Life is Like a Sitcom

“A situation comedy, often shortened to sitcom,
is a genre of comedy that features characters sharing the same common environment,
such as a home or workplace, with often humorous dialogue.
Such programs originated in radio, but today,
sitcoms are found mostly on television as one of its dominant narrative forms.”

Think about your favorite sitcom. Think about all the silly and frustrating situations that we watch and that make us laugh. The characters get into predicaments that we would cringe at if they actually happened to us. We would be impatient, get angry, and say things that aren’t very nice. The characters on TV that are quirky and make us laugh on our couches would irritate us to no end in real life. We would bitch and moan, complain, and find no humor in it at all. We would hold grudges and get into fights and again be miserable.

I am an observer of people and their behavior, and I must say that many people do just what I illustrated above. They can have a sense of humor as they watch it on the TV screen, but in their real life situations, everything is taken so seriously. They are so emotionally attached to the outcome of things that they can’t see past their own feelings. They take things so personally that they can’t even laugh at themselves.

Are you guilty of this?
Are you more easily angered than guided to laughter?
Do you stew over situations instead of putting them into perspective?
Are you one who cannot and will not see things as a big picture?

Do you see what this is? This is another opportunity to make a perspective shift. This is another mindset issue that can be resolved by our attention to it coupled with our intentions of consciously making that shift. We can find ourselves in any number of situations that can flabbergast us, and we all do. It is our response to these situations that can either give it levity or be an excuse to make ourselves, and everyone around us, miserable.

So, how do we do this? How do we make the shift from being annoyed and angry and frustrated to finding humor in something? Well, it will be easier for some people than for others, and it will be easier in certain circumstances than in others. What we need to do is lighten up and look for the humor in life. If we try really hard, anything can be funny…just like in a sitcom.

When I was young, and something would happen to make me upset, I would stop and take a deep breath. I would then ask myself, “Will this matter in a day…In a week…In a month…In a year…In five years?” This simple and quick series of questions will instantly put things into perspective for you. I do this quite often. Say I am out to a restaurant and the waitress is being rude…I can literally picture that I am in a sitcom. It takes the edge off of my attitude, and it frees me up to be more light-hearted.

This mindset adjustment will make you realize that a lot of the things we get angry about are really no big deal.

Take Action: This week and moving forward, let’s adjust our mindset and pretend we are in a sitcom instead of becoming annoyed or angry. If we start walking through life with this attitude, we will have a better outlook and find humor in things that really don’t matter in the long run. Try it; you may just laugh after all!

Because Together is Better,


  1. Divij Sonak says:

    Excellent. This is precisely the kind of attitude that I have been attempting to develop towards life in general (and so far, it has been successful). And I always thought: Am I the only one who thinks this way? Until of course, I stumbled upon this piece that is like a literal interpretation of what’s been going on inside my head. I do admit though it can be really hard when the people you interact with “don’t get it” and take jokes and humor seriously and personally. Makes this exercise all the more difficult especially when other people are involved. But I’m loving it.

    I guess comments have stopped on this one. Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist from posting one. Amazing piece. Bookmarking this for life !!!

    • Thank you so much for your comment Divij! I love that you think this way, as it opens up a whole new perspective. Remember, you only have to be concerned with you and your thoughts and behaviors…no one else you can control! They are here to teach you lessons…enjoy! -Deanna

  2. I definitely like what you wrote about will it matter in a week, a month, a year? That really puts things in perspective and gets us back to the present moment where we can align with what really matters. And what really matters usually isn’t ever the matter at hand that is pissing us off! Thanks!

    • I agree Laura that those questions really help put things into perspective. WE take life so seriously sometimes. Thank you for your wise words! -Deanna

  3. I like it! I tend to be a rather inappropriate one laughing at the wrong times… but life is a comedy! And we humans take everything so seriously which makes it all the more funny!
    <3 <3 <3

  4. Excellent post & awesome advice! I love sitcoms & laughing but often don’t do it enough in real life situations! Your will-it-matter questions will definitely help me with that! Thank you! I started a blog a few months ago (Blogitudes) that sometimes features Attitude-type content. I would love to mention this article in a post. It’s perfect! Thank you again & have a laughter-filled day!

  5. This is a great idea. My husband and I laugh a lot and we love the older sitcoms. I can do this sometimes with friends and even strangers. I think I’ll try this out with us. We usually don’t stay upset long but the other day I hit a wall and just couldn’t let it go. Turning it into a funny story might just do the trick and make it over something silly!
    Great post!

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

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  6. Deanna, what a great post. love the Sitcom analogy! One week, one month …. five years – I’m putting that into action from now on! Thanks! J x

  7. Deanna: I really like your question to ask when something gets to us – “Will this matter in a day…In a week…In a month…In a year…In five years?” Great way to stop and take the time to decide that it probably doesn’t matter and let it go. Or, if it does matter, decide to take care of it. Thanks!

  8. I sure am with you on this! I’m so glad I read your post this morning, it’s a great reminder and a great way to start off my day. Thanks!

  9. Great post Deanna! I love your perspective and I will try to remember to ask those series of questions the next time I come across a rude person, someone being mean, etc. not only this week but far into the future. Thank you!

  10. YEAH!! I loved this one. I love to watch episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” and “Friends” I love they way that they all know each other’s stuff and sometimes use that for support and sometimes for shenanigans. I often picture myself in one of these shows where their friends make light of a situations first. Lighten up and then move forward. I never really thought about it helping me at all, I just like doing it. Cheers for this 🙂

  11. Guilty as charged. I am one of those people who gets upset over things that
    at the first place shouldn’t get upset about. Also, I think It would be a good
    idea to adjust our mindset and pretend that we are part of a sitcom instead of
    getting annoyed over little things. Lastly, I might also take up your challenge,
    even though its not that easy but I believe its worth the try. Such a great post
    thanks for sharing.

  12. Well said!!! We definitely need more laughter in life- I love this outlook!!!!

  13. I love the idea of life being like a sitcom! What a great way to think:) I have never thought that way, but in so many ways that is so true:) What a great way of minimizes anything negative:)

  14. You don’t think about something until someone brings it to your attention. Yes I am guilty of taking life to serious. I am going to try to see the humor in those situations that pop up in my life… Thanks for a good informative article

  15. There is nothing like a cleansing laugh to melt away the pain! So healing!

  16. Great way to put it into perspective. I love the idea of looking at our life as we were in a sitcom. I tend to laugh about a lot of things but some subject matters are not as easy to let go so here it is that I will take your advice!

  17. I am guilty of this sometimes! I have been working on this, especially, with my kids. Nice article.

  18. I read that book too “Don’t sweat the small stuff” it was a valuable too. Great article and post you have here!

  19. You are spot on once again!!! So many people getting upset about things that that they just shouldn’t get upset about. It usually stems from deep insecurities, a need to be right and accepted, among many other reasons.

  20. I try not to stew over situations, but sometimes they eat away at me.. normally i come out laughing..

  21. There is a certain amount of normal craziness in a household with many people and pets. Sometimes coming together on a common ground is difficult. The next time things go terribly wrong I purpose that I start laughing and see how it changes the outcome of the situation. Well, after my kids stop thinking I have lost my mind anyway! I love your insight. Thanks!

  22. I remember reading a book awhile back that was called “Don’t sweat the small stuff. Because in the end everything is small.” Great book that put everything into perspective.

  23. I love this!! I am going to picture my life in a sit-com when I am frustrated. How interesting! I also like the questions…will this matter tomorrow, next week etc. Thanks D!!!

  24. Really enjoyed your post. It’s so true, we can laugh about the things on TV however when it’s happening to us, not so. You seemed to have learned to deal with situations differently at an early age. The bottom line is attitude and the great thing about it is that we are able to change it!!

  25. Very interesting post! I think when it comes to me, I get mad fast , like in about seconds.. I know anger doesn’t get you anywhere and that it affects your health. I will try to remember your words when the next anger attack will hit me 🙂

  26. What a great blog post. We are often able to laugh at their situations, but not know how to handle our own. Enjoyed reading this.

  27. Wow, I really love this article! Such a great suggestion to ask those “will it matter’ questions. I’m going to try to keep this uppermost in my mind this week.

  28. I have never really thought about it this way. You are right, my favorite sitcoms would really drive me crazy if it happened to me in real life. I have to learn how to control my emotions when it comes to situations beyond my control. Thanks for this great article!

  29. HI, great blog, you beat me to it, I am drafting a similar one about the spirituality of humour (I will ref your blog). By using humour I believe we can do what you suggest here, see things in perspective, see this simply as the drama or the sitcom. Laughing at ourselves is not about being mean to ourselves but more about that internal chuckle when we remember all is well and we were safe all along …. like the child that is discovered in peek-a-boo (the tension of loss followed by discovery, it’s all ok) or caught when thrown up in the air (not safe, then safe). Humour can be spiritual and laughter is the most spiritual practice of all. I am exploring this thematically through my blog at the moment so if you are interested do take a look and I will of course link to your blog when I next post

    • Thank you Miriam for all your words. I love that you will be writing about a similar topic…so powerful! Feel free to reference my blog post anytime. I also believe that laughter is spiritual…people take life so seriously! -Deanna

  30. Great read! I took comedy & satire back in college and this article made me think about everything we ever read in that class.

  31. This is a great post and I love the analogy of a sitcom for comparing mindset issues Deanna. I’ll take you up on your challenge of going forward and laughing instead of getting angry or upset. I’ve been working on my personal growth for over 16 years. It’s not always been easy, many times I’ve cried and gotten angry. But, it’s definitely for the best because I like me way better today than 16 years ago. Great post.

  32. Excellent excellent Deana,
    I suppose we need to reflect on our day and instead we reflect on a TV show.
    Our day consist of many moments and its hard to pay proper heed, and start to feel threatened by it.

  33. Savannah-Lin Dofa says:

    I have never thought about it that way.. I guess it’s so different in real life when we come across rude people, or person that just has a bad personality.. to think about it being in a sitcom.. I say it would be a great idea though and just think about funny stuff to let the bad feelings go.. Some people are not what they expect to be.. I will def try and think of my life this week as a sitcom way lol..this shall be interesting haha thank you for sharing!

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