Conquering Temptation

Temptation is all around us. It corners us and tests our true character and our will power at every turn. It can be in the innocent form of a cupcake when you are trying to eat healthy…or it can be in the form of a handsome man flirting with you when your marriage is not “up to par”. How do you handle temptation when you are faced with it?

True character comes to test when a situation arises and there is nobody around to see how you respond. Someone with questionable character will give in to temptation no matter what the cost. If you are a person of great character, there is still a chance that you may want to give in to temptation. How do we handle that temptation? I think the best way to handle temptation with grace is to make a commitment to you. If you don’t have boundaries and goals set in place to hold you accountable to your values, it will be easier for you to adjust the line.

Let’s say that you are trying to be really healthy and eliminate sugar from your diet. You also know that you love a little treat after each meal and you like your desserts. (Sounds like me!) This is a really lofty goal, and one that can be attained…but it will take a lot of will power and restraint on your part. To avoid undo temptation, it would be a great idea to not go through the desert aisle in the lunch buffet. “Out of sight, out of mind”…right? You don’t put yourself in a situation that may compromise your goal.

When you are trying to live within a certain set of morals and values and boundaries you must not surround yourself with things that will temp you. If you are trying to work on your marriage, you would want to limit going out with all your single friends. If you want to be more productive during the day while your kids are at school, then you don’t turn on the TV. If you make small little rules and guidelines for yourself, your goals will be easier to attain without the added temptation distracting you. If you know certain things are a “Trigger” for you, stay away from them!

If you do find yourself confronted by something that you are trying to avoid, that is when willpower and true self respect come into play. If you have a personal goal that you want to attain, then letting a fleeting quick enjoyment derail you is an easy way to feel crummy and set you back to zero. Just as you are the only one who can control your thoughts, you are the only one who can control your actions. This is very empowering and should make you feel good. If you set your mind to it, you can achieve it. Don’t let your negative thinking and your coercive voice talk you into giving in to temptation and ultimately derailing you from your goal!

I know that some people have serious addictions, and that is not what I am talking about here…as those people need to seek professional help. They can use willpower and personal goal setting, but I think addictions are a larger situation that is harder to handle on your own.

Take Action: This week and moving forward, let’s set some healthy boundaries so that we can achieve our goals without being derailed by temptation. Let’s focus on our ultimate goal and not put ourselves in temptations’ way…because we are worth it!

Because Together is Better,


  1. Temptation for me is in the form of getting distracted from my daily chores. It can be watching Netflix when I have laundry to do, or playing candy crush when I still have over 20+ post to edit (from my Blogger to WordPress move).

    • Marielle, distractions are easy to fall into, aren’t they? I guess if Netflix is a temptation, then don’t even turn it on. If I have cookies in the house, it is so much harder not to eat them! -Deanna

  2. Spot on Deanna! I’m managing week one of the Virgin diet and currently going through hellish headaches! Still, I’m keeping my goal to cleanse my body of toxins front of mind. I know I deserve it! Will share far and wide!

    • Sheila, that is so great that you are sticking to a very hard and rewarding diet. I am so sorry you are going through headaches…but that only sweetens the pot, doesn’t it!? Hang in there, you are worth it! Thank you for being here and for sharing! -Deanna

  3. ‘Temptation’ – A great topic the post is talking about. Very true that the real character comes out when temptation is around us. Real test .

  4. Working on this very thing with a client today. She has shown me just how attached we can get to those habits that don’t serve us. And reminds me that the best thing I can offer her is compassion. For her, for myself, for all of us flawed beautiful humans.

    Thanks, so well written, and so true.

    Love and gratitude,

    • Sue, you have such a beautiful take on this…applying compassion for your client. We must do the same for ourselves when we fall off course and get derailed. Thank you so much for the love you share! -Deanna

  5. Temptation is everywhere we go. It is important to resist certain things so you can feel rewarded in the end.

    • You are right Daniele, that the reward is so sweet if we can refrain from the temptation! What an oxymoron that is! Thank you for your words. -Deanna

  6. This is so true, no matter what your belief or moral system is. There are always temptations and no matter how much inner strength you have if you put yourself in situations that cause you to be inundated with temptation there are chances you will give in. Great article.

    • Thank you Bradley, I agree that it is harder to resist temptation of we put ourselves right in the line of fire. I appreciate your wise words! -Deanna

  7. temptation always seem to find us, unlike opportunities which we have to seek out. It is so hard to fall in to temptation. I often think about consequences and the repercussions before I give in to temptation. That usually gets me to change course

    • Veronica, I am good with that way of thinking with the big things…but having a “little” cookie when I am trying to be good is harder for me to resist. Maybe because the consequences are not as big?? Thank you for being here! -Deanna

  8. Yes, temptation leans on the door bell! Love that analogy!

  9. I’m usually pretty good about sticking to what I feel or whatever it is that I’m working on whether it be a diet, etc. However, there are many times when I give in to temptation and have that extra piece of cake or foods that might not be the best of choices. lol

  10. It is often hard to resist temptation. When I have schoolwork to do, I am often tempted to listen to music or talk to my friends instead so I put electronics away. Out of sight, out of mind does work! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Love the Mae West quote! Thanks for reminding us to try to stay focused and not get pulled astray!

  12. This is exactly what I needed to hear today, thank you so much for this reminder that resisting temptation is also a sign of self respect!!

  13. Jim Striegel says:

    I can imagine that it’s difficult to go through this. Great quote by Mae West.

  14. Lisa Hodges says:

    We all have our “trigger” times. Mine is when it’s all quiet and then I want something sweet and it’s too late to be eating!

  15. Marjory Johnson says:

    This is a great post that I will share. I teach Jazzercise as well and it will be much appreciated.

    • Thank you so much Marjory for sharing this with your Jazzercise friends! We can all use a little motivation staying focused when temptation comes around! -Deanna

  16. Yes, VERY timely here, too.

    I often find that when I’m struggling to master something new, it’s important to take away the guess work.

    If, for example, it’s a food issue, I may pre-prepare one or two meals and, in the beginning, stick with them just so I don’t have to make new decisions. You see, once I’ve *made* a decision to change something about my diet (or another area of my life)… If I’m not prepared and have to think (in a new manner) while under stress… well, let’s just say that opens the door to temptation a bit too wide for my comfort. At least until I get things figured out.


    • Andrea, I agree with you 100%! If i do not have healthy food ready to go, it is then so easy to cheat and sneak. Preparing so I don’t have to make a decision when I am stressed. I really appreciate your wise words! -Deanna

  17. Deanna, I find when I am fully present in the moment I can resist temptation (sugar, carbs) but when I am in my head and moving through the day on autopilot then I am more likely to give in. So for me it’s about tuning in and grounding myself so I stay connected to my goals.

  18. This is great! thanks for sharing, Temptation can’t be difficult but it makes it so much more rewarding in the end when you do resist!!

    • You are so right Shari in that it makes it so much more rewarding when we don’t give into temptation! I appreciate you being here. -Deanna

  19. So many temptations! For me, I conquer temptation best when I am in tune with myself. I have learned to become an observer or witness to my ego. It is the ego that wants, desires, craves, etc. I talk to my ego as if it is an unruly child. Sometimes the child gets what it wants or maybe there is a compromise, but I feel empowered using this way of thinking vs acting impulsively.

    • Deserie, I just love this mindset you have! I agree, that these struggles are our ego, and I love how you talk to it. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom! -Deanna

  20. This blog is so timely. It finds me on my 8th day of a 21 day detox.
    I’m tempted over & over again. I’m committed, but it’s hard. No sugar, no dairy, no gluten, no meat, no bread, no pasta, no rice. Only vegetables, fruit, and some really icky shakes.

    I’m trying to focus on what I CAN eat and I’m trying new recipes to inspire me… But oh am I tempted. I’m on vacation and the buffet looks great. No thanks. I’ll have the spinach and broccoli:)

    My family and friends believing in me makes it easier. They don’t doubt my success, so either do I.

    13 days to go!

    • Gina, I know it gets really hard when you have something right before you and you have to say no! I am trying a no-sugar diet now…and I am right there with you! Hang in there…you are strong and healthy and you are worth it!!! -Deanna

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