My Way or the Highway?


Are you a "control freak"? Do you only want things done "your way"? If people can't do things the way you do them, would you rather do them yourself? I can relate to that in some ways. I keep a really organized and tidy home. I love to do laundry and I do it well. I fold the clothing just so. At one time or another, each of my four daughters has offered to help me fold the laundry. When I have said yes in the past, I always regret it…because I end up watching in pure frustration and refolding them after they are long gone playing. So now, I always say no. I have tried to let them fold towels…that's simple enough, right?….how can they do that "wrong"? Yes, you guessed it, I refold those too. My husband has stopped asking me if he can help, as he knows that is the one area I want to control. … [Read more...]