Trust in the Process of Life

Trust in the Process of Life

Have you ever been in a place in your life where you feel stuck? Have you ever wondered why your path went a certain way and not another? Do you walk through life dragging your regrets right along with you? Do you question your past and doubt your future? Well, you are in good company and certainly not alone. Most people have floundered at one time or another. Not everyone is happy with their past and many people are uncertain of their future. So, what can we do about this fact so that we can have "Trust in the Process of Life" and fully live in the present? We must realize that if we are constantly living in regret and guilt and shame about our past, then we will continue to attract more of those unwanted situations into our future. We need to make peace with our past and then we can … [Read more...]

A Compliment in Disguise

a compliment

Do you remember when you were a teenager and someone copied you in some regard, and it was not a good thing? If someone dressed like you, or wanted to act like you, or heaven forbid liked the same person as was an awful thing. Even though we wanted to fit in, we all still wanted to be unique and original, and known for our style. A total oxymoron. I remember when I was a teenager; this girl liked the same boy I did. I was not happy about it, probably because I was insecure. It's easy to see that looking back and not so easy when you are in the midst of emotions and hormones. I remember at that time, a wise woman told me not to be jealous or angry toward this girl, because she was probably a lot like me since she had the same taste as I did. She also said that instead of feeling … [Read more...]

Radio Show: “Got to OR Get to?”


We all have chores and errands and daily obligations. We often don't look at these tasks as a privilege, but rather as a burden. Please join me as we discover how we can turn our "Got to" into "Get to". My Segment begins at minute 9:30-Deanna   Listen To Lifestyle Internet Radio Stations with TNTBS on BlogTalkRadio … [Read more...]

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

saying goodbye

Saying goodbye is never easy. Whether it is in regards to a loved one, a pet, a home, a car, or anything you love…it is hard. A few months ago, my husband and I began talking about selling my car and getting something a little smaller and easier on the gas usage. We began to research what car we wanted to buy. This part of the adventure is always fun; anticipating a new car, looking at features, and test driving. Just last week, we got really serious about selling our car, and purchasing a new one. We narrowed down which car we wanted to buy, and my husband had my car detailed and it was ready to put on the market. I had no idea my car would get such a great response and sell so quickly. This sale happened in two days. I don't think I was mentally or emotionally ready. I was still … [Read more...]

Celebrate Our Differences


One of my very best friends in the whole world is my sister, Maria. I am actually best friends with all my siblings, but I am going to focus on Maria for this blog post. Growing up, people always asked us if we were twins. We are actually two years and one day apart, but we have always been close in size and looks. Being so close in age, we have always been really great friends. We had many of the same friends growing up and we were always partners in crime, so to say. We enjoyed hanging out with each other, even in high school. When we were really young, we chose to sleep together (in a twin bed), even though we each had our own room. Our poor mom would come in several times to tell us to stop giggling and get to sleep. We have always been the best of friends. With saying all that, I … [Read more...]

Radio Show: “Where Do You Focus Your Energy?”


It is so very easy to focus your energy on the one person who is being nasty to you instead of focusing on all the wonderful people in your life. Let's take a look at how we can learn from these negative people and shift our focus to goodness! My segment begins at minute 47:05 Find Additional Lifestyle Podcasts with TNTBS on BlogTalkRadio … [Read more...]

A Lesson in Everything

A lesson in everything

This week, as I was driving home from an appointment, I got a hankering for a salad and a slice of vegetable pizza. I pulled into this small restaurant and walked in to a fairly empty dining area. I sat in a booth totally away from the only other couple in the place. I loved that it wasn't lunch hour, as I wanted to do a little reading while enjoying the quiet. In walks an older couple, who proceeds to sit right behind me. Now, this may sound a little (or a lot) judgmental…but with twenty other booths and tables empty, why in the world did they need to sit in the one right behind me? Those were the thoughts and feelings swirling around in my mind and through my body. Yes, I was aware that my muscles were tensing up, my breathing became non-existent, and I was truly irritated. Did they … [Read more...]

A Near Disaster

near disaster

Last weekend, my husband had our girls doing a bunch of chores outside: Leveling dirt, hanging vines on a trellis, and oiling the outside dining table with teak oil. We were all on our different tasks. My husband was wiring the front fountains with power. I was working in the garden and chopping vegetables for a party we were hosting the following evening. The night before, we had been asked to go out to dinner this night, but we declined, as we really needed to stay home and get prepared for our party. This is a key point to this story… As the day of chores ended and just before we all hit the showers, we all began to smell a really strong smell inside the house. My husband thought it was the sealer from outside. (We just had the slate around our pool sealed that day.) But I knew it … [Read more...]

Don’t Agree With Me


With writing a weekly blog and having a radio segment, both about shifting your mindset and being a better you, there are many topics that can be controversial. I have found that for the most part, people who leave comments agree with what I have written or said. This has always made me feel great, because it confirms that I am on the right track and that people are really growing and getting the most out of my messages. On a few occasions, I have received some comments in which people are not agreeing with me. They are stating a different view about the same topic. They are voicing their opinion even though it contradicts mine. My initial response has been to be offended. But then, as I began to really digest the words, I realized that it is healthy for people to have different … [Read more...]

You Can’t Change the Weather…


It is inevitable, that no matter what climate you live in, people feel the need to complain about it. I hear it all around me, "It is so HOT, I can't wait until the weather cools down!"…"I hate the rain!"…"Whenever it is windy I get a headache!"…"This is the worst winter ever!"… And on and on! What is the purpose of complaining about the weather? Will complaining change the weather? No! So why do people feel that they need to complain about something that they can't change? The weather is just an example that is consistent. I hear this all the time about circumstances that can't be changed: Traffic, work schedules, unexpected illness, etc. What is the purpose and the inevitable outcome of complaining about something you cannot change? I wrote a blog entitled The Benefits of … [Read more...]