Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Don't SweatAs early as I can remember, I have had the attitude of “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” (Small Stuff is Daily Stuff…not Tragic, BIG, Stuff!). When I became an adult, I read this book (below)…and it enlightened me and confirmed that I was on the right track of living stress-free! Do yourself a HUGE favor, click on this book…buy it, read it, and let it sink in! You will not be sorry!

**For all of you non-readers whose heart rate just jumped up a notch…rest assured…The book measures a mere 5.5″ x 6.5″ and each chapter is only 1.5 tiny pages long.  You could read one chapter each day in the time it takes you to go potty! (That’s assuming you go Big Potty every day…but that’s another blog topic for another day!)

Here is a story about a specific event that took place in my childhood, when I realized I was putting this “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” into practice and it is a memory that has stuck with me my whole life:

When I was in middle school, my Dad bought me and my three siblings each a new set of luggage for Christmas. I loved my new three piece set from the moment I saw it…it was sturdy, red, and it was all mine! I loved it even more as I unzipped each section and pocket and discovered several fun gifts neatly wrapped and stuffed inside. Christmas kept giving, as I opened up the last pocket, and inside were airline tickets to Mexico! We were taking a family vacation to Mazatlan, Mexico!!! Boy, was I excited!

Mexico was fabulous as always, a perfect week filled with a beautiful resort, fabulous food, and sun-filled days. My Dad even let us try some sips of his Corona beer and margaritas at night! We went para-sailing, shopping, swimming, and lounged by the sparkling pool. It was one of our best family vacations!

I LOVE Mexico…but I digress…back to my luggage…

Upon returning home, we were unloading our agreeable and loyal luggage from the trunk of our car…and one of my lovely, new, flawless, red bags had black, gooey, sticky on it! My Dad saw it first as he pulled it from the car, and he brought it to my attention while apologizing, bracing himself for my impending reaction.


I looked at it…


Took a deep breath…


And my honest-to-God, knee-jerk reaction was to shrug and to say, “I’ll live, it’s just luggage!” And I truly felt that way. Even though I loved my new luggage and I would rather have had it without the Black Nasty on it, I knew it ultimately didn’t matter. My Dad, being the positive thinker and optimistic influence that he was said, “That’s my girl, always seeing the bright side!”.  We laughed and hugged.  I know that if my reaction were negative and nasty, I would have left some scars in my wake.

I think that was the point in which I became aware of what it means to have a positive attitude, how to put things into perspective, and how to really not Sweat the Small Stuff! I suppose I was doing it all along, but to verbalize it and then have confirmation that it was a good thing, made it real for me.

Through the years the Black Nasty was a teacher of sorts for me. It taught me that unfortunate circumstances make fun memories if we allow them to do that.  It taught me about building relationships and that people are more important than luggage. Every time I saw it, it allowed me to relive our wonderful vacation over and over again…what a BONUS! It also taught me that when things go awry, that it’s usually  OK…and that I’ll live!

So…Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

I would love for you to share your successes this week and beyond with not sweating the small stuff!  Maybe you have learned some lessons along the way you can enlighten us all with.  
And as always…please share this with your circle…

Because Together is Better!



  1. Steph Whitley says:

    Loved the story you shared. I think that will
    Stick with me. You have a gift with your writing!!

  2. I can totally agree to not sweating the “small stuff” …but what is the small stuff and what is the “big stuff”? Trying to get my 3 and 1/2 year old to poop on the potty seems to be the hardest thing in the world right now……the “big stuff”, however down the road it will probably seem like the “small stuff”…. I am so at a loss with this I don’t know what to do anymore……!!!!

    • Hi Gina…thanks for your comment! You hit it on the head. I think that is the whole point…it’s all small stuff (Daily stuff…not death and terminal illness, and the BIG stuff that we need to sweat and grieve). When I find myself in a situation like my luggage, or my kids not being potty trained when I think they should, etc…I ask myself, “Will this really matter in 5 years?”…if my answer is “No”, then it’s the small stuff! Because when you look back at this potty training situation someday, that will be clear to you. If you recognize today that your 3 1/2 year old WILL poop on the potty, that she will NOT enter college and still not be pooping on the potty, and that she WILL do it when she is ready…that will help you to relax and know it is the small stuff! Sometimes backing away from something you are so emotionally attached to, allows things to magically happen. Keep us posted!

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