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As I talk with people, I realize that most children have a passion and most adults have forgotten what theirs is. I have concluded that most adults were once filled with passion for something, but after getting married, having kids, etctheir passion has fallen to the wayside. Some adults are not married and/or dont have children, but they are married to their workand their personal passion has become nonexistent. Why is this? Why do we veer away from the things that bring us the most joy? Its sad to see so many people working so hard to make ends meet, while doing something they dont even enjoy.

It hit me one night about five years ago: My husband and kids were out for the night and I had a rare several hours alone. I didnt know what to do with myself. Yes, I could do laundry, clean, and catch up on all my "duties"…but I was at a loss as to what I could do that would be truly joyful for me. Had I lost myself in this thing called marriage and mommy hood? YesI was living and doing for my family, and I had forgotten what it was that I liked to do! Looking back on that makes me feel pathetic, but that is where I was in life. I bet some of you can relate to this.

Did I have any passions? WellPreviously, I was a school teacher: that was a passion for me because I love kids and I love to teach. I have been and am a stay-at-home-mom: that is a passion for me because I love kids and I love to teach. So it wasnt that I didnt have a passion, but I felt there was a more personal passion lying in the waits. Something was stirring inside me that I kept pushing down and ignoring over the years. I began to think back to my childhood. What did I love to do when I was a carefree kid? What was I enthusiastic about and good at when there was no pressure to make money or perform? What makes my heart sing? What gets me excited? What brings me joy?

My thoughts took me all the way back to middle school, to the 7th grade. I was part of the Student Council and the Yearbook Committee. We wrote and published a school newspaper. My job was to write an advice column called "Dear Deanna". How funny, huh!? Students would write letters to me and put them in a secured box in the hallway of the English wing. I would collect the letters, read their troubled words, and write my advice back to them. The column was published in the school newspaper, and it was a huge success. For me it was fulfilling, exciting, and fun! Students kept writing, week after week, and they were taking my advice. People needed me and my advice was helpfula win-win!

As I recalled this memory my excitement grew, I felt joy, and my creative juices started flowing.
I am passionate about helping people. I am passionate about seeing people grow.
I am passionate about loving others and spreading
"Positive Goodness".
I love to write!
All these
"Passions" started to add up!
Fast forward to todayI am writing this Blog that I am passionate about!
I get to help people become better people, I feel so good doing it, and people benefit
another win-win situation!

What is your passion? What is your innate talent? What could you do that would bring you the utmost joy? What makes your heart sing? Have you thought about those questions in a whileor have you been too busy with "life"? Maybe you discount and push aside your passion because you dont have time, you dont have money, you are tired, your spouse wont support your endeavors, you are allowing fear to smother youand the list goes on. Remember: We were put on this planet to experience JOY and to have FUN and to be the BEST we can be. If you are stifling a passion that is burning deep inside of youdig it up and go for it!

You may be reading this and thinking, "I dont know what my passion is. I dont think I am passionate about anything." Well, if that is the case, do what I did and begin to trace your steps. Go back to your childhood. What games did you play during recess? Where did your imagination go when you were daydreaming? What toys did you play with? If you were always doing dolls hair and makeupmaybe you should get into the beauty industry. Maybe you loved playing baseballjoin a local league. These are just a couple of examples, but you get the idea.

Maybe you are one of the rare few who are living your passion. Good for you! Keep being passionate about it and help others find and release their passion! When you are engrossed in something you LOVE, people see and feel that. You are an inspiration to those around you! That is exciting and empowering!

Take Action: This week and beyond, find your passion! It sounds simple, but it may take some time, energy, and research on your part. You are worth the effort! Once you discover your passion, take a step forward to pursue it. Then take another, and another. If you are living your passion, live it a shining example to those around you. Be a light that will inspire others to show their passion!



  1. Daddy-G says:

    YOU are MY passion, baby and I will follow you anywhere!

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