Uniquely You!

SameWhy do we yearn to be like others? Why do we criticize ourselves and put ourselves down? Why do we choose to listen to the mean voices from our past and believe them?

It has everything to do with our thoughts!

Thoughts are only words strung together, and they have no meaning unless we give meaning to them! 

Think about itIf I repeatedly told you, You have ugly purple skin, you have ugly purple skin! would you believe me? No, you would think I were crazy and rightfully tell me to get lost. Well, some of our old beliefs about ourselves (as well as new and ongoing beliefs) are just as crazy as that! Part of self-acceptance and honoring your Uniquely You is releasing other peoples opinions about you.

Sometimes our opinions of what is wrong with us, is just our uniqueness, our individuality! People judge us and tell us we are wrong, just because we are different from them. WOWis that silly or what!?!? Peoples opinions become our thoughtsso dangerous!

Nature never repeats itself! There are no two snowflakes alike, no two flowers alike, and no two people alike. Our fingerprints are unique, our DNA is our own, and we are each distinctive! We were made to be different. We are to celebrate our differences!




Can you just imagine if we all thought the same, looked the same, believed the same, talked the same, ate the samewhat an incredibly boring life we would lead. We get to learn from the various people we encounter, if we allow it! We get to stretch our minds and get new perspectives on topics, if we allow it! We get to try new foods, learn fresh skills, and expand our mindsif we allow it! How fun is that!?

We need to recognize when we are thinking and believing negative thoughts about ourselves. That is so toxic and destructive! When we think bad things about ourselves, two awful things happen:

1) We start thinking ugly things about other people.

2) We believe these awful things, and it bleeds into all areas of our livesand into our future!

Here is a wise approach, one that I try to remember and practice. See if you can follow this chain of events and realize the outcome:

Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words;

Keep your words positive, because your words become your actions;

Keep your actions positive, because your actions become your habits;

Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values;

Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny.”


-Dr. Peter Johnson


This week, lets all try to clean up our thoughts. When those ugly thoughts about ourselves come to mindlets stamp them out with positive, healthy thoughts. 

An ugly example: I am so fat! Lets replace that with, My body is perfect. I am working each day to become a healthier me!

I guarantee that if your thoughts become more loving and less critical about yourself, they will become more loving and less critical of others. 

This week, lets Celebrate our differences and practice Enjoying being Uniquely You!



  1. That is so true! Our “self-talk” can make a huge difference….either good or bad, so make them good!

  2. sorry misspelled eloquently!

  3. For me it’s all about the heart! If things need to change, I start from my heart-so when I change my heart all else will follow suit. My daughter, at the age of 6 said it so leoquently, “mom, your heart talks and you mouth lets your talk out.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

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