What is Your Money Vibe?

What is your money vibe? Do you even know what a “money vibe” is? Vibe is short for vibration and “money vibe” can be summed up by noticing how you feel and act and talk about money. There are two extremes when it comes to your money vibe, and there are people scattered all in between these two extremes. I am not talking about being in debt versus being a millionaire. I am simply talking about your attitude towards money.

Here are the two extremes. Where do you fit in?

One extreme is this: There is a feeling of a sense of lack. If you believe this way about money, then you are always fretting about money. You talk about things being too expensive. You consciously or unconsciously fear that there will always be a shortage and you will never get ahead or have enough. You attract things into your life such as theft from you, and you feel you are often “getting screwed” financially by others. You do not give freely and generously to others because you feel the need to hoard, in a sense. You are skeptical and you think most things are a “scam”. You feel like you need to justify spending money, as if you are not worth it.

The other end of the money vibe spectrum can be seen when someone displays complete faith, love, and generosity with regards to money…they display a strong sense of abundance. If you are on this side of the spectrum, you have faith that you will always have enough. You love others and truly want them to have what you have and more. You want others to be as happy as you are. You give with a generous heart and expect nothing in return. You do not feel a sense of lack, even if you hit a financial bump…you feel abundant in every sense of the word.

Which extreme do you think you align with?
Are you somewhere in between these two examples?
Do you know people who on either side of this spectrum?
Which type of person are you more attracted to?
Would you like to be more like the abundant example?

There are so many negative beliefs that are tied to the money vibe of lack: You may feel like you are not worthy or good enough to have money, so when you get it you hold on tight. You may have learned growing up that you must work hard or you will not have money…so you work hard but you do not take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You may believe that only dishonest people have a lot of money. Your parents may have always talked negatively and fought about money. You may believe that money is the “root of all evil”. You may believe that there is not enough to go around.

If you can relate to any of these stifling beliefs and you want to be more giving and free to receive money…then let’s shift your thinking and attitude about money. Here are a few things you can do: Give generous tips with a grateful heart. Offer to pay without expecting anything in return. Give with a happy attitude. Buy something because you LOVE it, and don’t look at the price tag. Give gifts for no reason. Spend with no guilt. (Of course I am not telling you to go into debt and spend money you do not have…this is all about your attitude!)

Take Action: This week and moving forward, let’s shift our thinking, speaking, and our actions to be more abundant and less lacking. Be aware of how your body feels and the thoughts you have when you give a tip or buy something. Let’s make a small shift. You will be amazed that when you raise your money vibe, how great things will begin to come to you!

Because Together is Better,


  1. Very well said! Great points, Deanna. I belive i do think possitive about money. I work,, do my best for earning money and belive money will come more and more.
    Give gifts for no reason. Spend with no guilt. ‘..great sentences which help us to balance. Thank you!!!

  2. Robin Strohmaier says:

    Great topic, Deanna. Yes, I do know those on both sides of the spectrum. Attitudes can definitely make all the difference. It can take a conscience effort to shift from a lack attitude to an abundance one, but definitely worth it. Love the quote you shared in the graphic: Be generous with your time, your money, your heart.

  3. My upbringing trained me in deprivation-consciousness. My folks were first-generation NY Jews and oh boy! there was never ever enough.

    There are two things I started practicing consistently over ten years ago that have allowed me to shift to abundance conscousness.

    Gratitude practice and generosity.

    I have found that expressing gratitude heals deprivation. And that acts of generosity heal entitlement. To me, these pairs are almost opposites.

    When I get afraid about money, that’s a good time to write a gratitude list. When I feel overcome by lack, and that I’m owed something by somebody/anybody/everybody, that’s a really good time for to do something for someone else.

    Thanks, Deanna, for your lovely post.


  4. Lately I’ve been not worrying about money and just take each day at a time. Also I’ve been giving more and paying it forward to others. Thanks for this excellent post Deanna!

  5. Good points. I am mostly on the Abundance side but sometimes ( and I think this is common ) the lack raises its ugly head when others seem to have more. Then I remember how blessed I am

  6. I am the second extreme for sure. Most definitely a believer that money will always be there. I am absolutely going to take advantage of your tips. Excellent post. Thank you

    • Jason, I love the energy I feel when reading your comment! You have the right attitude to attract more abundance in your life!. I appreciate you being here. -Deanna

  7. Hi Deanna, Very Well Said. As with most things, attitude is everything.
    Here is a light-hearted look at my attitude towards money.


  8. Jeff Brand says:

    Great post topic. At times, when business is slower than others, I tend to panic about money. I know I shouldn’t because when I have a positive attitude…money comes.

    • Jeff, you just spoke a mouthful! I find that when I am generous and give freely, I receive it back tenfold! Remember, what you think about expands…so if you think lack, you will get more lack. -Deanna

  9. Jim Striegel says:

    I have to say as I’ve gotten older, I too want more money for security. I’ve done well buy investing and budgeting.

    • Jim, I think we all want more money, as that is the ticket to freedom. Investing and budgeting is important, but dig deep and ask yourself what is your attitude about money. Remember, what you think about expands…so if you think lack, you will get more lack. -Deanna

  10. I think I am inbetween these two ideas about money. I do not ever feel like I am going to run out of money, yet I always am good about budgeting and watching where I spend my money so I can make it go further:)

    • Daniele, I believe in budgeting as well…remember this is not about spending money you do not have, This is all about your Attitude with regards to money. Remember, what you think about expands…so if you think lack, you will get more lack. -Deanna

  11. Awesome, thats a great info 😀 I might say i belong to the lacking extremes.. at my age i am hunger for money lol

  12. I see that I am the faithful type with money. I give easily without worrying if the person/s I give to will give back to me. I’ve been learning to find a balance, because sometimes I wonder if I give too much.

    • Amber, I think this is so great! You can tell a lot about a person by observing their actions when it comes to money. I don’t think yo can give too much…although you need to have healthy boundaries and make sure you don’t feel taken advantage of. I love that you are here! -Deanna

  13. I think I’m more in the middle! lol I do fret about money but I also give it freely…yet at the same time, I’m skeptical when I see something that is too good to be truth (in terms of business opportunities).

    • Thank you Marielle for your comment. I think a lot of people move around between these two extremes. Remember, what you think about expands…so if you think lack, you will get more lack. -Deanna

  14. I grew up in a family that was anti-money. It took me years and lots of work to build a good money consciousness. Now that I’m building a multi-million dollar brand with TLC Clean I am at work to take my money vibe to the waaaay next level. Oxi-Clean sold for $325Million and my business has the potential for an even greater sales price. That’s according to Bob Circosta from Home Shopping Network and Jon LaClare, he guy who did the marketing strategies for Oxi-Clean and who is now on my team. It’s like one of my gurus, Berny Dohrman (CEO of CEO Space International) says, “You grow your business and your business grows you.”

    • Barbara, that is just fabulous to hear about the success of your business! I love your quote, and I believe in that as well, if you are open to the growth! Thank you for your comment! -Deanna

  15. I am on the lacking side, i never think there is enough to go around.. but in the end i do know that there is..

    • Robert, I think that is how most people think because of our programming. Remember, what you think about expands…so if you think lack, you will get more lack. -Deanna

  16. My money vibe unfortunately sometimes feel like scarcity but my mind set is definitely abundance! I see how we can sabotage ourselves with the mind set of lack or not enough money. The biggest truth is that money is a great tool to help us accomplish our life’s purpose, which always involves generosity and helping others. It’s when we start giving, we will see abundance in our own lives

    • Veronica, I LOVE your thought process here and I totally agree with you! If we are passionate about our life’s purpose, which usually has to do with giving and helping people in some way, then we will receive back as well. I appreciate your wise words. -Deanna

  17. Dov Shapira says:

    Our general attitude towards life will determined our attitude toward money.

    • Dov, I agree with this. I think our attitudes about life can determine our attitude and the outcome of many things. Thank you for your comment! -Deanna

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