Don’t Hesitate

The other day I was pulling out of our neighborhood and onto a four-lane highway. Just as I was turning left, I could see a car out of the corning of my right eye rounding the curve and heading my way. My initial reaction was to hesitate, let off the gas, and make sure the car was going slow enough so that I would be able to make the turn and be safely ahead of it. In a flash, I decided that I had looked before turning and that I had enough time and space. I got on the gas, made my turn, and was way ahead of the car in question. If I had second-guessed my calculation and hesitated just a few seconds, there may have been trouble on the road.

As I sped down the highway, I reflected on the past few minutes. All that went through my mind while I was turning was very similar to things that go through my mind while navigating this ride we call life. Sometimes, I find that no matter how many times I have dotted my “I’s” and crossed my “T’s”, I hesitate and have self-doubt. How often are we so sure about something, only to second-guess ourselves in the final hour? We all have been there, and we all do it probably more often than we would like to admit.

When we are filled with self-doubt, we are letting our Ego get the best of us. That little, annoying voice that repeats negative thoughts in our mind, like “Who are you to think you can do this?“, “You are not good enough!“, “Nobody will take you seriously!“, “You are dreaming!“…and the list goes on and on. How many times have you heard this voice, believed it, and then hesitated. When we hesitate, we are not acting in our own self-confidence. We know we are prepared and that we are good enough, but we let that self-doubt nudge us over into the slow lane.

We all have goals and dreams. However, so many of us do not pursue them because we second guess ourselves, hesitate, and then sit on the sidelines. We self sabotage. We procrastinate. We limit ourselves. We hold ourselves back, all because we listen to that doubtful voice instead of our true voice. Being aware is the first step…once we are aware then we can stifle that voice and move forward with our desire. It will take some practice to silence that voice…but life is a journey of lessons and growth…and it will get easier! Believe you can, and you will!

Take Action: This week and moving forward, let’s notice when we feel self doubt! Let’s be self confident in our abilities and know that we can move forward without hesitating. Let’s reframe our intentions and get back on the road to success!

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  1. Self doubt… I see so many dealing with this in my family. They hesitate, wait and become stuck, unable to make a decision. I have some of it myself and must “step on the gas” to move ahead facing the fear of not being enough. Fear robs a person of their potential…. and must be dealt with and overcome if we expect to live a whole life. You are a gifted and wise woman of words!!!

  2. Love this article Deanna and it really lifted my perspective on those self-doubts I’ve been having lately especially stepping into my voice through writing, coaching and speaking full force. Thank you for your wisdom and beautiful presence as I am honored to be in your circle.

  3. Self-doubt will never go away but I can make it go very quiet…it’s a just a first draft. It’s an experiment. I’m just trying something new out. And I remind myself, progress…not perfection 🙂


  4. Ego….such a little trickster! Trust the heart – vibrate to happy. Ego needs negativity to feed on. Cut off it’s food supply and Voila – it atrophies. Happy Happy!!!

  5. yes.. the voice IS a liar who weaves it’s messages into our psyches through fear. It’s all illusion, And when we courageously walk on through, we learn to discover the magnificence of who we are.

    Great post, Deanna!

  6. I can! I can! I can! Love the post and the encouragement you offer!

  7. That sneaky little voice of self-doubt creeps in so quickly. Thanks for this post Deanna. So encouraging. Love the Mae West graphic!

  8. Yes, Dear Deanna, and so it is ! Love your explication and the picture of Mea West !

    Indeed, the voice in our head that want to frighten us is a Liar, the ego !

  9. You are an inspiration! I love your positive spirit! We should always just push through with strength and positivity!

  10. This is so inspiring. I am a big believer in “just do it”. That voice that says you can’t is really fear and is definitely a liar

    • Veronica, I agree that it is just our fear and it is a liar. We have listened to it for so long though, it is hard to shift our Mindset! Thank you for being here! -Deanna

  11. Your posts are always inspiring, Deanna. Well done!

  12. I have the bad habbit to hesitate. But even though it might be a bad thing to do from time to time, it can really be a life-saver also. We need to listen to that little voice inside and if it tells you that everything is not right, it’s better to obey.

    • Joanna, you make a really great point…Yes, we need to listen to our gut or our intuition. That has saved me many times. But, when we have all our ducks in a row and we know it is right to move forward…and then we hesitate because of fear, that is not healthy! Thank you for your wise words! -Deanna

  13. So true. Love a quote by Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Power to positive thinking!

  14. Everyone should not be controll by fear and live their lives

  15. Yes, yes, yes! Fear is a liar! I find that the more chances I give myself to over think things, the less I get done. I great trick I use is to say to myself -‘don’t think about it, just do it.’ – Before I know it I’ve started what I could have put off for hours given the chance.

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