Personal Freedom


I had a strange emotional experience a few weeks ago. I was at one of my daughter's track meets. The weather was unusually cold and windy for Arizona…I mean really cold! I do not care to be cold, and I get cold pretty easily. So, knowing this, I wore the proper attire…a hat, gloves, scarf, Uggs, and a jacket. I even had backup warmth…a cushion that protects your bottom from cold, hard bleachers…and it transforms into a blanket! I was going to watch and cheer in comfort and warmth. This was definitely a day to put comfort in front of fashion. As I began to climb the bleacher steps, I saw my daughter and two of her friends walking down the bleachers. Perfect timing! As I cheerfully said hello to her, expecting her to hug and kiss me and introduce me to her friends, she said, "Nice … [Read more...]

The Heaviest Thing You Can Carry…


The heaviest thing you can carry is a...Grudge!  We all have one or two or more of them...someone who has done us wrong, has made us look bad, or has cheated us in some way. Think back in your life, I'm sure a few come to mind pretty quickly.  When you think of these people and situations, does your blood boil? Does your heart rate pick up? Does your breathing become more rapid? If you don't feel anything but a sense of calm...congratulations, you have forgiven and have moved on!  If you do feel some of these negative emotions...then you are carrying a grudge!  Sometimes that person can even be ourselves,  a relative, or God. Why do we hold onto grudges?  It certainly doesn't make us feel good.  In fact, it is a huge, heavy stress ball that we lug around day after day.  It weighs us … [Read more...]

What We Learn From Little Children


WOW...There is so much we can learn from little children!  If we really take the time to stop and observe and listen to these little beings, we can acquire a great deal of knowledge.  I'm not talking about them teaching us how to change a tire or something of that sort...but rather we can learn from them about humanity, humility, true love, courage, and the like. Little children lead a genuinely great example. Two people I admire and try to consistently emulate agree that children are fabulous and  are great examples...these two people are Jesus and John Denver (I know...funny twosome, huh!?): Matthew 18:1-4 At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, "Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?" He called a little child and had him stand among them.  And he said: "I tell you … [Read more...]

Why do some people irritate you?


I think it is interesting how some people can just rub you the wrong way. I find this fascinating because that same person in question can be admired, loved , and respected by many other people.  Are you crazy?  Don't they all see what you see?  The real question is:  Why do some people irritate you while they don't bother other people?  Well, it is a psychological fact that when people have mannerisms, speech patterns, display certain habits, or do things that annoy you...more than likely you process these same traits.  So, does that mean that you don't like yourself? Well, yes and no.  This means you must do some self reflection and evaluation. Here is an example (This is only an could be anything that bothers you about another person.): If Barbara is chomping her food … [Read more...]

How to Love Your Enemies


How do you love someone who has done you wrong, made life hard for you, or cheated you in some way?  This is a very difficult thing to do, especially because it involves your ego and emotions.  When we are in the "Emotional Bubble" of a situation, it is hard to step outside and take a look in.  If we put into practice a few steps, it allows us to shift our attitude and perspective and see the situation and person differently: Purge: It's healthy to initially feel the angry, sad, or hurt emotions, but once you have felt, expressed, and accepted them, it is time to move on. Repressing your feelings is just as harmful as holding onto let it out in a healthy way (writing about the situation, exercising, crying, and even yelling when you are alone). Learn: Once you have purged, … [Read more...]