You Are What You Think…Rewrite Your Story!

What story do you repeat over and over in your mind?  Is it positive and healthy or does it sound more like this: I’m not a good singer, my childhood was abusive, I can’t do anything right, I wish I would have married someone else, my parents were mean, I’m lazy, I can’t cook, I’m fat, etc., etc., etc…

Well, I have good news for you!

Creative Writing

If you begin to retell/rewrite your story in a more favorable and positive way…things will change!  Your past won’t change, but your present will!  Tell yourself a new and improved story of your life.  Re-write your story!  Tell yourself you feel alive when you sing, your childhood taught you to be strong and have great character, you get things right, you married the man/woman of your dreams (focus on all the wonderful things about your spouse), your parents did the best they could with what they knew, you are full of energy and get things done, you are a creative cook, you are in shape and motivated, etc., etc., etc…! You get the idea.

When we are told things over and over and repeat them over and over in our minds they become a belief.   A lot of things we believe about ourselves, others, and the world around us are simply not true.  If we slowly rewrite our story, we will create new beliefs that will allow us to soar with inner joy and healthy self esteem! You don’t have to outright lie, but if someone asks you how your day is going, instead of saying, “Oh, it could be better!”. say, “Wow, it’s getting better and better!” The difference is subtle, but the after affects are HUGE!

Pay attention to your inner voice and what people say about you and to you.  Become aware of the false beliefs and change them right on the spot.  When you catch yourself thinking something unfavorable, stop and replace it with something healthy.

Begin right now…rewrite your story today!




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