“Have a wonderful day!”

At some time or another, we all are hit with situations that can leave us feeling mad, sad, guilty, taken advantage of, or frustrated. Sometimes it is a direct result from something you have or have not done, and sometimes it is thrust upon you and totally out of  your control. When these circumstances present themselves to you, you have a simple choice to make: Do you want to have a nasty, negative attitude or a healthy, positive outlook?   I will illustrate this in a short story:

I was speeding (my choice and my fault) and I was pulled over and a ticket was written out to me. When the police officer handed me my ticket, he said, “Drive safely, be careful, and have a wonderful day!” TicketMy initial reaction was to say something not-so-nice and I could feel my blood pressure rising. How dare he tell me to have a wonderful day after giving me a ticket???  How could I have a wonderful day, now?   He could have given me a warning!  When I thought those thoughts, I could tell that I was blaming and not taking ownership for my actions.  That is not good for anyone! Instead of doing that,  I took a couple deep breaths, asked myself if this will matter in a year (NO!), and began adjusting my attitude.

I could have ranted and raved and blamed the officer.  I could have cried or yelled, or thrown a tantrum.  All of those actions would have been fine, initially, but sometimes that leads to a downward spiral of negativity.  It creates a mindset where I may tend to play the scene over and over again in my mind.  It might make me want to call everyone in my phone and tell my unfortunate story over and over again.  This is not healthy.  Reliving and telling this story again and again will only attract more of the same  situations to me.  This will make me feel worse in the long run.  The point is: being upset will not change the facts, but it will build and fester.

When the officer told me to have a wonderful day, I had a choice to make right then and there, and I am happy to report that I chose to have a wonderful day, and I did!  I realized that I should probably slow down (yes, I drive too fast) and that it was my fault and not the officer’s.  I realized that this is just a situation that I shouldn’t let ruin my whole day.  I will go to traffic school (and I’ll probably meet some nice people there) and I will be on my way.  That’s the end of it…a little shift in attitude choice and I avoided a lot of negative energy!  You can do it too…just be aware when your emotions are driving your attitude in a bad way and make an adjustment for the better!



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