Follow Your Passion


As I talk with people, I realize that most children have a passion and most adults have forgotten what theirs is. I have concluded that most adults were once filled with passion for something, but after getting married, having kids, etc…their passion has fallen to the wayside. Some adults are not married and/or don't have children, but they are married to their work…and their personal passion has become nonexistent. Why is this? Why do we veer away from the things that bring us the most joy? It's sad to see so many people working so hard to make ends meet, while doing something they don't even enjoy. It hit me one night about five years ago: My husband and kids were out for the night and I had a rare several hours alone. I didn't know what to do with myself. Yes, I could do … [Read more...]

My Way or the Highway?


Are you a "control freak"? Do you only want things done "your way"? If people can't do things the way you do them, would you rather do them yourself? I can relate to that in some ways. I keep a really organized and tidy home. I love to do laundry and I do it well. I fold the clothing just so. At one time or another, each of my four daughters has offered to help me fold the laundry. When I have said yes in the past, I always regret it…because I end up watching in pure frustration and refolding them after they are long gone playing. So now, I always say no. I have tried to let them fold towels…that's simple enough, right?….how can they do that "wrong"? Yes, you guessed it, I refold those too. My husband has stopped asking me if he can help, as he knows that is the one area I want to control. … [Read more...]


emotions-4-faces crop

The word "Fear" keeps popping up all around me this week…in emails, Facebook postings, songs, a speaker at my mom's group, etc. I decided that if this word keeps appearing to me, it is for a reason, and I need to think a little deeper on it. Fear is often said to be the opposite of Love. I believe that, because it is also known to many that you cannot experience Fear and Love at the same time. As I was thinking and digging, it dawned on me that in the Bible it says a whole bunch of the times that we are to "Fear the Lord"…hmm…I always thought that was odd, because to me God is pure LOVE…why would I fear LOVE? I then went to good old Webster and found this: Fear (n) – Profound reverence (honor and respect) and awe (wonder and … [Read more...]

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Mr Rogers

"Love your neighbor as yourself": If we break down this Biblical scripture and common phrase it will take on a new light.  Here are a couple of powerful questions:  If you love your neighbor as yourself, yet you don't really love yourself...does that mean you don't love others or treat them as well as they deserve to be treated?  On the contrary, if you really love yourself, do you actually love others and treat them better than if you didn't?   I have observed these correlations in people over and over again, and have found them to be true.  If you feel this is true for you, you may either feel great about how you think and behave or you may feel like you have some work to do.  If you find yourself judging others, thinking nasty thoughts, or even being grumpy toward others, then you … [Read more...]