Reignite Your Imagination

As I listen to my two youngest daughters playing with each other, it makes me chuckle. Their pretend play is enchanting. They are fairies, witches, babies, mommies, princesses, and princes. Their land of make-believe comes alive with every word and prop. Do you remember using your imagination like that when you were a young child? I sure do. It was magical and freeing and exciting!

What happens to our ability to “make-believe” as we get older? Yes, we mature and take on more and more responsibilities…but should that diffuse our wild imaginations? Unfortunately growing into an adult does just that. But I don’t think our imagination needs to go dormant.

Using your imagination is a very empowering tool. Picasso said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” What does that mean exactly? Well, I believe it means that all great ideas and dreams that come to fruition all begin with the imagination. If we can imagine it, it can be real and true for us.

Definition of IMAGINATION

1: the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality

2 a: creative ability

b: ability to confront and deal with a problem: resourcefulness <use your imagination and get us out of here>

c: the thinking or active mind : interest <stories that fired the imagination>

3: a creation of the mind; especially: an idealized or poetic creation

Unfortunately, many of us do not use our imaginations anymore. We get locked into our day-to-day routines…and our imaginations go silent. If we could get in the habit of igniting our imaginations once again, our world would open up to a whole new kind of wonderful.

What did you imagine when you were little? What did you want to be when you grew up? What did you day dream about before you acquired a job and a family and a career? Think back and let your mind wander. When you begin to use that part of your brain again, it will be easy to start imagining again.

After you get back in the hang of things with your mind, you can start to imagine concrete things that you want to change or get better in your life…say you want a new position in your office…maybe you want more money…or more time with your husband.

Whatever it is, start to imagine it as if it is already yours!

When you use your imagination, like a child does, you will encompass all of your senses, and all of your emotions will be involved. Guess what? Your brain doesn’t know if what you are thinking is real or not…so when you use your imagination to focus on the things you want in your life, your brain will think you already have them. You will start to attract those things that you desire! Try it!

Let your imagination run wild…Invite the magic back into your life!

Take Action: This week and moving forward, let’s reignite our imaginations! Let’s spend time each day imagining our life…just how we want it to be. Let’s use all our feelings and emotions and unlock our sleeping imaginations!

Because Together is Better,


  1. While many of us may have lost touch with the fun side of imagination, most of us actually do use our imagination daily. We just use it in negative ways. We worry about how things won’t work out. We fear uncertainty and the unknown. In these cases, we’ve creatively imagined scenarios that don’t serve us.

    I think taking time to consciously play with our imagination, like you’ve reminded us to do, is important in helping us become better at shifting away from the negative imagining.

    I also heard somewhere that imagination is how our physical minds communicates with our higher minds. So when we practice imagination, we are also learning to operate as a whole being, integrating our physical and Divine.

    • Thank you Nat for bringing up this important point: Most of us use our imaginations in a negative way. And what we focus on expands…so we are bringing more negativity into our lives…ouch! -Deanna

  2. I like to call it my fairy tale life. I journal a lot, for everything really, and part of that involves writing down how I want my life to be. If we only use our logic, our life will only move so far. For years I used logic and it’s truly limiting. When I started opening up my imagination and allowing it to run wild, that’s when truly amazing opportunities started to unfold in my life.

    • Keri, I love this! Keeping a journal is so powerful…there is something about the written word. I like to journal as well. Thank you for being here! -Deanna

  3. love this Deanna and your definitions. this week i embarked on a 21 day Painting meditation and I am allowing my inner imagination to come forward. Thanks for offering an opportunity to stretch

    • Suzie, that is so powerful that you are taking this on for 21 days. I am eager to find out what your outcome is. Thank you so much for your wise words! -Deanna

  4. If you can dream it, you can be it! Thanks for the powerful post! I’ve started to schedule time in my calendar to just dream. It’s getting easier . . .

    • Lisa, that is so great that you are scheduling time. I think that is very smart…as time seems to get away from us. I love your comment, it’s making me think! -Deanna

  5. I love the idea of spending some time imagining our new life!

  6. Love your creativity Deanna. Imagination is so important and I don’t think we use it nearly enough as adults!

    • Thank you so much for being here Carolyn! I agree that imagination is very important and not used enough. Being aware allows us to implement it though! 🙂 -Deanna

  7. Thanks for posting this, Deanna. As a dad to a 2 year old, I love just watching her. She is so full of life, and reminds me, much like you post, to enjoy the worlds created by our imagination. It is my wish that adults would stop equating “being childish” with “being childlike”. The latter is possibly the most powerful, free feeling that I experience. (Blog post coming up on that topic.. :))

    • Mark, you bring up such a great point, in the difference of being childish and being childlike. I love that, and I will remember it! I appreciate you being here! -Deanna

  8. I am fascinated by the power of what we think or imagine. A while ago I read a book called Write It Down Make It Happen. Since then I’ve been using vision boards and journaling to create clear pictures about what I want.

    • Tai, writing has such power in it, and creating a vision board uses our other sense of sight to let our imagination flow! I am glad you are growing in this! -Deanna

  9. Love this call for imagination. As a child I was known to have such a strong imagination that my Grandmother actually worried that I was speaking to spirits – until she found out that my favorite imaginary friend was in fact a kangaroo. I miss that little girl, but I do try to reconnect with her as often as I can.

    • Kimba, I love that you reconnect with the little girl inside of you! We all have that little being waiting to come out and play. Thank you for sharing here! -Deanna

  10. We do get so trapped in our “adult” minds. This is a wonderful invitation to move back into the free mind of the child. I had a lively imagination as a child and played very intensely and creatively. I definitely miss having that freedom. Thank you for waking us up to our imagination and encouraging us to get back there. I’m entering into imagining a larger, more creative, more generous, more grateful life!

    • Thank you Judy…sometimes we need a reminder! I love that you are willing to open up to the possibilities! I appreciate your words here! -Deanna

  11. Deanna,
    I absolutely loved this one, it hits so close to my heart… as a child and even as a teenager, I had an extremely vivid imagination, love art etc. – it’s a gift from God to us….. You’re So right on: when we “grow up” and become adults we can tend to forget how to use because we get overwhelmed. Imagination in my opinion, is a HUGE part of who God created us to be! I started trying to do one small thing to bring it back (something intentional, because I missed it and I wanted my daughters to live life to it’s fullest)… So, I wrote a little note to myself, it says “girl giggles” I move it around the house (so it doesn’t get over-looked) and try each day to just stop and enjoy life with them through their imagination(s). Then of course, I try to keep my “dream/imagine if…” journal – kind of a prayer of how I would like things to be in my life. A good and wise friend 😉 taught me this, and it’s been such a blessing to me! <3

    • Amber, I just love to read your comments and to see your growth! WOW…you impress me and inspire so many through your growth! Keep on with your positive journey! -Deanna

  12. There are many things I want to visualize into reality! I used to have such a big imagination when I was younger with no care in the wold, i miss those days.

  13. I recently read an article that humans reach the pinnacle of our creativity at age 5, although once we hit formal schooling and structure creativity is marginalized.

  14. Dov Shapira says:

    We use way more than we realize. Learning anything takes imagination.
    We imagine what we are going to cook. We imagine hoe is it going to be on the beach.
    When you look at the clouds.
    Be careful with the word magic, some Christians don’t like it lol

    • I agree with you Dov, that learning takes imagination…but it also takes a rational mind. A balance of the two is ideal! Thank you for being here. -Deanna

  15. I pretend play with my daughters all the time. It is so much fun and reminds me to stop and enjoy my own self while being silly.

    • I have four daughters Jennifer, and I play with them as well. It does help to open up and use your imaginations when you have young children around! Thank you for your comment! -Deanna

  16. Oh I love that saying from Einstein. I do still use my imagination since I have young children around me all the time. It is very fun. I hope none of us stop doing this.

    • Irene, that is great that you use your imagination so much! It helps when you have young children around…it almost forces you to use your imagination! I appreciate you being here. -Deanna

  17. I call on my imagination every single day that I am on this earth….creative thinking is the only way some of us can survive.

  18. This is such a great post Deanna. I often wonder why as we get older we lose our imaginations. We are so caught up with reality and doing life that we forget to exercise that part of our brains that dares to dream and create a whole nother world. In fact people think you’re crazy if you do that as an adult. My 12 year old son who has a very active imagination is often silenced in class for being disruptive or unattentive. I think there’s something wrong with a world where you are not encouraged to imagine

    • Thank you so much Veronica! I think most adults are in this same boat. We need to make an effort to use our imaginations, to be silly, and to not be so serious! I appreciate your comment! -Deanna

  19. Jim Striegel says:

    I think my life is better than I could have dreamt, but it has taken a lot of hard work to get here.

  20. Stephanie Clopton says:

    I love the idea about a vision board! I truly need that as an inspiration right now in my life! Great post and comments.

    • I agree, Stephanie, creating a vision board is a great way to use your imagination. It also gives you something to focus on and dream about! Thank you for Reading and Growing here! -Deanna

  21. I love your images and quotes! They truly went great with your blog post.

  22. I’m always reminded of how creative I can be once I use my imagination. With your imagination you can create some pretty cool stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  23. You know what I have found that by reading simply for enjoyment and thoroughly engaging in a work of fiction my imagination is ignited naturally and it transcends to my everyday thoughts and ideas.

  24. Thanks for the great post. I remind my children, others and myself, to visualize… visualize what we want, utilizing all of our senses. By making it real in our minds, we can make it real in our lives.

  25. Very uplifting read and I love the Einstein image and quote xxx

  26. Joann Paradies says:

    I imagined my life pretty close to how it is! 🙂
    Blessed beyond….

    • WOW, Joann, that is so great! It is not very often that people feel that way. That makes my heart smile, thank you for sharing this with us! -Deanna

  27. I love it when my kids would have play time with themselves but with many different characters.. It was fun and inventive to here.

  28. Through imaginations you can do create many usefull ideas. widens your Visions.

  29. Gigi Peterson says:

    Making a vision board really helps to focus your goals. The New Year is a perfect time to create one!!

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