Givers Gain

This past week, something amazing happened to me: In two unrelated situations, on the same day, I was given a free meal and a free drink. The circumstances were different, and I did not ask for a free anything…yet, I was given both!

I was so pleased about getting some things for free, even if it was just a breakfast sandwich and a frappuccino. Don’t we all feel so great when we get something for free? It lifts my spirits and makes me feel so appreciative!

That night I began reflecting on my day and my actions and began mentally listing all the things for which I was grateful. I stopped mid thought and I realized that I was receiving (or gaining) that day because I was being a giver…and “Givers Gain”. I know this to be absolutely true. People who are stingy and aren’t givers, rarely receive in return.

As I looked back on my day of winnings, I realized that I had stopped into a sporting goods store to buy a friend of mine a little gift. I purchased a product that we had talked about while on a hike and I thought I would surprise her. I also found myself in a different store that day and I bought a fun trinket that reminded me of another friend that I knew he would love. Once I realized that I had “given” twice that day, it seemed like a natural reward that I had received some love in return.

Giving doesn’t necessarily mean to give a gift or something of monetary value or even something tangible.
You can give your time, your energy, your ear, your heart, etc.
I do believe that giving in any form gets the ball rolling.
“Givers Gain” is a natural cause and effect. It’s a good one to be a part of!

 Likewise, you can give with a sour heart and it has not the same meaning or effect at all
…to the giver or to the one to which you are giving.
If you are only giving in order to receive something in return or to make yourself look good, that does not work either.

Giving must be from the heart and must be genuine in order to gain in return.

 Here are a few well known sayings and written wise words:

*You reap what you sow*
*If you plant sour grapes, you’ll get sour grapes. If you plant happiness, you’ll get happiness.*
*What goes around comes around.*

These quotes are all from different sources, but they essentially say the same thing: What you put out there will come right back to you. That is why Givers Gain. The people who are stingy and hoarders have a “lack” mindset. They don’t believe they have enough or ever will. They may not consciously think that, but they feel that way, so they are sending that vibration out….and receiving the same right back! Contrarily, people who are generous and give freely get it right back in return!

I read something interesting the other day, it said: “If you are waiting until you have “enough” money (or time, energy, resources, etc) to give…you never will have enough. Start giving now and it will come back to you threefold.” Givers truly Gain!

Take Action: This week and moving forward, let’s monitor our thoughts and actions and establish if we are givers or takers. Let’s see what our attitude is about giving of our money, time, and gifts. Let’s try to be gracious and generous givers and be aware of how it comes back to bless us!

 Because Together is Better,


  1. Visiting from Blog Formatting and am so glad I found you. Your advice is wise. Although we do give to a variety of charities, I could do better in the giving department. I try to be generous with time–I consider that a valuable commodity. Thanks for this lovely reminder. And you said it so well. Happy Sunday, Deanna.

  2. That Jim Rohn quote is one of favorites! Thanks so much for including it in your post!

  3. Yes together is better as you say and so is giving- we have to learn to be able to receive to:) When i give i feel abundant too 🙂

  4. I guess it’s really all about opening your heart. When we do things from the heart, it changes our whole perspective. As others have said its the little things, opening door, smile, a passing comment that might make all the difference to someone else’s day and for yourself it’s made your day positive, you’ve smiled and done those things naturally. And because your heart is open you also allow it to receive without any expectation of what that might be. And what does happen is your life flows with ease. When a problem arises you approach it well solutions happen, others make suggestions, offers are made, the situation is resolved. When things come back to you it’s not always tangible or financial. Abundance is not about money or possessions its about what makes our lives rich.
    Thanks Deanna for the reminder.

  5. This is my favorite: “Giving must be from the heart and must be genuine in order to gain in return.”

    When we give from the heart, we are spreading love, joy and affection, and this returns to us. If we give with a negative emotion in mind, we receive it right back to us.

    It was a few years ago that I finally realized this and started giving with love, and my world has changed tremendously.

  6. Well said, Deanna! I totally agree and enjoy giving. A long time ago I decided I would not wait to “get rich” in order to lead a happy life, and this was very freeing. If I can’t give money, I can at least give someone a smile or tell them a kind word or give them a hug, and I do these things genuinely. To me it seems that I’m giving so little but I get so much in return! 🙂

    • Karo, thank you for your wise words! I bet you are getting a lot in return, because your intentions and heart are right…keep giving! 🙂 -Deanna

  7. Great reminder, Deanna! It is true that “you reap what you sow.” So why not sow happiness, gratitude, and giving!

  8. Givers Gain is one of my favorite expressions. It is such a truth and a wonderful way to live. You might be interested in a blog post I wrote about being a Servant Leader.

    Enjoy and thanks for the post.

  9. A great reminder Deanna. I love giving! Especially just words of encouragement. I always remember any kindness said or done for me, I guess this is why I love doing it because I know how it feels to receive it! Jx

    • Julie, I agree with you…I remember the kind things say to me, and it makes me want to share the joy to others! Thank you for being here! -Deanna

  10. Sooo true! I just left my TEAM Referral Network Success Series where the founder, Kelli Holmes, said those exact words! Givers Gain! Go with the intention of giving, not receiving and you will truly be successful in both business and life. Doesn’t giving make you feel good? So many people go with the intention of “what’s in it for me” instead of “what can I do for you”. Thank you for reiterating powerful words of wisdom. Now, let me go see what I can do for someone today.


    • Kristy, that is so awesome! I love when there is synchronicity…it really hits the notion home! Glad that you feel the joy of giving! -Deanna

  11. It will lift my spirits when something nice is done for me but I can also lift my own spirits when I help somebody!

  12. It’s a great reminder, and soo true. Your point is well taken!!! When we give it’s amazing what comes back. It has happened for me that way over and over again!

  13. I love it! Great post! Sometimes it feels better to give then to receive.:)

    • Thank you Daniele…I agree, it does feel better to give than to receive…it allows you to feel good twice, once for giving and once for seeing the joy in someone else! -Deanna

  14. Is it wrong to be giving and to give generously with the expectation and hope that God will reward the good deed ten fold?

    • Thank you so much for your comment Yvonne! I don’t know if it is wrong to give thinking that God will reward you…but it may make your intentions a little selfish. What do you think? -Deanna

      • The intentions appearing selfish is why I posed the question. I’ve seen far too many people do things for others in hopes that those people will reciprocate the good deed. Resentment and disappointment end up being the outcome and sometimes people just can’t return the good deed in the same way because they just can’t even though the desire is there. Selfish? I need to think more about this before I give a concrete answer. Another way to pose the question could be, is it selfish to expect God to reward good deeds if you view God as your provider as opposed to another human being? Just thinking over here….Thanks for the forum!

  15. I love this I try to give Any chance I get

  16. Giving is not always material, It can be, holding the door for someone or just giving a warm welcome smile.

  17. I really like this one because it’s taken a negative and made it positive “If you plant sour grapes, you’ll get sour grapes. If you plant happiness, you’ll get happiness.”

  18. Yes, absolutely you must give out of the heart and with no desire to receive in return. I teach my son about appreciation every day – one day he will get it!!

  19. What a great post.. I have always loved giving back to people or organizations. It really is the thought that counts but can mean so much to the other person. Currently we are giving back by donating our time a few times a month at a dog rescue. It doesn’t take any money to do things like this but it is amazing how many people don’t give back..

  20. very well put…. what a blessing when it comes from the heart!

  21. I love this idea. as you know, there’s lots of research to suggest that giving increases our own happiness more than receiving!

  22. I love living a lifestyle of giving.

  23. Here’s another good quote:
    “‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

    And here’s one of my all time favorites!:
    If you want love, you got to give a little.
    If you want faith, you just believe a little.
    If you want peace, turn your cheek a little.
    You’ve got to Give to Live…
    And you wouldn’t believe who wrote that!

  24. There are people who only think about what they can get. From what I’ve seen, they are the most unhappy people I know. Giving without expectations is the ultimate in sharing.

  25. Giving actually makes you richer! Cannot agree more on this post! 🙂

  26. It’s a universal law put into action! Well done! Thanks for sharing!

  27. I totally agree. Giving is a great way to show a small act of kindness.

  28. I always thing it’s so great to give..especially unexpected small gifts that might just make someones day.

  29. Deanna,
    Another great post. While I also agree with what Meli says in the comment above, I think that you have to be careful in that thinking. If you give purely, just to share or spread joy and happiness you will get joy and happiness in return. If you give expecting something back, 1 times or ten times, you won’t. Like what you write about giving with a sour heart…I think it is your attitude that gets multiplied and returned to you, not your gifts. Thanks again for another thought-provoking post!

    • Thank you Bill! I totally agree, that giving needs to be from a pure intention and a loving heart! Thank you so much for your wise words! -Deanna

  30. This part you posted is so very true “People who are stingy and aren’t givers, rarely receive in return.” There are so many ways to give.

  31. I sort of tough my daughter this lesson on Saturday. We went tot he grocery store and when we came out there was a little old lady sitting there collecting for her charity. So i gave my daighter $1 and said if you have it, and you see someone sick, you always give whatever you can, doesn’t matter how much or little, always give if you can. And i agree with Meli, it does come back 10 fold!

  32. I had someone recently at Starbucks drive thru by my coffee, so I in turn did it for the person behind me. I hope it continued for a while because that really made my day and make me think a lot of random giving.

  33. I love this! So very true “you reap what you sow”. Spontaneous giving makes people feel so appreciated.

  34. What we give comes back to us 10-fold. I love doing little acts of kindness everyday. It makes ME feel good!!

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