Deep Tissue Massage

As we all know, there are so many wonderful benefits to getting regular massages. Oprah agrees! It relieves stress, relaxes tired and sore muscles, eliminates toxins, improves joint flexibility, and the list goes on.  But…I am not going to talk about the physical and psychological benefits of massage.  I am, however,  going to tell you about an experience I had on the massage table recently that was an “ah-ha” moment for me.

Lying on the massage table, receiving the expert physical touch from my gal, Kathlene, I find myself drifting in and out of a light sleep.  I am so relaxed, my mind is wondering and pondering in a hazy state of euphoria.  Then it happens!   She hits a spot…a ball of tension…a knot near my left shoulder blade.  OUCH!!!  No Pain

She doesn’t let that one be.  Each time her strong hands and elbow (yes, elbow…double OUCH!) run over that spot I cringe in pain and discomfort.  Her pressure keeps getting harder as she tries to work out the knotted up muscle.  The pain is not going away, it is getting worse.  I find that I am no longer breathing and my whole body is no longer relaxed.  Unfortunately, I am all tightened up.  This is now producing the opposite outcome I desired by getting a massage!

Some people enjoy that “pain” during a massage, they want it to hurt.  They feel that “If it doesn’t hurt, it’s not a massage”. But not me.  I like it to feel good.  I like to be comfortable. I enjoy a firm-pressure-make-my-muscles-feel-good kind of massage.

I soon realized that Kathlene and her quest to get rid of this knot in my back were both not going away.  I tried experimenting with each pass she took.  I tried breathing through it.  I consciously relaxed my whole body.  I visualized the knot melting away like butter.  I tried focusing on other parts of my body that were not being assaulted.

My conclusion was twofold:

1) The more I tensed up and fought the discomfort, the worse it became.  

2) When I relaxed and went with the flow, the less it hurt.


That’s when the connection, the lesson, the ah-ha moment hit me! My conclusion can and must be applied to our painful and uncomfortable situations in life!  If we fight them, resist them, and try to control them they get worse and persist.  If we relax and go with the flow, they melt away.

Since my massage experience, I have applied this to my life.  I can tell you that it works! Try this simple technique and let me know how it works for you! We would all love to read your comments…as it encourages us in more ways than you know!

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  1. Laura Hamm says:

    Wow… So true, Deanna! Have had to deal with that kind of situation the last two months of last year and came to the same realization after the fact. Love your positive attitude! <3

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