Give it Your All

While growing up, my Dad would often remind me and my siblings not to do things Half-Assed. Some of you may have heard this put in a more politically correct way: A job worth doing is a job worth doing well!Some of you never heard either of these phrases growing up, so I will help you understand.

My Dad said these phrases often, and it pertained to anything we were doing: Homework, housework, organizing, showering, or playing a sportyou name it; if we could do itwe were expected to give it our all! Im not too sure that during my childhood I much embraced the notion, because as a child I wanted to just get through the task at hand as quickly and painlessly as possible. I am so thankful now that my Dad taught me to do things thoroughly. When I do any task, I give it my all, and I think that makes such a difference in my life and those lives I touch.

A lot of people think this notion only applies to the work or job in which they earn a living. Some people don’t think this applies to them at all! I know though, that if this simple principle is put to use in all areas of your life, you will be so organized and it will save you work in the long run. It actually takes more effort to do it wrong or to be lazy about the task at hand. If you do something half-assed, the work will build up. Example: If you quickly wipe the whole inside of the refrigerator when you see a few crumbs and spills, then it stays cleaner longer. If you see the spill and just wipe it up without moving items and only clean around it (or worse, just leave the mess) then eventually you will have a really nasty refrigerator to deal with.which means more work!

A cliché my Mom use to say rings in my mind, A stitch in time saves nine!
Good Lord
no wonder I am the way I am!

For me, personally, putting in the extra effort is so gratifying. I get so much out of doing my workout with all my might. While dusting, I dust under everything on the shelf not just around the items. When putting the groceries away, I put them where they go in the pantry, instead of just throwing them wherever. When I organize, I organize! You wouldnt make only half your bed, would you? Speaking of bedsmake your bed every morningyour whole room looks cleaner if your bed is madethats a start!

Here is an example I give my kids all the time:

Scenario 1: When you take off your shoes and put them on the proper shelf in the closet, thats one stepand youre
done! You will always know where your shoes are, because they are where they belong.

Scenario 2: When you take off your shoes and throw them on the floor, you eventually have to pick them up again and put them on your shelf in the closetthats two steps. Also, with this two-step-process, you may forget where you took them off and have to search for themI count three steps now. (Of course this scenario is me assuming that you even know where the shoe shelf is in your closetbut thats a whole different topic for another day!)

Yes, one could argue that I am a little OCD. When my kids were babies, instead of just wiping down the high chair, I would detail every nook and cranny with a toothpick! Now, Im not suggesting that you go into that much detail when you do something.but if youre going to wipe a spill on the high chair, wipe the whole high chair! You get what Im saying? When faced with any task, you have three choices: Give up, Give in, or Give it your all!

My point is, and my Dads point was; It is easier to do things right the first time and to give it your all, rather than doing it half-assed and then having to do it all over again. If you give it your all with the little things, it will naturally bleed into the bigger parts of your life. Your home will be more orderly, your kids will learn how to do things right, you will become more dependable, you wont lose items as often, you will soar upward in your job, your dreams and ideas will come to fruition, you will become a faster runner, you will learn more, you will excel at what you focus on, your social life will explodeall because you took the time and made the effort to give it your all!

Take Action: This week and beyond, lets practice giving it your all! No matter what you are doing, take the few seconds or minutes to do it thoroughly and correctly. Let this practice bleed into all areas of your life. Dont Give up, dont Give inGive it your all! Put the extra effort in, feel the difference, feel the satisfaction in a job done well! Be a healthy exampleafter allyour kids wont keep their room clean if you dont!


  1. Antoine Collier says:

    Thanks for the advice cause when i was younger i used to do things thoroughly, but as i got older i stop caring about doing task a well as i could! Ive been battling with myself because i cant remeber the last time I have giving anything my all since I played high school football and I am now 26 years old! Everything you siad gave me the motivation to get back to the right mentality to give every area of my life my all! I saved this page as a bookmark and I really do appreciate your wisdom!

  2. You are so right, Deanna. When I reflect on it, I know I give many things my all. One thing that sometimes gets in my way, however, is negative self-talk. The little voice in my head that’s telling me I can’t do it, I’m not good enough, etc. I need to combat that negativity I tell myself so I can go 100% in all areas of my life. Thanks!

  3. Gigi Petersonm says:

    Oh my friend…we are nothing alike!! That’s why I have you to remind me how I can make less work for myself in the long run. Now if I would just apply what I’ve learned. Thanks friend!!

  4. Gina Manzeck says:

    Oh my friend… we are alike more than we even know-ha!!! And to top it off… I married someone just like me!!! Goodness.. are kids are in trouble!!! I do agree with giving it your all.. I too get every nook and cranny when cleaning- and yes I have used a toothpick and cotton swab in those hard to reach areas! Like cleaning out the tip of a bottle- the nipple end gets formula caked in it.. so you have to use something tiny to get it out-ha! Call me crazy or OCD or a perfectionist but my even my junk drawer is organized… (well somewhat anyway)! I guess it’s time to stop looking at it as a fault of mine and embrace it while looking at all of the positives that come from “giving it my all”, Thanks Deanna 🙂

    • Gina Manzeck says:

      Now what I didn’t do just now is give this comment my all and do a spell check-… see what happens when you rush to so something “half -assed”-ha!

  5. Now why would anyone think you are OCD? Next time you visit please do not look closely at my refrigerator or the grandkids highchair!!!!!!! Yikes I just looked at the den carpet…..awww nutzzz Gia (19 month old) is sitting playing happily not seeming to notice the layer of dog hair….now look what you have done….I have to go vacuum the dang thing!!!!! (the carpet not the kid) …………(or should I just let sleeping dog hair lie?)

    Aunt Judy

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