Audio Mindset Minute: “Covering Up Our Perceived Flaws”

We all have things we think are flaws about ourselves…but are they really flaws? I think we are our own worst critic, and if we can look at ourselves as whole and perfect, we may just feel more confident to be who we truly are. Take a listen and in 5 minutes you may feel a little differently about your perceived flaws.

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  1. Dov Shapira says:

    “We all have flaws” “We all have weaknesses”

    I think we do have “weaknesses” But once you understand it and you own it you can ride above it.
    Meaning, accepting yourself as a whole and been open about it, then the change will roll in with no effort

  2. Thanks so much, Deanna, for this audio, great to hear your voice ! Indeed, so it is. We forget to be our self with all our make up “thinking” having to be like others would like us to be ! Inside of us there is “purity”, the most BEAUTY there exists, doesn’t need look like this or that…. Something new came into the world, the duality of positive – negative So what happens, humans only “want” positive and started “reject” negative. In fact, it’s better be positive, think positive, live positive, but not “reject” negative, most of the time negative is there and in the acceptation of what happens, what “IS” we live conscience and become ready to make of a negative situation something positive. If we “reject” the negative that happens we start to blind and deaf our self in front of situations and this is the worst way of being unconsciousness what means we not “really live” in this moment, we not “really” live any more. If we flee situations out of the thought “we have to be positive” and “reject” what “IS” we are unable to live real happiness, course happiness arises through consciousness of the moment we live, positive or negative, the two goes together just like any other kind of duality. You are perfectly right, Deanna, accept our self as we are, even without make up ! We all are the reflection of our “Soul”, purity on earth. With love, Hilde. (universenergie Twitter + FB, join!)

  3. I love your Mindset Minute, Deanna! It’s so true that embracing anything other than our authentic, perfectly flawed selves is a recipe for unhappiness — and it’s completely within our ability to turn it around.

    I’ve learned to look at the bad feelings I have — particularly related to negative self-talk — as an alarm that goes off when I’m telling a story that’s not true.

    So, if I think, “I don’t like the wrinkles around my eyes.” I try to immediately turn it around by reminding myself that they are expression lines from smiling so much and I’d rather have those than not have evidence of a lifetime of smiling. 🙂

  4. What a great inspiration Deanna! What a sweet, caring voice you have and a lovely message, as always. Here’s to going makeup free (except for my lipstick)! xoxo

  5. A powerful reminder to love every part of ourselves. Love the Light and Embrace the Shadow.

  6. I love your audio about being true to yourself, I have been going out natural lately, I’ve been telling myself that I really need to stop doing that and do my hair and makeup. Listening to you I realize I can just let that go.

  7. This is true, we are indeed our worst critics. Sometimes the very same things we see as flaws become the most powerful tool we have. It reminds me of Moses in the Bible….he had a speech impediment and felt like he wasn’t good enough when God called him to free the Israelites from Pharaoh. That very same perceived flaw” was used in a glorious way.

  8. It may be a flaw to you, but be what makes people look up to you in the eyes of someone else.

  9. Be yourself, because you have only on of yourself in this life. This is the best empowerment.

  10. So true, It all starts in our self, love yourself first then the rest will follow. Thank you for the audio. It really helps

  11. I agree! I’m my worst critic. I’ve struggled with this a lot but I think we really need to love ourselves.

  12. To quote Lady Gaga: “Celebrate all the things you don’t like about yourself.”

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