Jumping For Joy is Good Exercise!

Jumping for JoyWhen was the last time you felt so much joy in your heart that you couldn’t contain yourself?  Can you remember the circumstances?  Did you squeal and laugh and jump up and down???  Did you dance around the house and sing at the top of your lungs?  Did you raise your hands up to the sky and yell praises of gratitude?  Did you cry warm tears of  joy? Did you hug the closest person to you, and did you close your eyes as tight as they could be closed?  Did your heart start beating faster?  Did you hold your breathe and wave your hands in front of your face?  Could you feel your adrenaline release into your system?  Could you feel your heart open and burst with love and genuine happiness?

Hopefully this memory is not in the too distant past!  It is so healthy for you to Jump For Joy!  It will strengthen your heart and your organs.  Your skin will glow and your stress will be reduced!  Your muscles and every cell in your body will flourish!  You will have improved circulation.  Endorphins will be released, causing a “natural high”. It is good for your mind and the affects of this kind of exercise are good for your friends and family, as you will be more happy and relaxed.  There is no down side to Jumping For Joy.

Let’s practice this on a weekly basis!  When you get really great at doing this, then you can do this on a daily basis.  Find one thing you are so grateful for and so happy about, and then Jump For Joy…really…get out of your seat and Jump For Joy!  Use every muscle, each one of your senses, and every thought to express your gratitude!  You will get addicted to this feeling, and the gratitude you display will be contagious.  You will celebrate more often and for more reasons.  Your friends and family will begin to Jump For Joy when they see the positive affects in your life.

You’ll see…Jumping For Joy is Good Exercise!


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