How to Stay Calm in the Midst of a Storm

We all have storms in our lives. Big ones and not so big ones.  It’s how you handle these squalls that dictate how long they will stay with you.  When you find yourself having a bad day, and circumstances are just not going your way, and you just can’t get anything right…Stop, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, “Will this matter in a year from now?”

Most likely the answer will be an astounding, “NO!”.

Will it really matter that you are 5 minutes late to pick up your child from piano lessons? NO!  Will it really matter that you spilled chocolate sauce on your new dress?  NO!  Will it really matter that the iPhone you pre-ordered will get to you 12 days later than was promised?  NO!

If you realize this simple fact, that most things won’t matter in a year from now, then you will be free to look at the bright side of the tornado and allow it to pass on by you. If you tend to dwell in the hurricane and add to the turmoil, then the storm will perpetuate into other storms and bigger storms.

Try it…you’ll see! Keep Calm and Carry On

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