Tend to Your Garden

tend to your garden

My family and I just started a garden. My husband built the boxes and did all the irrigation, the whole family went to a local farm to get the best organic compost in this area, and the girls and I planted the seeds. This is a great family project. I love that we will all work together and we will all reap the benefits by eating healthily off the land! I can't wait until it starts producing. With this garden, I find myself outside a lot more. I get excited to see the little seedlings poke through the soil…a little glimmer of my future salads and stir fries! During my time in this new garden, I imagine the vegetables being big and healthy. I give them love as I mentally nurture them. I thank the sun as it shines upon the new life growing in my yard. This garden has become a bit of a … [Read more...]