Create a Vision Board!

Being healthy means so much more than just eating right, exercising, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep. It also means having a healthy mind and spirit. We need to nurture all aspects of “us” in order to be truly healthy.   We all need to have goals and dreams for our future.  Having realistic goals and aspirations will keep us moving forward, will help us work towards something exceptional, and will keep our mind active in a positive way to help us avoid negativity and depression.

One way to cultivate a healthy mind and spirit is to make a vision board. A vision board is a great way to have a daily, visual reminder of your dreams and goals. This can help us stay on the right track of being healthy in all ways, focusing on the positive.  While you are making and using your vision board, don’t forget to show gratitude for all the blessings and riches you already have!

How do you make an effective vision board? It’s easy!

1) Write down your goals and dreams. Think BIG! Think about your Spiritual, Physical, Professional, Relational, and Recreational goals and dreams. Be specific…use your imaginationdream!  Don’t let destructive, fearful thoughts hinder this process, release all negative beliefs you have about lack…you can have ANYthing you desire if you believe it!
2) Write down your strategies on how you will attain these goals and dreams. Be specific! What are you going to do each day to move toward your goal? If one of your Physical goals is to lose 10 pounds, your strategy may be to exercise 10 minutes a day and to cut out all processed foods.  You can’t attain this goal if you sit on the couch and eat Ding Dongs all day! Be realistic!
3) Next, cut out or print off pictures of these goals and dreams and put them on your vision board. If one of your Recreational dreams is to vacation in Italy, put beautiful photos of Italy on your board.
4) Finally, you can write or print off words that inspire you. (Magazines are a wonderful resource). Choose words that affirm you, your dreams, and your goals. Make your board visually appealing to you! If you love bling…bling it out!  Adorn it with your favorite colors!  Make it something you love to look at and can get lost in.
Vision Board
 Vision Board



Put this vision board in a place you will see it often.  Put it in a quiet and secluded place.  You want to focus on your board with no interruptions.  Mine is in my closet…this is a great place for me because it is quiet and private, and I go in there at least twice a day!  Find a place that is perfect for you.

Each and every morning and evening take a few minutes and look at your board. When you spend time with your board, you need to “visualize” with all of your senses! Picture yourself sitting outside a quaint cafe in Rome, hearing the hustle and bustle of people walking by, hearing them speak Italian, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, smelling fresh pasta and cappuccino, tasting exquisite foods…BE there!

Feel these goals as if you already have attained them. Feel your successes as if they have already happened! Before you know it they will be yours…

Continue Visualizing…Keep Dreaming!


  1. What a great article. I love my vision board… I have it in my bathroom, so every am & every pm I soak it up.

    Things are changing. My visions are unfolding right before my eyes! I’m grateful for my amazingly beautiful & rich life!

    Thanks for reminding me to focus on all that is good!


  2. Love this!!!!!

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