Actions Speak Louder Than Words


Do you have a mentor in your life?  Someone who is always taking the high road, setting a good example, teaching through their actions?  Are you that person to someone else?  We can learn so much from these types of people.  It is so important to teach through action,  especially if you have children, or you are a mentor to another person.  Each of us have at least one person who looks up to us, who watches how we act and how we treat others, and who tries to emulate us. I have known so many people who "talk the talk" but don't "walk the walk".  It is a let down, a frustration, and a farce.  In the end all respect is lost.  If your words and actions don't match up, you need to ask yourself why they don't.  Are you trying to be someone or something you are not?  Are you trying to portray … [Read more...]