Audio Mindset Minute: “Do Something for YOU!”

Mindset Minute

We all do so much for others while wearing multiple hats. We need to make sure we are taking time out for ourselves so we don't burn out. Listen in and then do something for you! Because Together is Better, … [Read more...]

Audio Mindset Minute: “Conquering Temptation”


We all get faced with temptation at one time or another. Tune in to this segment of Mindset Minute to learn some valuable tips on conquering temptation! … [Read more...]

Conquering Temptation


Temptation is all around us. It corners us and tests our true character and our will power at every turn. It can be in the innocent form of a cupcake when you are trying to eat healthy...or it can be in the form of a handsome man flirting with you when your marriage is not "up to par". How do you handle temptation when you are faced with it? True character comes to test when a situation arises and there is nobody around to see how you respond. Someone with questionable character will give in to temptation no matter what the cost. If you are a person of great character, there is still a chance that you may want to give in to temptation. How do we handle that temptation? I think the best way to handle temptation with grace is to make a commitment to you. If you don't have boundaries and … [Read more...]

Radio Show: “Where Do You Focus Your Energy?”


It is so very easy to focus your energy on the one person who is being nasty to you instead of focusing on all the wonderful people in your life. Let's take a look at how we can learn from these negative people and shift our focus to goodness! My segment begins at minute 47:05 Find Additional Lifestyle Podcasts with TNTBS on BlogTalkRadio … [Read more...]

Radio Show: “Do You Play the Blame Game?”


Do you deal with life's little set backs as they come to you, or do you blame others when things don't go just your way? If you blame, I call this "Playing the Blame Game". Tune in to see if you play this dangerous game and learn how to turn this ugly habit around. My segment begins at Minute 9:35.   -Deanna Current Lifestyle Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with TNTBS on BlogTalkRadio … [Read more...]

You Get More Flies With Honey…


I'm sure you have heard the expression, "You get more flies with honey than with vinegar". What this essentially means is that if you are sweet and kind, people will be attracted to you, and you will most likely get the response you want…and if you are sour, you will get the opposite response. Well, I'm here to tell you that this is the truth! In my life I have experienced many, many examples of this truth. I will now tell you about a situation that happened recently to prove this point. This past summer, our Casita was broken into. Between the damage and the theft, we experienced a pretty hefty loss. When we called to report this, we were impressed that a police officer and a detective came out. They took prints, swabbed for DNA, and took a thorough report. We were so happy that these … [Read more...]

Raise Your Children Well


We have such a huge responsibility as adults to make sure we raise our children to be honest, respectful, and upstanding citizens. The next generation depends on it! Naturally, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." rings so true. I am amazed at how many people have children, yet they do not teach them well. We have a responsibility to teach morals, ethics, respect, and common courtesy. Yet so many children lack these characteristics. I see this lack in young children, older children, and teenagers. The next generation is in trouble if parents don't start stepping up and actually parenting! Last week, one of my daughters was approached by a boy through a text. The text messages were not respectful to her in any way and were very self-serving to the boy. I highly doubt this boy … [Read more...]

Being Brave


Being brave is such an honorable trait. We see this portrayed in books, movies, and in music. Our culture idolizes people who are brave. We cheer in movies, encouraging the hero who ultimately saves the day. Being brave goes so much deeper and is so much simpler than heading an army to defeat the evil king. It comes in so many different forms, and is seen in many different ways. One person is being brave by just getting out of bed in the morning, while another person is being brave by speaking in front of an auditorium full of people. One of my favorite songs of late is Brave by Sara Bareilles. This song has a special place in my heart, and maybe you can relate. The lyrics are about people not being brave enough to speak up for themselves, people who are afraid to be themselves, people … [Read more...]

Are Your Expectations Getting in the Way?


I am a stickler for schedules: I have bedtimes for my kids. We eat at roughly the same time every night. We have a pretty tight after school schedule with homework, chores, dinner, showers, etc. Mornings flow just as nicely with beds being made, teeth being brushed, breakfast eaten, backpacks stuffed…and out the door. I believe that children thrive with healthy boundaries and I try to keep our family life right on schedule. As our second oldest daughter entered high school this year, and our youngest two daughters have more activities and homework...we naturally have more schedules to juggle. So, being the Mom and calendar keeper, I am busier than ever trying to make our lives flow without too many hiccoughs. Here is where the "Expectations" part enters the scene. You see, when … [Read more...]

Doing the Right Thing

doing the right thing

My little thumb sucker Sometimes doing the right thing also means doing the hard thing. This is especially true when you are a parent raising children. Teaching our kids the difference between right and wrong is so important. Doing what you know is right in the long run can be hard to explain to a child when they can't see past tomorrow. For a couple of years now, my husband and I have known that we need to do something to help our youngest daughter stop sucking her thumb. She is the only one of our four daughters who has had this habit. My husband and I were both thumb suckers as children, so we both know how comforting it is and we also how hard of a habit it is to break. We both also wanted her to quit before she lost her two top teeth to avoid her permanent teeth from growing in … [Read more...]