What Kids Need the Most!


A Riddle for You: What is more precious than gold but cannot be bought, earned or saved? The more you have of it, the less treasured it is, and no matter how much of it we get, we always end up wanting more. (Try to answer before reading on.) During our discussion time in my Mom's Group this past week, our table got pretty deep with our thoughts and feelings about what our kids need from us. We were asked the question, "If you had one year to live, what would you change about the way you spent your time?" This question brought up a lot of things. We all concurred, that with our busy schedules, we try to fit so many things into our day. We all agreed that making time for our kids is so important, especially during the first five years of their lives…because these are their … [Read more...]

Gossip is Ugly


I have known many people (sadly, mostly women) who spend a lot of time gossiping. I, too, have been guilty of this evil act, and it never brings goodness to you. Even if there is no direct backlash, you are left with an icky feeling that you have not been true to someone. I think when others talk about people, in a bad way; it is quite possibly the ugliest thing I have ever seen. It makes an otherwise beautiful person look unattractive. It produces so much havoc. Why do people gossip? I think they do it to make them look and feel better about who they are. Why else would you talk poorly about someone else? There is absolutely no benefit to you….unless you are trying to make someone look bad so that you will look better. Webster defines gossip this way: Gossip (noun) – a) … [Read more...]

Beauty is Only Skin Deep


When I was in high school and college, I worked in a grocery store as a checker. I met a lot of people during those 8 years and it allowed me a deep schooling on people. I saw all walks of life, from my "regular" customers, to the homeless and poor who came in with dirty change and recycled can money. I got to know people who were on welfare, I met people who drove nice cars, and I got to flirt with the cute firemen. I talked with old people, young people, pregnant ladies, step-parents, single parents, high school drop outs, con artists...you name it. It was a wonderful time of life, filled with a lot of growth and contemplation. I learned that if you look into the eyes of people, you can read their story. I saw a lot of worry and hurt, I saw insecurities, walls put up, anger, … [Read more...]

It’s Better to Give than to Receive


This phrase, "It's better to give than to receive", (Actually, these words, "It is more blessed to give then to receive" are from the Bible -NIV…said by Jesus) is one of the parenting standard phrases from anyone's childhood. I think we all heard this growing up…especially around Christmas time and Birthday celebrations. Our parents wanted to instill this quality. They wanted us to be grateful for the gifts and blessings we had in our lives. They wanted us to feel good about giving to others in general and others less fortunate. Now, as an adult and a parent, I find myself trying to teach the same life lesson to my kids. I don't think this is an easy lesson for kids to learn, because they are very egocentric by nature. When trying to model and … [Read more...]

Fully Present


I think a lot of people yearn to be fully present. They want to live in the moment and breath in life as it is happening. Some people believe this is one of the keys to living in peace, to being truly joyful, to appreciating everything, to being grateful! In our fast paced lives, I don't think too many people even know how to be present. This is a very hard thing to do, because, in this busy life we live, we are constantly planning for whatever is ahead of us, worrying about the future, regretting the past, and planning accordingly. We are making appointments, checking our schedules, looking at our watches, running late, worrying about this and that, and trying to live up to unrealistic standards. To be fully present means that you are living in the moment. You are experiencing … [Read more...]

Lead by Example

lead by example

It is so very easy to tell someone not to do something and then you do that very same thing yourself. We have all done this at one time or another in our life. We tell our kids not to lie and then the phone rings and we tell them to tell the caller, "We are in the shower". I can think of a lot of little illustrations that seem insignificant to us, but in the long run they are HUGE to the people watching us. You cannot tell your kids to be grateful if you never are. You cannot be an alcoholic and tell your kids that drinking is bad and they should not do it. You cannot get enraged and throw tantrums and then expect your kids to not throw fits. You cannot discipline with physical aggression and expect your kids to not become bullies. You cannot cheat in business dealings and then expect your … [Read more...]

Impact and Influence Others


Funny how it is…well, it's actually quite sad…we usually are more concerned about how other's words and actions will affect us rather than being concerned about how our words and actions will affect others. We've all been there, we've all done it. In class, at work, at a party, we think to ourselves or voice to a friend, "OH NO, there's so-in-so! Whether they speak too loudly, drink too much, are negative, are obnoxious, rub us the wrong way, etc…we would rather not interact with them. They make us feel uncomfortable, we have to make small talk, and we can't wait to be released from their presence. We don't like the way their words and actions affect us. We even do it with strangers…if someone looks different or "weird" we don't want to … [Read more...]

True Love

True Love

LOVE is the most powerful emotion of all. It's at the very top of the Emotional Guidance Scale, and rightly so. We all strive to LOVE and receive LOVE. LOVE protects, it heals, it nurtures, it teaches, it endures, it brings people together, it sets us free, it encourages, it lifts us up, it comforts. "LOVE" is found in the Bible (NIV) 551 times…it must be important and powerful! We are instructed over and over to LOVE one another, to LOVE ourselves, to LOVE God. It seems that if you are ethical, honest, moral, and LOVING…you will get that right back in return. Proverbs 21:21 – Whoever pursues righteousness and LOVE finds life, prosperity, and honor. This past week, unfortunately, we had a terrible family emergency. Without going into any detail, my … [Read more...]

Uniquely You!

Same crop

Why do we yearn to be like others? Why do we criticize ourselves and put ourselves down? Why do we choose to listen to the mean voices from our past and believe them? It has everything to do with our thoughts! Thoughts are only words strung together, and they have no meaning unless we give meaning to them!  Think about it…If I repeatedly told you, “You have ugly purple skin, you have ugly purple skin!” would you believe me? No, you would think I were crazy and rightfully tell me to get lost. Well, some of our old beliefs about ourselves (as well as new and ongoing beliefs) are just as crazy as that! Part of self-acceptance and honoring your “Uniquely You” is releasing other people’s opinions about you. Sometimes our … [Read more...]

Word Power


I belong to a fabulous Mom’s group! I am also one of eleven on the Leadership Committee for that group. The eleven of us have been trying to live intentionally with "JOY" as our focus this year. That tiny 3-letter word, JOY, has so much power! Our goal is to find joy in the normal, the everyday, the frustrating, the sad, the unbelievable…it is a challenge that we all have taken very seriously. There has been some stumbling, some failure, but also a lot of success with this exercise.   Although we are still intentionally finding joy in each minute, each day…a few weeks ago another challenge was presented to our group. We were to each pick a word that was unique to us individually. This word was to have special … [Read more...]