The Golden Rule

We all know the Golden Rule: “‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  I think all kids learn this from their parents at one time or another.  Yet to consistently implement this simple rule gets arduous at times.  If someone does us wrong, it seems just and right to do a harm in return. But, if we remembered and used The Golden Rule…we could stop the ugly cycle of nastiness in it’s tracks!

If everyone put this rule into practice, can you imagine what condition this world would be in? There would be love, kindness, generosity, and gratitude.  There would be no fighting, no war, and no hunger.  There would be no littering, there would be no child abuse, no theft, no lying, and on and on.


I think this rule can be boiled down to one word, and that word is R-E-S-P-E-C-T! We all need to be respectful toward one another at all times. When you show respect for another person, animal, or object, it seems to be naturally reciprocated.  This forges a natural flow of a positive give-and-take. When someone respects you, it is very easy to respect them in return.  And then every one’s words, actions, and attitudes reflect that.

I challenge you: Write down the Golden Rule and post it on your bathroom mirror, put a copy in your wallet and one in your car.  Read it often and be reminded of it throughout your day.  Put it to use whenever you interact with others and yourself!

Don’t React…Give Love Back!

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