Audio Mindset Minute: “The Power of I Am”

Mindset Minute

"I am" is such a small but mighty statement. The power of I am can tear us down or build us up. Tune in to this segment of Mindset Minute, and in just 5 minutes, learn how to turn your negative "I am" statements into uplifting and positive declarations.   … [Read more...]

Conquering Temptation


Temptation is all around us. It corners us and tests our true character and our will power at every turn. It can be in the innocent form of a cupcake when you are trying to eat healthy...or it can be in the form of a handsome man flirting with you when your marriage is not "up to par". How do you handle temptation when you are faced with it? True character comes to test when a situation arises and there is nobody around to see how you respond. Someone with questionable character will give in to temptation no matter what the cost. If you are a person of great character, there is still a chance that you may want to give in to temptation. How do we handle that temptation? I think the best way to handle temptation with grace is to make a commitment to you. If you don't have boundaries and … [Read more...]

A Compliment in Disguise

a compliment

Do you remember when you were a teenager and someone copied you in some regard, and it was not a good thing? If someone dressed like you, or wanted to act like you, or heaven forbid liked the same person as was an awful thing. Even though we wanted to fit in, we all still wanted to be unique and original, and known for our style. A total oxymoron. I remember when I was a teenager; this girl liked the same boy I did. I was not happy about it, probably because I was insecure. It's easy to see that looking back and not so easy when you are in the midst of emotions and hormones. I remember at that time, a wise woman told me not to be jealous or angry toward this girl, because she was probably a lot like me since she had the same taste as I did. She also said that instead of feeling … [Read more...]

Radio Show: “Happy Is As Happy Does”


Are you only happy when things are going your way? Are you genuinely happy for others when things are going their way...or are you secretly or openly resentful? Do you know that there is an unlimited amount of happiness and joy in this world? Tune in to learn that Happiness follows Happiness, Happiness attracts more Happiness, and Happy is as Happy does!  My segment Begins at minute 30:00 -Deanna New Lifestyle Internet Radio with TNTBS on BlogTalkRadio … [Read more...]

Raise Your Children Well


We have such a huge responsibility as adults to make sure we raise our children to be honest, respectful, and upstanding citizens. The next generation depends on it! Naturally, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." rings so true. I am amazed at how many people have children, yet they do not teach them well. We have a responsibility to teach morals, ethics, respect, and common courtesy. Yet so many children lack these characteristics. I see this lack in young children, older children, and teenagers. The next generation is in trouble if parents don't start stepping up and actually parenting! Last week, one of my daughters was approached by a boy through a text. The text messages were not respectful to her in any way and were very self-serving to the boy. I highly doubt this boy … [Read more...]

Being Brave


Being brave is such an honorable trait. We see this portrayed in books, movies, and in music. Our culture idolizes people who are brave. We cheer in movies, encouraging the hero who ultimately saves the day. Being brave goes so much deeper and is so much simpler than heading an army to defeat the evil king. It comes in so many different forms, and is seen in many different ways. One person is being brave by just getting out of bed in the morning, while another person is being brave by speaking in front of an auditorium full of people. One of my favorite songs of late is Brave by Sara Bareilles. This song has a special place in my heart, and maybe you can relate. The lyrics are about people not being brave enough to speak up for themselves, people who are afraid to be themselves, people … [Read more...]

To Assume is a Dangerous Act


Have you heard this old saying? Well, this saying has a lot of truth to it. It is so easy to assume, isn't it? It is easy to assume that people think the same way you do. It's easy to assume that people are in the same mood as you. It's easy to assume that people have the same background as you. It's easy to assume that you know what's best for others. It's easy to assume that you know someone else's intentions. It's easy to assume the worst in others, isn't it? I have been witness to so many examples of this in my life. I have been guilty of this unattractive behavior as well. When we assume, it never ends well. When we assume, we are not fully communicating or understanding a situation or a person. I have seen this action break up so many friendships and relationships. I have … [Read more...]

To See or To Be Seen?

self esteem

When I was in high school, my friends and I would spend hours getting ready to go to the football games. We had to wear just the right outfit; our hair had to be perfect, as well as our makeup. There would be butterflies swirling around inside us as we anticipated who would be at the game. We were in essence going to the game to be seen. We were not going to actually watch the game. We were not necessarily going there because we truly cared about seeing others. Going to the event was more about appearance and popularity than anything else. Were you and your friends ever like that? As an adult, I have always told my teenage daughters, "Don't be so concerned about how you look, all the other teenagers aren't worried about you, they are too worried about themselves!" This is easy to say as … [Read more...]

Excitement or Fear?

excitement or fear

I am so excited! I guess you can say I am fearful as well. I have learned that excitement and fear are in the same family, they are just a small perspective shift away from each other. Are you aware of that? You can be afraid of something, but if you shift your attitude and perspective just a bit, then it can turn into excitement. How FUN is that!?!? I have been doing a lot of this lately, and it feels so great! I am stretching and growing so much as a result of this new practice. I liken it to a roller coaster ride: When I am in a line to get on a roller coaster, I am a bundle of nerves. I am watching the steel car whoosh past me at lightning speed, I am hearing the terrifying screams, and I am anticipating my heart dropping to my toes. I am so nervous and afraid. After I get on that … [Read more...]

Leave Your Defense On the Field


Have you noticed that the more comfortable, confident, and sure of yourself you are about something, the more it doesn't matter what others do, think, or say? What I mean, is that when you are ok with your opinions, beliefs, desires, etc…the less you have to convince others that your point of view is correct. "Live and Let Live" comes to mind. When we are ok, I mean really ok, with how we live, what we think, what we believe, etc…The more we feel it is ok for others to do the same for themselves. I have been in a place before, where I felt I had to defend my opinions, my beliefs, and my views on something. I felt I had to convince other people that I was right in order to really feel like I was right. The fact that I had to defend it or try to make others see my side of things, made me … [Read more...]