannot experience Fear and Love at the same time. As I was thinking and digging, it dawned on me that in the Bible it says a whole bunch of the times that we are to "Fear the Lord"…hmm…I always thought that was odd, because to me God is pure LOVE…why would I fear LOVE? I then went to good old Webster and found this: Fear (n) – Profound reverence (honor and respect) and awe (wonder and … [Read more...]

Stay Healthy This Holiday Season!


The Holidays and "Flu Season" are upon us, and I don't know about you...but I want to stay healthy again this season!  For several years my family and I have been able to dodge the flu as well as major colds (knock on wood!).  I will share with you my thoughts on the subject, as well as what we do in my home...and maybe it will help you to stay healthy this season as well! There are seven areas that need to be given attention and effort.  Some are self explanitory, but I will share with you my theories: 1) Hygiene- During the flu season, we are indoors more often as the weather gets colder.  We have more social gatherings with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and all the fun and parties that go along with the holidays.  With more sneezing, coughing, and hand … [Read more...]