Live Longer by Smiling More


The most attractive thing you can wear is a smile!  Not a sarcastic, meek, or half-opened-mouth smile...but a true-feel-the-happiness-smile!  Much like the benefits of laughter, smiling is good for you in many ways: Smiling makes us attractive - Have you ever seen a really pretty girl who has a frown on her face? She doesn't look attractive does she?  On the contrary, have you ever seen a not-so-attractive person who wears a beautiful smile?   You are more apt to approach this person, aren't you?  We are drawn to people who smile.  We want the happiness that they have. Frowns, scowls and grimaces push us away. Are you drawing people to you or are you repelling them away? Smiling changes our mood - "Turn that frown upside down"...remember that? When you are feeling blue, try it and … [Read more...]