The Benefits of Complaining


For those of you who know me or have been reading this blog long enough will recognize that the title of this post, "The Benefits of Complaining" is simply used to peak your curiosity. There simply are no benefits to complaining! Yes, you may need to vent or burn off a little steam now and again…we all do…but idle and perpetual complaining has no positive outcome. We've all had them, people in our lives, who complain and complain and complain. Instead of focusing on all the wonderful parts of their lives, they choose to give all their energy to the dark side. Why do people complain? It is ugly, it is draining, it is unproductive, it is self-consuming, and it is a repellent. I have learned, and I'm sure you have learned this as well: Complaining doesn't solve anything. If a person … [Read more...]

The Forbidden Fruit is the Sweetest


"The forbidden fruit is the sweetest." This cliche is taken straight from a story in the Bible. It refers to Eve wanting to taste the apple from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil so badly. She struggled with wanting it...needing it...undoubtedly even more so because she was told that she couldn't have it. She was tempted beyond her self control. She eventually gives in to her desire…with consequences.  Don't we all think that way when something is forbidden or just out of our reach? I know I do. The other day I was driving down the street and I realized that I left my water bottle at home. I drink a lot of water as a just knowing that I didn't have water with me, suddenly I unrealistically began to feel really thirsty! I sat there wondering: If I had a bottle of water … [Read more...]

Getting Even

getting even

What comes to mind when you hear the words, "Getting Even"? Do you think of someone who has wronged you? Someone who has said a nasty word about you? Does your blood pressure elevate? Do you relive the nastiness once again and wish harm on someone and retribution for the pain they caused? I think that is pretty normal, after all, we are human. It is normal, but not necessarily the healthiest way to think and feel. You may have heard the quote, "Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and hoping they will die." That concept is pretty silly, isn't it? But we all have thought that. We think bad, revengeful thoughts and hope it somehow affects the wrongdoer. In reality, it only hurts the person holding onto the grudge. I wrote about Holding a Grudge and … [Read more...]


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The word "Fear" keeps popping up all around me this week…in emails, Facebook postings, songs, a speaker at my mom's group, etc. I decided that if this word keeps appearing to me, it is for a reason, and I need to think a little deeper on it. Fear is often said to be the opposite of Love. I believe that, because it is also known to many that you cannot experience Fear and Love at the same time. As I was thinking and digging, it dawned on me that in the Bible it says a whole bunch of the times that we are to "Fear the Lord"…hmm…I always thought that was odd, because to me God is pure LOVE…why would I fear LOVE? I then went to good old Webster and found this: Fear (n) – Profound reverence (honor and respect) and awe (wonder and … [Read more...]