How Young Are You?

“Act your age!” How many times have we heard that in our lives? How many times have we said that to our children? This phrase always is spoken after some silly or immature words or activities are witnessed. Somewhere along the road of growing up, we lost that ability to be silly and we have become so serious. Why is that? Why don’t we skip and laugh, and dance? Why don’t we get messy with finger paints? I guess we have a preconceived notion of how we are supposed to behave and act when we are a grown up. Children have such an imagination, such a zest for life! When we lose that, we become dull and we tend to mistreat our bodies. Im not condoning irresponsible behavior; however, I do think being playful is healthy. Stay with methere is a connection:

Out of curiosity, I have done a little private observation and research: I ask people all the time how old they are and how old they feel. It is amazing what I have consistently noticed. There are two categories: The first group consists of people who are active, generally eat healthy, and are playful and positive. I found that these people look and feel a lot younger than they actually are. The second group consists of people who are inactive, who abuse their bodies with food and drink, and are pretty negative. I found that these people look and feel much older than they actually are.

When I think about how old I am in contrast to how old I feel, it is amazing…I am in my early forties and I feel like I am in my early twenties! I feel young and spry and I have great energy. This brings a couple of thoughts to mind: 1) WOW, I feel great for my age! 2) I am a lot closer to being “old aged” than I think (and feel)! That second thought is scary, because I love my life and I want to live a long time. I don’t want to grow old and sickly. I want to be healthy and enjoy my fabulous family, friends, and life for a long, long time.

Which brings me to this: I have a choice. Do I want to act my actual age and grow old the way most people do…get sick and die? Or do I want to act the age I feel, continue to be vibrantly healthy and live a long and fabulous life? I choose the latter, each and every day, I choose this! We all have this choice. Which do you choose?

 There are several things we can do, which are totally in our control, to stay looking and feeling younger than our biological age:

Getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night helps to regenerate healthy cells and helps our brain and organs maintain optimal function. You will look and feel refreshed!

Staying lean and mean is awesome, but the true benefit of exercise is that it will keep your heart healthy, and bring awesome oxygen to your cells.

Eating foods that grow more often than eating processed foods will keep your hair, nails, skin, organs, and brain looking and feeling great!
God did not intend for us to survive on Twinkies!

Your body is made of mostly water. We need to replenish it daily. Caffeine and alcohol are not good for your body; try to limit those water stealers!

What we think is what we get…be positive, pray, and meditate on goodness. Be responsible, but don
t be so serious!
See the world as a child does
let your imagination soar. Let loose and have fun!

A lot of people intentionally and unintentionally harm their bodies. They poison (with alcohol, drugs, smoke, and sugar), under nourish, and inflict sleep deprivation on themselves. Our bodies are our temples. We only get one, and if we dont respect it or take care of itit fails. The exciting thing about this is that we have total control over how we treat our bodies and how we behave. We can treat our bodies badly and be sick, or we can treat our bodies like a treasure and feel fabulous! If we take the time and energy to respect our bodies, minds, and souls, we will reap the benefits of a long and healthy life.

When we are healthy and energized, we are more apt to be more playful and act youthful!

Take Action: This week and beyond, let’s work on making good choices for our mind, body, and soul. Let’s respect our temples…fueling our bodies with foods that are healthy and water that restores. Let’s feed our minds and souls with positive words and thoughts, taking time to pray and meditate daily. Let’s be playful, silly, and youthfuland for Heaven’s sake…let’s not act our age!




  1. Body pump baby! I feel so much stronger with more energy since I have been exercising. And it has nothing to do with the way I look, it’s how I feel. But I don’t have to give up my Starbucks do I??

  2. How timely your topic for this week’s post is for me! Having just turned 50 two days ago, I am a bit more conscious of my actual AND mental age lately. Thanks to some decent genetics handed down to me from my father (who is like 70 something, yet looks like he could be my brother!) and also thanks to YOU, my young-at-heart, smokin’ hot wife, I feel a LOT younger than fitty! Now where’s my walker? ;~)

  3. “Which life are you designing?” I love it! Yes, we are the result of our choices.

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