Leap of Faith

How many times have you been presented with an opportunity that was awesome, but at the same time it made you feel terrified? It could be as simple as being invited to an amusement park as a child (awesome), but getting on that roller coaster made your palms sweat, your heart speed up, and the urge to use the bathroom almost unavoidable (terrified). Maybe you were excited about getting a great job (awesome), but the interview process made you wither (terrified). What about wanting to date that really special boy (awesome), but when he finally asked you out you were a bundle of nerves (terrified)?

We all have been there. We want good and fun things in our lives, and sometimes when opportunities for them arrive, we are not mentally prepared. Our nerves kick in. We feel unworthy or inadequate. Our self doubt derails us in our quest for our original goal or desire.

What do you do when opportunity knocks?
Do you turn away and say,
No thank you.?
Or do you jump right in, push those doubtful thoughts to the side, and give it your all?

In the past year, I have been presented with several opportunities with regards to this blog. I have been asked to be on a couple different BlogTalkRadio shows, I have been asked to speak at a womans group, and I have been asked to guest blog for another web site. All these opportunities are great, but they also come with some trepidation on my part. The trepidation comes from fear of the unknown“โ€ฆI have never been on a radio show! I have never given a speech to 100+ women! I have never written for another web site! And of course, like clockwork, the self doubt bubbles to the surface: What if they dont like what I say? What if I dont deliver what they want? What if Im not writing or saying what they are looking for? What if I freeze and my mind goes blank?

Fear and self doubt are natural reactions to doing something new and unfamiliar. But when we find ourselves in these situations, where there is a desired growth opportunity, we need to jump in and take a leap of faith. We need to ask ourselves, what is the ultimate goal?
In this example, my ultimate goal with my blog is to inspire and stretch and touch as many people as I can through my writing. So, if that is my goal, and I get asked to be on a radio show, should I say no because it is not writing and because I am fearful? Or should I jump in, take a leap of faith, and learn and growโ€ฆreaching people in a different way?

My rational is this:
If I have a goal or desire
and doors are opening for me to reach this goal or desire,
I should go for it,
because I will feel like I let myself down if I let my own fear stand in the way.

I know that if I had said no to these opportunities, I would be kicking myself now. When we look fear in the face and Go for it, that is how we get better and more comfortable. This is how we grow. By taking that leap of faith, the next time something is presented to me, it will be easier and more comfortable. The more I talk on the radio show, the more exhilarating, instead of fearful, it will be.

Think back to the first time you drove a car. I bet you were scared to death! I bet you checked those mirrors several times, and then some more. I can assume that you started out really slow, and that you looked behind you more than once before changing lanes. Did you keep both hands on the steering wheel? Did you drive under the speed limit? I also bet in time, and as you drove more and more, that you became pretty comfortable with driving. We all do. It is like that with anything we do for the first time. It is always scary at first.

Taking a leap of faith does not ensure that it will all be smooth sailing. In fact; we all know that there will be obstacles to conquer. We all know also, from experience (like learning to drive a car) that the first step is the hardest, and that with practice, experience, and effort it will get easier!

Take Action: This week and moving forward, lets look fear in the eye and take that leap of faith! I have never felt regret when I have jumped in with both feet, and neither will you. Lets not be safe by saying no to opportunity, instead lets be bigger than our doubts and fears and walk through those doors that have been opened for us.

Because Together is Better,


  1. Hey D, Love this blog… I am in quite the quandary right now and I have to make a difficult decision. All the signs are pointing to JUMP! After reading this I’ve decided to just do it already!! Thanks.

  2. Jump Jump!!!

  3. What can I say, thanks for this read, I needed that

  4. I totally agree that you should not step back from new challenges. They are what help us grow. And, even if you don’t do something perfectly, you’ve done your best. And, that’s what counts.

  5. It is so important that we know when we are getting that special knock.

    Yvonne Brown

  6. Kaylinn Barker says:

    Love this post Deanna! It reminds me of the quote from Glennon Doyle: “Scared and Sacred are sort of the same.” (paraphrase because I can’t find the actual quote) ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for your positive influence in my life – blessings back to you!! XO

  7. Gina Manzeck says:

    Great one D! Love it!!!! Oh yes…do I have plans…I am ready to LEAP for sure…then watch me soar!!!!
    It has been so joyful watching you LEAP for sure and sharing your LOVE!!!!

    xoxox G

  8. very positive thoughts!

  9. Looooove this article! And honestly, every opportunity that I’ve ever been presented with that was truly AWESOME, was also TERRIFYING at the same time. The opportunities that aren’t terrifying are normally not very awesome, haha, funny but true ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. “What would you do, if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

  11. Heather Petersen says:

    Thanks for this post! I am always amazed at how many doors open with a leap of Faith!

  12. Thanks for the great post. This weekend I am taking a great leap of faith and really looking forward to my new life as a result!!

  13. Great piece of writing here. Congratulations on taking your leaps of faith.

  14. I find myself taking more risks than I would have ever thought possible. Some are successful, some are not. But after I’m out of my comfort zone, then I know I can do more. Thanks for the reminder.

  15. I took a leap of faith with this It Works business and it was the best thing I have every done. Take those leaps even when it is scary, because faith will be right there to lend a hand.

  16. Veronica says:

    I have never been one to close the door on opportunity or let fear get in the way. In fact, the opposite has been true in my life to the point of being negative sometimes. I have learned now to take calculated risks and count the costs. Great post!

  17. I now fully embrace the leap. Growth doesn’t come without taking leaps and stepping into the unknown. Even if we flop, it’s better to jump and miss than to sit on the edge and watch opportunity pass by.

    LOVE this! Excellent advice!

  18. I am so grateful that I have taken many leaps of faith in my life. I wouldn’t be in the place I am today if I hadn’t taken the risks:)

  19. I have done exactly this recently! I took a leap ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I can’t live with “wish I would have…’s.
    Watch me jump!

  21. I usually take the leap of faith! I never know what doors it will open for me! Of Course sometimes i am weary, but i always investigate it to the fullest!

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