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JOYI belong to a fabulous Moms group! I am also one of eleven on the Leadership Committee for that group. The eleven of us have been trying to live intentionally with "JOY" as our focus this year. That tiny 3-letter word, JOY, has so much power! Our goal is to find joy in the normal, the everyday, the frustrating, the sad, the unbelievableit is a challenge that we all have taken very seriously. There has been some stumbling, some failure, but also a lot of success with this exercise. 

 Although we are still intentionally finding joy in each minute, each daya few weeks ago another challenge was presented to our group. We were to each pick a word that was unique to us individually. This word was to have special meaning. This word would be our own personal goal for the year. 

We each took a few days to ponder, pray, and meditate on what our word would be. Some of us made charts, wrote lists and deduced until a word was there. Some could not decide between two words and we talked as a group to narrow down to the one word that was better suited for them. Some of us had the word come to us instinctually. Some of us discovered our word during our meeting that day.


Sharing our words with each other was so neat!  Hearing how we each came up with unique and different words that were perfect in their own way, and learning the meaning for each person was very intimate and bonding. Some of our words carried deep meaning, history, pain, and tears. Some came with laughter, some brought with them memories that were painful or uplifting. Some brought weaknesses to the forefront, and challenges yet to be conquered. Some were inspiring, carried hope, and some felt uplifting and good. Some were funAll were motivating!

All in all, we found that the eleven words were related in some way. They could all be intertwined, and they could all be used as goals for each of us. We could bounce off each others words, inspiring everyone to do better and to become the person they truly are. Collectively, as a whole, we learned that our individual words, or goals, could inspire and help all of us! How powerful is that?!?

Our words are:

Joy, Water, Opportunity, Faith, Contentment, Focus, Remember, Solid (Core), Power, Glory, and Awaken.

These words may not make sense to you, but they sure do to our group. My word is Awaken. I want to be fully aware and present. I want to awaken to new ideas, people, and experiences. You see, each person has a personal reason and definition for their word. Notice that all our words are positive and motivatingreaching for higher groundto help us grow and focus on goodness.

Proverbs 16:21 Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

Psalms 119:130 The unfolding of your words give light; it gives understanding to the simple.

Here is a challenge for you: With your friends, family, a group that you work with, or people you are close todo this exercise. You can do it alone, but it has more meaning, is more powerful, and is more fun to interact and share and be accountable with this challenge. Think about a word that is a personal goal for you, that will inspire you to be a better you, which will give you something to aspire to each day. Pray on this word. Make this word a focal point each day to remind yourself of your goal.

 We would love for you to share this word and its meaning with us in the comment section if you feel comfortable doing that! 




  1. LOVe it!! This exercise is sooo powerful! I love the words that encouarge growth and help us to remain focused on God’s word!!

    I was the one who not only prayed, meditated but took time to write out and research my word. I want to be solid! Solid in my faith, solid in my obeidence to God, solid in the foundation of HIS truth. I wan’t to not be affected by a storm in my life but be solid in my stance. How do i become solid?? I am focusing on my CORE! With a solid strong core of abs you stand stronger and are less like to fall.. I want to focus on the CORE of God’s word! I want his word to shape the CORE of my family, marriage and friendships.. I want HIM at my CORE!!

    My 2012 word is CORE!!
    I am working on a firm understanding of HIS truth and a smokin six pack!!

    love ya

  2. Respect……….I have never been able to put my thoughts into words easily but I thought I would comment on this. Jeff and I have been asked many times ” What one word would describe how your relationship has worked for so long.” We have always said respecting each other. Whether it is our beliefs, our goals, our families, quiet time, work, friends( I could go on). I strive to incorporate more Respect into my daily life when it comes to myself, my family, friends or people that just pass through even momentarily. Thank you for your weekly awakenings!!

  3. “WHOA” I live for the future but, this word reminds me to pull the reins back and enjoy everything that each new day has to offer. I want to bend down and hugs my kids more, spend a day laughing with them (that’s planned for today), thank my husband for the man he is and all he wants to become. God has blessed me tenfold with my family and it’s time I walk with him in this journey of grins, giggles, and growth!

  4. “Balance” That’s my word. And it took all of 2 seconds to hit me. Our lives can fall out of balance so easily. It takes deliberate effort to maintain balance in our daily activities. Balance work with family time, balance exercise with rest and relaxation, balance TV time with reading, a balanced diet… You name it – with better balance we fall down less. Ooooooo, heavy metaphor! :~)

    • Gigi Peterson says:

      Good word Daddy-G!!!! I think I would benefit from tapping into that word a little bit!!! My word is “Opportunity.” You know how after you get a new car, you begin to notice the same car in different colors, years etc all over the place? That’s how I feel about my word. I feel it popping into my head all the time. When I’m with my daughter, I have the OPPORTUNITY to give her the nurturing, attention, and love that will hopefully give her the self esteem and confidence I never had growing up. I have the OPPORTUNITY to feed good healthy foods to my family. I have the OPPORTUNITY to brighten someone’s day by giving them a complement. I have the OPPORTUNITY to educate myself and better myself every day. And the list goes on and on and on and on!!

    • Balance is the secret to a happy life. Good word!

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