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My mom was the Queen of clichés when I was a child and she still is. If there was a situation that warranted a good use of a cliché, she would use one. I learned, and ignored, many life lessons based on whether I paid attention to my mom’s clichés and applied them.

This talent of pulling clichés out of a hat like a magician was inadvertently handed down to me as soon as I had my own children. I spew them off instinctually while my kids look at me confused, just as I used to look at my mom. I really think if more people paid attention to these wise words and put them to use, the world would be a less chaotic and calmer place.

The other day, one of my daughters was getting out of her shower and she did not do a very thorough job of cleaning the glass with the squeegee. I made her go back into the shower and do it correctly. I explained that when she does a poor job at the end of her shower each night, she then has a harder job when it comes to cleaning her shower on the weekend.

Can you guess which cliché I threw in there to bring this lesson home? Of course, “A stitch in time saves nine”. The meaning is this: A timely effort will prevent more work later. When I explained this to my daughter she shrugged it off. Sometimes it’s hard for kids to see future repercussions for their actions, or lack thereof. I think adults are quite guilty of this as well.

Lately, I have been hearing a lot of people admit that they have a hard time with clutter. Procrastination is the main culprit here. They have mail and piles of paper all over their desks. They have laundry all around their house. They can’t have a meal at their dining room table because it is covered in items that need to be put away. Can you relate? Do you need to read the cliché again?

A stitch in time saves nine!

Here are some simple rules to live by so that we avoid clutter, disorganization, and procrastination.
It goes right along with the cliché:

If you and your family commit to live by this cliché and these few rules, you will never have to look at piles again. I know it will take some doing, but start small. Begin with the mail. Open it every day, shred what needs to be shredded immediately, file what needs to be filed right then and there, and slot the bills so that they are paid in a timely manner. Every day!

Take Action: This week and moving forward, let’s heed this helpful cliché and really take the time to follow these simple rules of organization. If you have piles, start to tackle them today and vow to not let them build up again. We will breathe easier and have a huge weight lifted off our shoulders.

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  1. Yes, Deanna, so it is. So much easier in life when we, dealy, clean up all what has to, even in our head! Thanks for sharing this.

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