Picking Leads to Festering


I know this will sound disgusting to you, but it is a true fact: When you have a scrape or a sore or an open wound of some sort, it will heal a lot faster if you do not pick at it. If you do pick at it, it will fester. Picking leads to festering! Fester Noun: A sore that has become inflamed and formed pus Verb: Ripen and generate pus. I know it is sometimes hard to leave those sores and scabs alone. We think, "If I just pick it off then my skin will get back to normal much more quickly." Well, in fact, the opposite is true. When we pick, it will not only fester, it will take much longer to heal. If we do not take care of it and make sure it is clean, we can also develop an infection, which leads to much more pain and suffering. Our wound will sometimes bleed and the healing process will … [Read more...]

Radio Show: “Got to OR Get to?”


We all have chores and errands and daily obligations. We often don't look at these tasks as a privilege, but rather as a burden. Please join me as we discover how we can turn our "Got to" into "Get to". My Segment begins at minute 9:30-Deanna   Listen To Lifestyle Internet Radio Stations with TNTBS on BlogTalkRadio … [Read more...]

A Lesson in Everything

A lesson in everything

This week, as I was driving home from an appointment, I got a hankering for a salad and a slice of vegetable pizza. I pulled into this small restaurant and walked in to a fairly empty dining area. I sat in a booth totally away from the only other couple in the place. I loved that it wasn't lunch hour, as I wanted to do a little reading while enjoying the quiet. In walks an older couple, who proceeds to sit right behind me. Now, this may sound a little (or a lot) judgmental…but with twenty other booths and tables empty, why in the world did they need to sit in the one right behind me? Those were the thoughts and feelings swirling around in my mind and through my body. Yes, I was aware that my muscles were tensing up, my breathing became non-existent, and I was truly irritated. Did they … [Read more...]

What Goes Around Comes Around

what goes around comes around

We have all heard this warning: What goes around comes around. I say it is a warning, because it is usually used to scare people into doing what is right. People say it with an "I told you so" tone in their voice and look on their face…You know that look! Have you been told this? Have you experienced the aftermath of not heeding this warning? Have you thought about this before your actions and therefore had a happy ending? I can tell you that I have done both. I have seen the fallout of not taking this seriously. I have also been on the positive side of this. I really learned this lesson well when I was 22 years old. I was a single mom, going to college to get my degree and teaching credential. I was not prepared for one of my final exams, so I called the professor and told him I … [Read more...]

Don’t Agree With Me


With writing a weekly blog and having a radio segment, both about shifting your mindset and being a better you, there are many topics that can be controversial. I have found that for the most part, people who leave comments agree with what I have written or said. This has always made me feel great, because it confirms that I am on the right track and that people are really growing and getting the most out of my messages. On a few occasions, I have received some comments in which people are not agreeing with me. They are stating a different view about the same topic. They are voicing their opinion even though it contradicts mine. My initial response has been to be offended. But then, as I began to really digest the words, I realized that it is healthy for people to have different … [Read more...]

Are You Flexible?


To be flexible means that our body is limber, pliable, and fluid…it also means that our mind is able to bend and to see another person's point of view…to be able to put ourselves in someone's shoes…to feel empathetic, compassion, non-stringent and to be able to "Go with the flow". Are you flexible? The other day I took an aerobics class at the gym to which I belong. I could tell there were many ladies who frequented this particular class, but this was my first time attending. To everyone's astonishment, except mine, the regular instructor was not there. (GASP) There was a substitute! As we were guiding our bodies in an attempt to become more flexible, I could see and hear whispers of disappointment about the way the instructor was teaching the class. She obviously was not doing the … [Read more...]

Radio Show: “Happy Is As Happy Does”


Are you only happy when things are going your way? Are you genuinely happy for others when things are going their way...or are you secretly or openly resentful? Do you know that there is an unlimited amount of happiness and joy in this world? Tune in to learn that Happiness follows Happiness, Happiness attracts more Happiness, and Happy is as Happy does!  My segment Begins at minute 30:00 -Deanna New Lifestyle Internet Radio with TNTBS on BlogTalkRadio … [Read more...]

Got to or Get to?

get to

The other day I was walking to my car with a fellow teacher/mom friend after a day of teaching. She asked me what I was going to do the rest of the afternoon. I replied, "I have got to buy some groceries, then I have got to pick up Erin from Cross Country, then I have got to pick up Ryan from Student Council at the high school and take her to the orthodontist. Then I have got to go home, make dinner, help the girls with their homework, have them shower, and then I have got to put everyone to bed." Does this sound like a typical afternoon to you? When the kids get out of school for the day, it is rush, rush, rush! I hear a lot of parents talk just as I did above. I can feel the stress and sometimes the loathing in their voices. Do all your family tasks and obligations feel like a chore … [Read more...]

Stop, Look, and Listen!


Listening, like handwriting, is almost a lost art these days. Listening used to be a lot easier before we became so connected. We are turned in so many directions, we are always multitasking, we are going a hundred miles an hour...it's no wonder we have a hard time listening. We are so connected and we want things now. In this fast paced world, it is hard to slow down and really listen. Part of being a good listener is making eye contact. It is not really possible to look someone in the eye while we are head-down retrieving emails, sending text messages, posting the latest Tweet, etc. So...how do we slow down and truly listen? We need to make a concerted effort to truly listen. I have learned a lot about listening and how to listen effectively. You must truly be silent to hear. I so … [Read more...]

Take Your Focus off Your Problems


For the past several weeks I have had a plugged ear. It has not been painful, but it has been uncomfortable. It feels like I am under water. I have been to several doctors, including an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) specialist. They have flushed, tested, and pressurized. I have been prescribed antibiotics, ear drops, and steroids. I'm still under water. When you have an ailment or a problem that you are dealing with, it is really easy to let that situation be in the forefront of your mind. It just is. Thinking about it, trying to solve it, hoping it will go away...all these thoughts can be self-consuming. If we let our minds really wonder, we can head straight down that negative spiral and think the worst: Is it cancer? Will I lose my hearing? How much longer can I take this? Will life … [Read more...]