Sometimes we must Believe before we can See

Believe“Seeing is Believing” is an idiom that means “only physical or concrete evidence is convincing”…but I think in many circumstances we need to reverse that and say, “Believing is Seeing”.  Some things just can’t be proved, some things don’t need to be proved.  Faith is an example of this.  We believe even though we can not see.  We have faith in a higher power, we have faith that the sun will rise each morning, we have faith that we will be healed, we have faith that (you fill in the blank).

When we want something in our lives, when we are visualizing a dream, a goal, or a particular outcome…we need to Believe and have confidence that this thing we want will absolutely, undoubtedly happen.  We must allow what we ask for to come to us.  We must be receptive. If uncertainty or fear creeps is, then the believing ceases and our goals are not attained.  An instant roadblock is put in our way…and that roadblock is our fearful thinking!  Fear is the opposite of faith. If we wait to See in order to Believe…our outcome may never come to fruition.

Recently I was hit with a potential health issue.  Tests have been run, appointments have been set, and definitive answers have yet to be revealed.  The dreaded “C” word (Cancer) has been muttered…which resulted in my immediate instinctual fear. My mind began racing to the negative, dark side…anxiety set in, tears rolled, and then I realized I was heading in the wrong mental direction.  Why was I worrying?  Worrying  is just fearing something that may or may not happen. I had to come to grips with this reality and then I had to put my teachings of positive thinking to work in my life.  I decided that I was not going to wait to “See” the clean test results in order to “Believe” that I am healthy.  I, instead, am going to “Believe” that I am clean and completely healthy, and then let the “Seeing” part follow!

Several times a day I pray a prayer of thanks that I am vibrantly healthy (I don’t pray a pleading prayer to become healthy, because I already am!).  I visualize the nodule melting away and being released from my body. I sit in the sun, letting the warmth and light in…basking in the Love that can do miracles for my body.  I have a whole slew of family and friends praying for me and sending positive, healthy thoughts my way. I, of course, am doing physically positive things for my health as well, not just using my mind and attitude.  I am eating very clean…no meat, no dairy, no sugar.  I am exercising, drinking plenty of pure water, sitting in the sun for 20 minutes a day (Great vitamin D), and so on …”C” has no chance in this body!!! I am Believing first so that I then can See!

This technique works for anything and everything! Say you want a new car.  Go test drive it…feel the steering wheel in your grip, smell the new leather, touch the inside and outside, see the colors and the details, feel the joy it brings you.  Use all your senses and emotions!  Then, every day, close your eyes and picture yourself driving this car, owning this car, see it parked in your garage.  Don’t worry about the “how” of getting this car…that only lets in doubt and fear.  First Believe that this car is already yours…and you will See…it will be yours!

Practice this technique.  Start off small if you need to, so you can build confidence…try Believing you will get the front parking spot, stay well during flu season, bake a perfect loaf of bread, etc.

Let me know how and what you accomplish!

Believing is Seeing!



  1. You are an amazing woman!
    You are an inspiration!
    You are living what you teach!
    I love u…

  2. Thanks for the great reminders to focus on the positive. You are
    doing a fabulous job with our blog! Love it.

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