Everything in Moderation

Small helpings.

Sample a little bit of everything.
These are the secrets of happiness and good health.”
Julia Child


Most people know that certain things in excess are harmful and even fatalsuch as drugs and alcohol. We know that when we over eat, as we do during Thanksgiving dinner, we feel really horriblebut we do it anyway. Most people have heard the saying, All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But some people are coined as being workaholics. So I guess working in excess is harmful also. I know people who take a good thing, like working out, and make it a several-hour-a-day venture. Is that healthy or not? Did you know that you can die from drinking too much water? Yes, you read it right; its called water intoxication! Anything in excess is not healthy for you!

Even Good Things need to be had in moderation!

Moderation is a very simple but highly profound word. If you do not have moderation in certain areas of your life, parts of your life could easily resemble addiction or compulsion or being obsessed or out of balance. These traits will not lead to happiness or to good health. Without exercising moderation, you are out of control. When you are practicing moderation in your life, then you are in balance. Being in balance is where happiness and good health lie.

Lets take Jack from above. He is a dull boy, because all he does is worktherefore he is filled with stress and he is tired and his body is achy and he has no fun at all. He takes no time to enjoy life or the relationships around him. Are you a Jack? Is your partner a Jack? Have you ever been a Jack? Jack is earning the jack to pay for a nice home and a great car, but Jack is not reaping the benefits of all his hard work. If Jack is demonstrating moderation, he is taking vacations with his family, eating a healthy diet, exercising, going out to nice restaurants, playing with his kids, enjoying the fruits of his labor, and romancing his wife. That is happy and healthy!

Heres a consumption example: If you like desserts like I do, what do you think a healthy moderation is for consuming them? After every meal? Only after dinner? Twice a week? Only on the weekend nights? What do you think? Well, we need to take into consideration the Happy and the Healthy parts, not just one or the otherbecause I would be happy if I had a dessert after each meal, but only temporarily. As far as the healthy goes, it would not be healthy for my body or my waistline if I did that. So, in order to have moderation, I would need to take those factors into consideration and be real honest with myself.

In this example eating dessert in excess would only be unhealthy for me and my body. But if we are talking about drinking alcohol or doing drugs, you would have other people to consider as well: your partner, kids, friends, co-workers, etc., because using those substances in excess negatively affects the people around you as well.

Heres a time example: Lets say you love to go fishing. Lets also say you have a wife and kids. Lets say that you go fishing every chance you get. Lets ask these two questions: Does fishing in all your spare time make you happy? I bet the answer is yes. Does fishing all the time make you healthy? Well, it may not affect your physical healthbut what about the health of your marriage? What about your life being in balance (mental health)? You could replace fishing with anything; Facebook, playing softball, watching TV, going to a bar after work, pornography, exercising, working, sleeping, doing crossword puzzles, etc.

Usually when a persons moderation is out of whack, there is a deeper issue at hand. Typically it means there is some coping, some masking, some hiding, some sort of avoidance going on. If you are out of balance, you need to take a good look at whats underneath. There may be some buried issues that need to be brought up to the surface and dealt with in a healthy way.

Take Action: This week and moving forward, lets take a good, hard look at our moderation. Lets adjust and make any changes so that our life will be more in balance. Lets be honest with ourselves if our lack of moderation borders addiction or other unhealthy behaviorsfor ourselves and for the ones we love. Taking stock in our habits will keep us happy and healthy!

Because Together is Better,


  1. My grandma always said everything is OK in moderation. That even included chocolate! I am sure she was right!

  2. Daddy-G says:

    Moderation, Schmoteration… I say GO for the GUSTO baby!
    J/K of course, this was very well presented, Sweet D!!!

  3. Very cool website, I am with you Deanna on moderation 🙂

  4. Moderation is something we could all use more of. Oftentimes, people take the things they enjoy to excess. And, you’re right. That’s when your life gets out of balance. As a business owner, I can sometimes forget that there are other important things in my life. Taking the time to spend with my family is so important. And, taking care of my health is a priority of mine too. Without those things in my life, what would all my work be worth?

    • Great point, Deborah…without relationships we have nothing. Good way to put hings into perspective! Thank you for sharing your heart! -Deanna

  5. Great article. I love how you get people to even think about ‘limits’ and think about what moderation for them would look like. I like to ‘allow’ myself dessert after every meal (if I want it) and so I get these nice little 150 calorie ice cream bars 🙂 So my moderation is in the portion, not the frequency.

    • Robin, I love your notion of having moderation in the portion instead of the frequency. I appreciate your insight, as YOUR words will inspire other readers here! -Deanna

  6. Hi. I just ran across your blog and I love this post. I think the concept of moderation scares most people because they fear the lack that may result. You’ve done a fantastic job explaining how to find balance in our lives. Thank you so much!

    • I agree, that people do fear moderation because they feel they will be lacking. I get that, especially with people who are grasping out of addiction. I appreciate your input, Jen! -Deanna

  7. Dave Sanchez says:

    Thank you!

    Upon reflection – I’m pleased to note my life in moderation is moderate.

    The only minor adjustment, to make my life more balanced, is devoting a bit more of my time enjoying family; and, a bit less time helping friends.

    Incidentally, dessert – after a beautiful meal – is obligatory!

    There, I said it and I’m not ashamed.

    Again, thank you for your thoughtful and inspiring suggestions.

    Cheers! Dave

    • Dave, thank you for your insight! I love that you have dessert after a beautiful meal, and that you felt safe enough to share that here. Keep sharing the love! -Deanna

  8. Words to live by. Thanks Bonana

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