Stay Healthy This Holiday Season!

Merry Little ChristmasThe Holidays and “Flu Season” are upon us, and I don’t know about you…but I want to stay healthy again this season!  For several years my family and I have been able to dodge the flu as well as major colds (knock on wood!).  I will share with you my thoughts on the subject, as well as what we do in my home…and maybe it will help you to stay healthy this season as well!

There are seven areas that need to be given attention and effort.  Some are self explanitory, but I will share with you my theories:

1) Hygiene- During the flu season, we are indoors more often as the weather gets colder.  We have more social gatherings with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and all the fun and parties that go along with the holidays.  With more sneezing, coughing, and hand shaking…we need to make sure we are washing our hands more often.  Have your children wash often and as soon as they get home from school!

2) Sleep – We need to get the proper amount of sleep.  You body’s immune system is much stronger and ready to fight off viruses if it is properly rested.  Kids should get 10-12 hours of sleep depending on their age.  Teenagers tend to get less then that, but they actually need more sleep, as their bodies are going through tremendous changes.  If you or your kids are not waking up naturally and refreshed…then you are not getting enough shut-eye!

3) Water – Most sicknesses and ailments are caused by dehydration.  It is very important to drink lots of pure water.  It is harder to do so in the colder months because our bodies are not telling us that it is needing water like it does in the hot summer months.  We need to try to drink 1/2 our weight in ounces each day.  So, if you weigh 100 pounds, you need to be drinking 50 ounces of water daily.

4) Nutrition- We really try to eat  well balanced meals.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and many people either don’t eat at all or eat foods high in sugar. Try to send your family off with a belly full of health! I pack healthy lunches with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  I make dinner most every night, and we always include a great vegetable dish as well as a big salad.  We all need our fruits and vegetables, and most families just don’t eat enough! If you are not able to cook at home, make wise choices when out to eat and take a multi-vitamin and vitamin C!  It kicks up our immune system.  In contrast we try to go really easy on the sweets.  I know this is hard, again, because of all the parties and festivities…but sugar really puts stress on your immune system.  Try to limit the goodies!

5)  Exercise – It seems that we exercise less in the colder months.  It gets dark earlier, and we seem to be less active as a result.  We really need to try to be active every day.  Optimally,  we need to raise our heart rates and break a sweat 3-5 times a week for over 30 minutes.  Kids are naturally more active as a result of their playful nature…but see to it that they are participating in more than just computer games and television!

6)  Sunshine and fresh air –  Again, we are cooped up inside a lot more as the weather is colder.  Try to get outside for at least  a few minutes a day.  Breathe in the fresh air and try to feel some natural sun on your face.  Vitamin D boosts your immune system and helps maintain a healthy mood…plus it relieves “Cabin Fever”!

7)  Attitude- Being grateful and having a good attitude helps to eliminate stress in your life…and stress weakens our immune system.  Focusing on all the blessings we have takes our mind off the negative.  As a result, grateful people tend to have less physical complaints, they tend to sleep better, and are more likely to exercise. So, don’t let all the work and social obligations of the holiday season build up, weigh you down, and cause you stress.  Enjoy what you can, and be thankful in all things!  Don’t over commit and heap undo stress on your immune system.  Enjoy the holidays!





  1. Thanks for the good info and for making this your topic!! Very helpful this time of year. Here’s to a healthy holiday season. 🙂

  2. Aww great tips Deanna!! Also a good way to get some vitamins for your kids….whenever ours are starting to feel run down, we mix them a cocktail with cold water and ice of emergenC powder and vitamin D capsules opened up and the powder poured in. Gives them a boost. Xoxo 🙂

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