Move Over Pride and Ego!

move over pride and ego

I have known so many people throughout my life who let their pride and ego get in the way of forgiveness. I have been one of those people at times. I'm sure you have as well. I know it is hard to forgive sometimes. It feels like it is a "give" on our part or like we are excusing the wrong behavior...but we also rationally know that hanging on to a wrong only hurts us. We are so stubborn at times. What makes us think that not forgiving someone is healthy or will do any good? Why would we think that holding on to that negative energy will hurt the other person? The energy of un-forgiveness is so very heavy. When we look at it in that light, it seems so very silly, doesn't it? We are intentionally hurting ourselves...that is so counterproductive! I know that when we are in the emotional … [Read more...]

Audio Mindset Minute: “No Complaining Challenge”


We all complain, more than I think we even realize. I propose a challenge for us all: Listen to this Mindset Minute and commit to taking the "No Complaining Challenge". Take a listen! Because Together is Better, … [Read more...]

Audio Mindset Minute: “Feeling Overwhelmed?”


We all feel overwhelmed at some time or another. Listen to this segment of Mindset Minute and in just 5 minutes I will give you tips and tricks to help you not feel overwhelmed! Because Together is Better, … [Read more...]

Audio Mindset Minute: “Set Your Intention”


An intention is a really focused goal. If you set your intention in the morning, you will stay really centered and reap the benefits of not feeling scattered! Join me for this segment of Mindset Minute and learn how to set your intention in just 5 minutes! Because Together is Better, … [Read more...]

Audio Mindset Minute: “Reignite Your Imagination”


How and when did we stop using our imaginations? When we were children we could be and do anything. Join me for this segment of Mindset Minute and reignite your imagination! -Deanna   … [Read more...]

Audio Mindset Minute: “The Power of I Am”

Mindset Minute

"I am" is such a small but mighty statement. The power of I am can tear us down or build us up. Tune in to this segment of Mindset Minute, and in just 5 minutes, learn how to turn your negative "I am" statements into uplifting and positive declarations.   … [Read more...]

A Decision I Made


You may find this hard to believe, but I have not thrown up (vomited) in over 26 years! All sorts of flues and colds and sicknesses have traveled throughout my home, around my friends, and family…but I have managed to steer clear of bowing to the Ivory Throne. Even when I have partaken in too much to drink, I stop short of throwing up. I have four daughters, and I was never nauseated, nor did I throw up at any time during those pregnancies. Before I got pregnant, I knew I would feel awesome and not have morning sickness. It was never a question or option. I'm sure you are wondering how this can be. Your inner cynic is shaking its head in pure disbelief. I assure you that I am telling you the honest truth! You see, I made a decision at the tender age of 17: I do not like to throw up, so … [Read more...]

Video Mindset Minute: “Take Your Focus Off Your Problems”

Mindset Minute

It is so very easy to dwell on things that are not going your way. But did you know that it is just as easy to focus on all the things that are going well? In under Three minutes, I will give you practical tips and techniques to shift your Mindset to be a Better You. Join me for this Mindset Minute!   … [Read more...]

Conquering Temptation


Temptation is all around us. It corners us and tests our true character and our will power at every turn. It can be in the innocent form of a cupcake when you are trying to eat healthy...or it can be in the form of a handsome man flirting with you when your marriage is not "up to par". How do you handle temptation when you are faced with it? True character comes to test when a situation arises and there is nobody around to see how you respond. Someone with questionable character will give in to temptation no matter what the cost. If you are a person of great character, there is still a chance that you may want to give in to temptation. How do we handle that temptation? I think the best way to handle temptation with grace is to make a commitment to you. If you don't have boundaries and … [Read more...]

What is Your Money Vibe?

Money Vibe

What is your money vibe? Do you even know what a "money vibe" is? Vibe is short for vibration and "money vibe" can be summed up by noticing how you feel and act and talk about money. There are two extremes when it comes to your money vibe, and there are people scattered all in between these two extremes. I am not talking about being in debt versus being a millionaire. I am simply talking about your attitude towards money. Here are the two extremes. Where do you fit in? One extreme is this: There is a feeling of a sense of lack. If you believe this way about money, then you are always fretting about money. You talk about things being too expensive. You consciously or unconsciously fear that there will always be a shortage and you will never get ahead or have enough. You attract things … [Read more...]