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I have been recording commercials that are played on my Radio Segment. (Click Here) This has been such a fun way to meet new people and to learn about different businesses and products! Some people send me their products to try and to use, so that I can give a better and more realistic testimony. I get to listen to people explain their passion and learn about the services they provide. This whole side gig has been really enlightening and eye-opening. It is amazing how much diversity there is in the business world and how people have taken their different passions and have made them into their own money-making businesses.

Diversity at its Best:

In one day, I had the privilege of recording two commercials: One was for a web site that offers workshops, conferences, one-on-one sessions, and support for a Christian’s life. This site was clearly a vehicle to support Christians in their walk of faith. The other one was a wellness web site that also offered one-on-one sessions, group sessions, and general wellness services, but this one had a different twist: This site was more spiritual; offering spiritual healing, sexual therapy, and holistic coaching. This company combined traditional methods with metaphysical techniques. This site was spiritual based and not affiliated with any religion.

What appeared to be so different, were actually quite similar:

They both used the words “Out of the Box” in their description of their businesses. Both of these ladies offer personal help for people in crisis. They both want to empower people to be the best they can be. They both want to help heal old hurts. They both used the word “Manifest” in their description…which means “To make things appear”. They both also used the term “Spiritual Mentor”. These two very different businesses from two very different perspectives and belief systems are basically offering the same services. They are going about it a little differently, but ultimately their desired outcome for their clients is the same:

Live a life of wellness and heal old wounds.

So many people get hung up on the name of an organization. So many belief systems give people the excuse to hate others and to scoff people because they go about things differently than they do. In reading, learning, growing, and talking with so many people from all walks of life I have concluded a couple things: All people want to be happy. All people want to feel loved. Both of these women I referenced above are helping people to be happy and to feel loved. When we look at the different ways they approach this and judge one or the other, then we are not helping anyone be happy or feel loved, especially ourselves. When we feel we cannot savor diversity that is when we are reflecting our own insecurities about our own beliefs. When we are secure with ourselves, then we can be ok with others thinking, believing, and going about things differently. If YOU get defensive when faced with diversity, maybe you need to ask yourself why.

Remember: Whatever is your truth, the exact opposite is someone else’s truth.

Take Action: This week and moving forward, let’s truly savor diversity. There is so much to learn and to celebrate in our differences. Let’s stop the judging and let’s help each other and ourselves be happy and feel loved.

Because Together is Better,


  1. I’m grateful we’re not all the same — I’d miss some fascinating points of view if were were. Besides, if we *want* to find it there’s always common ground. I enjoyed your post — thanks.

    • Andrea, I love your words! Yes, there is always common ground, and it is so nice to see different points of view! Thank you for your comment! -Deanna

  2. This message is more relevant today than ever. We have the common thread of wanting to be happy and loved while we can create a beautiful quilt of colors and design by embracing the diversity we each bring to the table. Thank you for creating that bridge!
    Carpe Diem!
    Joan Jakel

  3. Beautiful job making a connection between dissimilar things — just like humans are. We are all different yet similar at the same time.

  4. Yes… together IS better. We are all beautiful bright beacons for one another, as we walk each other home. 🙂

  5. Diversity is what allows us to move out of our own little world of thoughts and feelings. Another’s difference is what educates us and moves us forward to being a better version of ourselves.

    • Mary, I agree that people come into our lives to teach us or to be taught by us. If we were all the same, there wouldn’t be anything to learn! -Deanna

  6. This is a great topic that I have not come across often on blogs. We are all individuals with our own stories that cause us to look at the same issue or situation or teaching from different perspectives. We should try to remember not to judge others because we have not lived their life nor they ours.

  7. Great piece and awesome observation. It’s true – many of us are offering the same exact thing. To help people find their happy. Our souls may be called to different paths, but all paths lead to the same place (to loosely paraphrase a Buddhist saying.) 🙂

  8. I can’t help but wonder how the two ladies would respond if you told them they offered the same product only different by name? What a wonderful, soul-venturing observation and I’m grateful for the lesson!

    • Sheila, I am so happy that this post filled you and made you think! I wonder how these two women would react as well! Like I said, people get defensive. -Deanna

  9. Deanna thank you for writing on this topic. Diversity is such an important concept and we need articles that are this clear and timely.

  10. I have always been a fan of diversity. It opens us up to so much more and expands our consciousness, and that is a worthy goal!

  11. I appreciate your emphasis here on what the two commercials and businesses *shared* rather than how they differed. It feels very important to me to focus on common, shared values as we move forward in our culture. The diversity and difference is valid and valuable, but I believe it’s a focus on what we all share and commonly hold dear that will move us forward peacefully.

    • Chara, this is a great perspective on my post, thank you! Yes, focusing on what is common feels better than focusing on what is different! -Deanna

  12. Diversity is wonderful – it shows us all of the variations and capabilities we have as human beings – lets celebrate and embrace it!

  13. This is great that you do offer these commercials at such an affordable price. Normally a radio spot would be outside of Many Small Business budgets. Great idea!

  14. We must realize that our strength lies in our ability to respectfully acknowledge and appreciate our differences.

  15. I agree, way too much judging and definitely not enough self reflection at all. I never judge anyone, not their clothes, not their voice nor how they use their voice (unless that voice is used to be hurtful), their sexuality (I mean who cares right), skin color (again who cares we are human that is all), their piercings no matter the location, their tattoo’s (unless gang related) and anything else that make us, well us. Diversity is how we need to be and acceptance of each other should not even be a thought whether to do so or not, it should just be pure acceptance.

    BTW – I love the from me to we

    • That is right Marilyn we all are on different journeys and we don’t know what other people are here to learn. Acceptance is key! I love the Me to We also, thank you! 🙂 -Deanna

  16. “So many people get hung up on the name of an organization. So many belief systems give people the excuse to hate others and to scoff people because they go about things differently than they do.” This is one of the extremely true statements I have read in a long time. This is so true. Diversity is always better, but I say it is just more fun. Great post.

    • Bradley, you are the first person to comment that diversity is “fun”…and I agree! What a refreshing perspective you just gave us, thank you! -Deanna

  17. Very nice, Deanna !

    “Through our acceptance of “difference” in the “other” we grow in our ONENESS.”

    With love, Hilde – universenergie Twitter + FB hilde Plasman.

  18. Diversity is awesome! If we were all the same, the world would be such a boring place!! Great insight!:)

  19. Diversity is what makes this nation great! We need diversity! I will have to listen a few of those commercials, and may even consider getting one

  20. Together definitely is better. Diversity reigns in Anchorage, Alaska, where I live. I think we now have more than 90 languages spoken in our school district and it is so much fun to share in other cultures!

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