Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

Saying goodbye is never easy. Whether it is in regards to a loved one, a pet, a home, a car, or anything you loveit is hard. A few months ago, my husband and I began talking about selling my car and getting something a little smaller and easier on the gas usage. We began to research what car we wanted to buy. This part of the adventure is always fun; anticipating a new car, looking at features, and test driving. Just last week, we got really serious about selling our car, and purchasing a new one. We narrowed down which car we wanted to buy, and my husband had my car detailed and it was ready to put on the market. I had no idea my car would get such a great response and sell so quickly.

This sale happened in two days.
I don
t think I was mentally or emotionally ready.

I was still in shock as the new owners drove off in my car.

This idea was just an idea at this point.
We hadn
t even purchased my next car yet!

You may be thinking that I am being overly emotional or silly; after all, its just a car! I agree with you to a point. But as I was cleaning out my personal things, I was able to reflect on my life with this car. There is a very intimate relationship with anything you love, whether it is inanimate or not. There were memories built and there are heart ties that bind me to this car.

I reflected over the past seven years: This car was a Mothers Day gift from my husband to me. This had been such a great and reliable car. It was fast and sexy and did a super job for our family. It took us on many fun family trips, carted friends and family around, and was fun to drive. This car brought home our 4th daughter from the hospital when she was born. We taught our oldest daughter how to drive with this car. The last time I saw my Dad before he passed was in this car. My husband and I went on a lot of really great dates in this car, and had a lot of meaningful conversations. We have listened to a lot of fun music with her awesome sound system, and we have laughed and danced in this car. This car effortlessly pulled our boat. Our kids grew up riding and sleeping in this car to and from many events. There were many teachable moments had in this car. It was fun to drive her because she was fast and responsive and people moved out of my way! She was tall and safe and protected us. She was a part of our family!

One day selling her was just an idea, and the next day a stranger was driving it home so he could make family memories with her. This was so bittersweet for me. I guess the abruptness of it all didnt allow me to say goodbye slowly over a period of time. Anything that is rushed like this really feels unnatural. As with anything we have to say goodbye to, time will make it easier. Sad emotions will be replaced with happy memories. I will remind myself that it is just a car, and I am sure I will love our next car just as much and we will make her a part of our family too!

What have you had to say goodbye to in your life?
Have you noticed that time has made it easier?
Have you been able to replace sad emotions with happy memories?
Please share with us in the comments below!

Take Action: This week and moving forward, lets say our proper goodbyes. Lets feel the sadness of losing something and then turn those sad emotions into happy memories. Every day, lets appreciate what we have and build beautiful memories so we can someday reflect with happiness and not regret!

Because Together is Better,


  1. Deanna, loved reading about all the beautiful memories you hold in your heart… Memories that remain long after the vehicle is gone

  2. We do all deal differently! Even though I’ve never been attached to any of my cars (I usually cant wait to get rid of them) I have drawers and drawers of sentimental things, so I can really relate. I love the pooh and piglet quote! What a great post!

  3. I don’t think that’s silly at all. I was really sad when we sold my car too. It was definitely time (the thing kept dying on me… on the way to rehearsal dinner before my wedding… with a baby on the side of the highway on the other side of town… two states away…) but I had so many memories in that car! I still miss it. (but I do love my new heated seats!)

    • Yes, Brittany, it is the memories that keep us going. I will miss many things about the car, but the milestones with my family are key. I know I will love the next car just as much! Thank you for being here. -Deanna

  4. Hi Deanna, Good read. We had to part with our home of 30 years, in 06. We were very attached to it. So many family gatherings as we celebrated birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years, etc. When our realtor put up the sign, we were initially in denial. Well, we sold to a young man, who promptly assured us that our house would be properly maintained. It’s just an object, but the attachment is real. We relocated to another state, a new house, and great new friends. Do we miss our house? No, just the great memories attached to it. Blessings.

    • Johnny, I love your story and this is true for any object that we lose. I agree, that it is not the object so much as the memories…but we will make some more! Thank you for your wise words. -Deanna

  5. I know just how you feel! All of our cars have names and we talk about them like real people. I’ve even been known to tell my car (Posh) just how much I love her! Love your Take Action piece — such an important part of living a joyful life!

    • Sheila, I love that you give your cars names. I did when I was younger, but this car did not have a name. Maybe I will name my next car! Thank you for the smile! -Deanna

  6. Great article, Deanna! Loss and grief can affect your life profoundly for years. Some people never get over a loss. I feel it’s important to recognize what triggers those feelings of sinking down into that “hole” of despair and try to avoid them …. sad songs, sad movies ….. whatever it is ….

    • Tammy, you are right in that some smells and songs and other things trigger sadness. I am grateful that I only have fabulous memories with this car. Thank you for your wise words. -Deanna

  7. Deanna, i love how you wrote a story about your car from your heart. I love how you say that the 7 years spent in this car has moved you and your family through so many milestones. I love how grateful and appreciative you are of your car and your life. I love your beautiful car analogy blog post!

    • Nadia, thank you so very much for all of your kind words. I truly did write from my heart. The memories are strong, as you can imagine! I really appreciate you being here and leaving such a sweet comment. -Deanna

  8. Daddy G says:

    Aaawww baby, I completely agree – so many great memories…
    But just wait till THIS Mother’s Day! :~)

  9. A tough goodbye ! I don’t get too attached to cars but notice that dogs are not as enamoured by that ‘new car smell’ as people seem to be. Trust your dog !

  10. Saying goodbye to a love one or even a thing that you valued so much is so painful knowing that you have them in some part of your life. but if there are goodbyes there are new coming back to replace them.. that’s a good read!!

  11. I totally feel you! When I had to sell my last car ad buy a new one last time I was happy and sad at the same time! There are just so many memories that come with a car!

    • Daniele, it is a very bittersweet thing. I liken it to selling a home, there are so many memories. Thank you for your comment! -Deanna

  12. Saying goodbye is never easy…not sure if I would feel the same about saying goodbye to a car…maybe that’s just me though!

    • This is true, Marielle…a car is something that some people build memories with and some people do not. I appreciate you being here. -Deanna

  13. Stephanie Clopton says:

    Okay….Is it just me…that is one item that I can easily move on from:=)

    • Stephanie, that is cute, and I love your candor! I don;t think I felt this way about any other car before. I think it is just that there were so many milestones during our time together! Thank you for being here.

  14. Jim Striegel says:

    This is a great topic and I could have traded in my car many times, but it’s not something I want to part with yet.

    • When you have a great car that provides great memories, it is hard to get rid of it. Hopefully this post allowed people to appreciate their cars more?? 🙂 -Deanna

  15. Dov Shapira says:

    I remember when my oldest son was three or four years old, we sold our old car a we got a new one.
    My son was with us at the dealership and started to cry, He was upset to see the old car going away.

    • Dov, that is so sad and so sweet! That car was the only one he remembered at that young point in his life. Bittersweet indeed! -Deanna

  16. This is a great story! Saying goodbye is always hard but I’m so glad it turned out well in the end! Plus now you have all of those wonderful memories to hold onto forever!! Thank you for the story!!

    • Thank you Shari for your comment! Yes, memories are so great, aren’t they? Those are things we get to hang on to forever. I appreciate you being here. -Deanna

  17. I know exactly how you feel, I sold my jeep 7 hours after posting it. I had no idea it would sell so fast. I didn’t have my cell phone for 2 days and experienced the same emotions as when I sold my jeep. I think we get extra attached because we rely on them.

    • Jason, that is a great point that we get attached because we rely on them. I think we are intimate with things because we spend so much time with them. 🙂 -Deanna

  18. This is great Deanna and there is nothing silly about it. I have had Big Bertha now (that’s right, she has a name) for about 4.5 years and that is where I spend a lot of time alone in my own head. I talk to myself while driving, brain storm, and a lot of great ideas are born in that car. Not to mention the memories of times with the kids too! It would be hard for me to sell Big Bertha too. On the plus side, it did sell quickly so that will help you get to the next phase with the new car. Good luck to you

    PS. Big Bertha is a 2009 GMC Yukon 🙂

    • Veronica, I just love “Big Bertha” and I have never even met her! I love nick names, they are so personal and neat! Thank you for sharing this with us! -Deanna

  19. I know exactly how you feel because I went through the same thing with a car I owned at one time. My first car actually. I felt as though it was there for me through high school and college and I had a lot of great memories with my friends and family and then I had to trade it in to get another car. In my case my previous car was old and ready to be traded in from something better, and I thought I was very excited about this and finally being able to purchase a brand new jeep wrangler, but it was bitter sweet. Even though I was excited about getting a new car that I have always wanted I just wasn’t ready to get rid of my old one. It took me a few weeks to get used to this, but in the end it was for the best. I’m a very sentimental person and hold onto everything for scrapbooks and memories so you can imagine that giving away my first car was very hard hahaha. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for this great story! I am glad you can relate. Some items hold a lot of memories and love for us! I thank you for being here and for your thoughtful comment! -Deanna

  20. Great topic – everyone experiences loss and deals with that loss in a variety of ways. I also have found that trying to have a positive attitude can help one navigate through the emotions!

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