Being Brave

Being brave is such an honorable trait. We see this portrayed in books, movies, and in music. Our culture idolizes people who are brave. We cheer in movies, encouraging the hero who ultimately saves the day. Being brave goes so much deeper and is so much simpler than heading an army to defeat the evil king. It comes in so many different forms, and is seen in many different ways. One person is being brave by just getting out of bed in the morning, while another person is being brave by speaking in front of an auditorium full of people.

One of my favorite songs of late is Brave by Sara Bareilles. This song has a special place in my heart, and maybe you can relate. The lyrics are about people not being brave enough to speak up for themselves, people who are afraid to be themselves, people who are shrinking because of another person’s presence in their lives…or because they do not have the self confidence to shine in their own way. Take a listen!

One thing we all need to be brave about is not holding in our feelings and words. Holding your words inside can eat you alive! It allows you to build up anger, resentment, and to become frustrated and sad. When you don’t speak your truth, and you allow people to dictate their beliefs and opinions onto you…you are allowing them to make you feel less than. You are allowing them to take your uniqueness away.

ย Speak up…Be Brave…Be you!

I can relate to this, as I felt this way up until I was in my late twenties. I wasn’t confident enough to set healthy boundaries. I felt that if I spoke up with my opinions, beliefs, and ideas that I would rock the boat or upset people. I wanted everyone to get along, at the expense of my individuality. I wanted people to like me and I wanted to fit in. This is so dangerous, because I was becoming what other people wanted me to be instead of who I was meant to be.

Can you relate to this at all? Have you ever felt like you were walking on eggshells? Have you ever held your tongue when you really wanted to express yourself? Whether this happened in your childhood or in your current relationships, it is a very unnatural and extremely unhealthy way to live. You are your own person, you are alive, and you are free to be who you want to be!

Differences make the world an exciting place! If we were all the same, made from the same cookie cutter…wow…what a boring life this would be! If people put down your unique thoughts, beliefs, and opinions it is because they are insecure about their own. When you are secure in yourself, you encourage others to be secure in their views, even if their views don’t line up with yours. Did you know that all wars are a result of religious and/or political differences?

Take Action: This week and moving forward, let’s be aware of when we are holding in our words and feelings. Take note of your emotions when this is happening. Let’s all be Brave and speak up for ourselves and speak our truth. Let’s also allow others to speak their truth to us with no judgment or condemnation. Let’s allow people to have their own beliefs and opinions without trying to sway them to our individual way of thinking.

Because Together is Better,


  1. For me, being brave means moving out of your comfort zone. It’s so hard to do, but once you do it you feel a great sense of achievement for trying.

  2. Be yourself, everybody else is already taken, isn’t that right? Thanks for bringing awareness, Deanna!

    This is such an important trait to have and create in you if you don’t have it.

  3. “Differences make the world an exciting place”. How true! I often advise clients not to surround themselves by people that are exactly like them. We need different opinions and ideas to move forward. However, that idea is useless if we don’t say what we think! Love the reminder, love the song! Thanks!

  4. Oh, this use to be so me! I was always afraid to say “no”, never wanted to hurt ppl feelings. Get myself in over my head so many times. I had no self confidence and if someone ask me if I liked something and I knew that they did I always agreed. That was tough! I finally broke out of that mold but it actually robbed me of so many years. I have a new found freedom now. Awesome post….many ppl are dealing with this and they are in shackles.

    • Margaret, I just love your honesty here! You are right, people are in shackles when they don’t let their true self shine. I appreciate you being here! -Deanna

  5. Do you find that it plays on your mind if you don’t speak up? I find it does and I’m terrible for it: or at least, I used to be. I get into trouble for saying my piece but I find as I get older, I care less and less ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes, Louise, when I hold in my thoughts it does feel terrible. But sometimes I have to pick and choose if it is the right time, person, and place. I appreciate you being here! -Deanna

  6. Oh such truth. I am not afraid to speak my truth any more but there was a time!

    • Thank you Louise for your honesty! There was a time for me too, and I find that I am still guarded from time to time as I don’t want to offend anyone. It is a work in progress. Thank you for being here! -Deanna

  7. Yes, not only can not speaking your truth cause illness (think throat chakra, thyroid, etc) it also robs the world of who you are. You are valuable to the planet and holding in your truth hides you from those who can benefit from exactly what you have to offer. Being vulnerable is being brave!

    • Laura, I love the way you word that, that not speaking your truth will cause illness. I have heard that about the throat and thyroid. Thank you for your comment! -Deanna

  8. Love this and have written a Be Brave post to and I think this sums it up Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience. โ€“ Paulo Coelho When we are brave we expeience a shift ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hi Deanna — good advice. If speaking up is a new trait, we have to be ready to be brave twice as those around us may be a little shocked. They may not know what to do with the conversation if it represents a shift. Thanks for this encouraging post.

  10. A great post that gives us all something to think about. We all have value to offer and we need not be afraid to get out there and share it!

  11. Love love this post Deanna. I know in the past I have been embarrassed to be “me” and this has required bravery to face these fears and let me out into the world more! Lots of love xxx

  12. Our tribal need to belong and fit in to be safe from danger confronts our need to be self-expressed ~ true bravery indeed! Thank you for writing about this so succinctly.

  13. How interesting. I stepped into brave this week too with my blog post. I marvel sometimes at the similar topics from different viewpoints get posted on the same day. I’ve noticed this before. And when we step into brave, we feel vulnerable. Yet without, we have no growth.

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

    Reconnecting you to your Original Blueprint, Your Essence, Your Joy| Healing you from the Inside Out |Reconnective Healing | The Reconnection| Reconnective Art |

    • Julieanne, I love why you say: there is no growth without vulnerability…that is so true! I appreciate your wise words, thank you for being here! -Deanna

  14. There have been different moments in my life where getting out of bed as you described was exactly the bravest thing I could do for myself. And other times where I confidently stood but bravely pushed myself to stand out. Feeling that vulnerable state and doing it anyway no matter what your “it” is, is a great definition of brave and you’re right about it being so very personal and unique for each of us. Being different is what really keeps our world turning. If we all had the same strengths where would we be?? Allowing for the differences to be equally right/wrong/the same is sometimes where I see us getting stuck, but I like to think that we are all doing our best.

    • Kate, I love your comments on here, they are always insightful for me…thank you! I heard something the other day and you just reminded me of it: “Whatever your truth is, just the opposite is someone else’s truth.” This was so powerful to me! -Deanna

  15. Sometimes being brave is sharing feelings that make a person feel most vulnerable. To listen can be very brave as well, especially to make yourself available to someone who is experiencing great difficulty in communicating vulnerability.

    I do agree, that to live with courage is the only way to feel truly alive, in spite of the risk it requires. That’s all part of the experience.

    • Pamela, I agree that being brave and sharing your deepest thoughts and opinions and beliefs takes much courage, because you are exposing yourself. You never know how people will react to you and view you. That is the bravest of all! Thank you for your comment. -Deanna

  16. Being brave in setting boundaries is so important. Thanks for the reminders of all the ways we can be brave in our lives, but especially expressing ourselves.

  17. Man, I love EVERY SINGLE WORD you wrote… I couldn’t agree more! Such a powerful and empowering article. Our differences DO make this world so exciting, I embrace others speaking their mind, even if I don’t agree, it’s fabulous!

  18. Love this one!!!

  19. very inspiring posts, head into the storm and don’t look back

  20. I am so thankful I have always been outspoken and can express what I think and feel, but sometimes I wish I could hold some things back. Thanks for the inspirational post!

    • Daniele, that is so great that you have always felt brave about expressing your feelings. Holding your tongue is another blog topic! ๐Ÿ™‚ -Deanna

  21. I think that is the key to speak yours but allow others to speak their truth too.

    • I agree Irene…we must be brave enough to speak our truth and quiet and tolerant enough to listen to others. Thank you for your wise words! -Deanna

  22. That’s so smart. Thanks for this.

  23. I think I’ve very unique and I would say brave. This is a good read to remind me of how unique we all are.

  24. I really enjoyed reading this and came at a time I needed to see this to and remind me how brave I actually am!

  25. This is a great and inspiring post. Thank you for sharing.

  26. I agree that I’ve always been brave too. I guess that’s a good thing?

  27. Great post. I find that I’m not always being brave when it comes to my feelings. I hold back on a lot of things and end up feeling hurt. But soon as I speak up I feel such relief. Great song btw <3

  28. I’ve always been pretty brave especially with emotions and expressing how I feel.

  29. This is what we try and teach our kids! stand up and be brave!

    • We try to do this too Robert. It is an interesting lesson to try to teach during the teenaged years…so much pressure to be a certain way and fit in. Thank you for your comment! -Deanna

  30. This article is very much inspiring. You should be able to point out your views and opinions on different things. If you have the capability and strength to differentiate the good and bad and point it out then you will be accepted and respected by people around you. Thank you so much for this wonderful article.

  31. So much truth in what you say. Our uniqueness is what makes us different and interesting.

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