Let’s Act Like Dogs

If you have ever had a dog, you know that the saying, “A dog is a man’s best friend” is totally true. Dogs have so many great character traits, and that is how they came to be known as a best friend. The more I observe my dog, the more I want to be like her. In fact, if we all acted more like dogs, the world would be a much better and nicer place. Of course there are exceptions, as with everything, in that some dogs are mean and hurtful…but I am talking about your sweet family dog here. They have so many lessons to teach us if we take the time to observe.

Here are some traits that I have observed in my dog:

Loyal – Dogs are loyal like no other. They stand by your side, walk beside you, and will defend you. You can be confident that they will follow you through whatever you are going through and wherever you will go.

Friendly – If dogs could smile, I know they would. The closest thing to smiling is the wag of their tail. I know some dogs are mean and unfriendly, but most dogs I have known are friendly beyond anything!

Unconditionally loving – No matter how upset you get at your dog for chewing something or messing the carpet, they always come right back to love  you. They love you no matter what, which leads me to my next point.

Forgiving – Dogs do not hold grudges. They love you no matter what and their actions show how forgiving they are. They do not get angry and stay angry…they want everyone to love and be loved.

Playful – They are always up for a good game. You grab a tennis ball, and look who is ready to go!

Enthusiastic – Dogs lack no enthusiasm of any kind! You open the car door and they jump in. You grab the leash and their tail begins to wag in sweet anticipation. You call their name and they don’t mope over to see what you want…they run to you wondering what is next!

Your biggest Fan – My dog follows me around and will be as happy as pie to just sit or lie anywhere I am. She wants to be with me, she will follow me anywhere. She is my biggest fan, and her actions prove that daily. Who runs up to greet you when you get home…your dog does!

A true companion – My dog is very smart, as I think most breeds are. She can feel when any family member is not feeling well. It feels like she listens to us and understands when we talk to her about our lives. She can read our moods and she responds appropriately. If we could hold hands, I know we would.

Happy – Dogs can get protective when defending their master or territory, but they never get mad at a situation and hold a grudge. They are for the most part happy animals. They go through life wondering when the next adventure will take place.

Trusting – Dogs do not worry about anything: Not about from where their food will come, not about the weather, not about how they look, etc. They trust in the process of life. They trust that all is as it should be.

So, do you act like a dog? Do you possess these same qualities? Would you like to act more like a dog? What are some steps you can take to shift your mindset and your actions to be more like a dog?

Take Action: This week and moving forward, let’s try to act like a dog! Let’s think about these character traits and try to incorporate them into our daily lives. Let’s encourage others to do the same…let’s all act like dogs!

Because Together is Better,


  1. What a fun post. Especially love the cartoon about kicking some grass over the shit and moving on! Dogs never hold onto their feelings, they just wag their tails and move on!

  2. I so agree…and my dogs inspire me to be a better person, truly. Unwaivering love and devotion, no ego! I strive to be more aligned with the no ego part – not getting feelings hurt or worrying what anyone else thinks – just always in a state of pure love with their companions.

  3. What a cute post! I love your idea of being more like a dog this week. Next week I take my first hip-hop class! Since I’m 50, I think that falls under the category of learning new tricks!

  4. As Will Rogers said, “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”

    Thanks for making me smile. 🙂

  5. Deanna, Could not agree more actually is my life purpose to be their voice because I have learned so much from them. I would love if you could comment or write a blog for us too. http://positivelypetsandkids.com/soulful-life-of-a-conscious-dog-trainer/ look forward to connecting with you I will be sharing your wisdom on facebook and twitter. Blessings to you and yours.

  6. this fabulous and very clever thanks for sharing!

  7. I love this lesson. I really need to learn to be more like my dog. Thanks for the chuckle

    • That is great Veronica…you will begin to pay attention to your dog and shift your actions. I love that you will take action! -Deanna

  8. jIm Striegel says:

    What a great way to start the day reading this post.

  9. The life of a dog sounds too good to be true! Very cute post! In some ways I have the dog qualities above, but I have a very hard time with forgiveness.:)

    • Daniele, I love how your comments are always so transparent and I can tell you are really thinking and growing! Forgiveness is a tough one, but it will set you free. I hope you find a way to forgive! -Deanna

  10. So true!, I have 6 dogs!

  11. Daddy G says:

    I’m into this one!!!
    This week, I am going to take like 12 naps a day, pee wherever I want to, lick myself in public, roll in something that died and hump a few legs.

  12. I’ve always wanted a dog. They definitely seem to exhibit these qualities – it’s something to strive for!

  13. Hahahah that is a really great saying.. Maybe humans should really be more like dogs!

  14. Absolutely true, I love dogs, I got two of them here. It can help as security too, talk with and shopping 🙂

  15. I am happy,enthusiastic, loyal, faithful,friendly, somewhat forgiving and way to trusting:)

    • Teresa, these are all super great qualities…the way to trusting part just needs a few boundaries set in place. Keep growing! -Deanna

  16. Sounds great to me – I will work on chasing my dreams this week. Thanks for the motivation!

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