What We Learn From Little Children

AvaWOW…There is so much we can learn from little children!  If we really take the time to stop and observe and listen to these little beings, we can acquire a great deal of knowledge.  I’m not talking about them teaching us how to change a tire or something of that sort…but rather we can learn from them about humanity, humility, true love, courage, and the like. Little children lead a genuinely great example.

Two people I admire and try to consistently emulate agree that children are fabulous and  are great examples…these two people are Jesus and John Denver (I know…funny twosome, huh!?):

Matthew 18:1-4 At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” He called a little child and had him stand among them.  And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. -Jesus

It is here we must begin to seek the wisdom of the children…” -John Denver

As adults, we think we are more wise than children…and in numerous worldly ways we are. But when it comes to the heart, we can learn so much from children. I have had the pleasure of babysitting a sweet little one-year-old a few times in the past several months.  Ava is your typical toddler.  As I watch and interact with her, I am truly humbled.  She is pure innocence and love.  Somehow as we grow up, we lose that “magic”.  We learn to mistrust, to be skeptical, to put our guards up, to judge, to compensate, to be jealous, to be intolerant, to become hardened.

I have learned so much from this sweet little soul.  If we consciously try to act more like children (in the pure sense), we will all be the better for it.  I want to share a few of my observations of Ava with you:

She sets clear boundaries –  When she says “No!”, she means it! Do you do that? Can you do that?

She is tenacious – She is still new to walking…but when she falls she gets right back up.  She doesn’t grumble and whine and say she can’t do it!  How many of us get right back up and keep trying with a good attitude after we take a fall?

She forgives – I had to discipline her for not letting go of my hair with her tight grip.  She was upset that I had to be stern with her, but as soon as we were finished talking about it, she hugged me and kissed me and touched my hair gently.  When it was over, it was over!  Do you forgive and move on when there has been a wrong done to you, or do you dwell on it and continually bring it up either in your mind or to that person?

She does not care what others think of her – She is happy and carefree whether her hair is done or not.  She can play and have fun whether she has a cute outfit on or not.  She can be grumpy or sad and still be confident that she is her own person.  A wise woman once told me, “What others think about you is none of your business!”  Do you wonder and worry and care what others think about you? What’s important is what YOU think about you!

She is playful – Most of her learning is through playing, but I also noticed that her spirit is playful!  Somewhere along the road we were taught that we should be serious and not be goofy or silly.  When was the last time you were playful?

She smiles a lot – Her heart is happy and it shows with her beautiful smile.  Do you grump through life and frown and snarl? When you smile at the world, it smiles right back at you.  Be conscious of your facial expressions and smile more!

She does not take things too seriously – Yes, she does not understand all the nuances of this complicated world…but she laughs at herself and at frustrating circumstances.  When you are stressed out, how do you react?  When I find myself in a less than desirable situation, I pretend I am in a sitcom…and I laugh!  It’s so healthy for you! 

She is unconditionally loving – She expresses her genuine love for people, animals, and toys without an expected reciprocation. Do you show love only if you are getting something in return?

She listens to her instincts – She not only listens to her instincts, but she acts on them.  If she senses that she is not comfortable with someone, she will not go to that person.  If she feels danger, she will stop!  Do you tune into your instincts? When you hear your instincts, do you act on them or ignore them?

She has Faith – She does not worry and fret about her schedule, her money, or where her next meal will come from.  She has a faith that all is well.  What does your faith look like? Do you have faith only when things are going your way?  Do you have faith in the midst of a storm, knowing that you will make it to the other side safely?

I could go on and on with what we can learn from little children.  Take some time and observe these little wise ones!  Let’s all try to act more like children…how FUN!!!

I would love to read your comments on what you have learned from these little wonders.  Also let me know how changing your actions, behaviors, and attitudes to be more childlike have enhanced your life!





  1. Thanks Deanna! This not only is inspires me to look for these things within myself, but also reminds me to appreciate them within my child. Sometimes Emily gets tossed in the middle of my craziness and the stress of our situation. I need to be conscious of that and remind myself of these wonderful childlike qualities of hers that I need to preserve.

  2. Sara Cohen says:

    This is so sweet Deanna 🙂

  3. Such a great article! Loved your points.
    My kids have taught me that just spending time with them whether it is playing a game or cards or tossing the football, they just want my full attention. They just want me to slow down and make them feel important.

  4. Thank you, Deanna for your wonderful insight! I am going to be more playful this week, for sure. I am going to let go of some of life’s challenges, and take a lesson from the little ones of this world. They are precious in His sight, and in ours as well. Children are little lights from heaven, and are one of God’s greatest blessings! Have a great week, everyone!

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