Audio Mindset Minute: “Give Anonymously”


When we give while expecting something in return, that is not true giving. Giving from the heart, for the pure joy of helping someone or making them feel special...and not having them know who it is...that is a special kind of giving. Join me and let's give anonymously! Because Together is Better, … [Read more...]

Audio Mindset Minute: “Give a Gift Today”


There are so many ways we can give a gift, but did you know how to give a pure gift? Join me for this segment of "Mindset Minute" and in just five minutes I will teach you what the difference is in giving a gift and giving a pure gift! -Deanna   … [Read more...]

It’s Better to Give than to Receive


This phrase, "It's better to give than to receive", (Actually, these words, "It is more blessed to give then to receive" are from the Bible -NIV…said by Jesus) is one of the parenting standard phrases from anyone's childhood. I think we all heard this growing up…especially around Christmas time and Birthday celebrations. Our parents wanted to instill this quality. They wanted us to be grateful for the gifts and blessings we had in our lives. They wanted us to feel good about giving to others in general and others less fortunate. Now, as an adult and a parent, I find myself trying to teach the same life lesson to my kids. I don't think this is an easy lesson for kids to learn, because they are very egocentric by nature. When trying to model and … [Read more...]