Change is the Only Constant…”Go With the Flow!”


There is so much change and unpredictability in life, change is the only constant!  If we get upset and frazzled at every little thing that doesn't go as planned, we will become a tense ball of stress.  We need to breathe, let go, and "go with the flow".  When we hold on tight and try to control all circumstances and outcomes, we are not living life.  Part of living life is taking what comes our way and finding the good in it, making an adventure out of it, moving to the groove, learning from it all! Planning is good, don't get me wrong...but as we  all know,  not everything goes as planned.  So, in light of this, we need to go easy on ourselves, on others, and on circumstances.  If something goes wrong and we get angry and stressed about it, we affect so many people (including … [Read more...]