Clear the Clutter


I posted something on my Facebook Fan Page last week that said, "When your work space is cluttered, then your mind is cluttered...take a few minutes to organize your work space so your CREATIVITY can flow!" After posting that, I kept having people tell me how unorganized they are and how they just can't get ahead of all the piles and the clutter! So, I thought about it, and I concluded that it isn't just enough to clean the clutter off of our desks, but we need to de-clutter our lives! I watched an inspirational video about this very topic, and in order to have clear intentions and clear creativity, your home must not be cluttered. Think about it, if your living space is not organized, how can you be organized? The man on the video said we must begin with our closet. Your closet … [Read more...]

Are You Content?


Being content is not an easy thing to do. We, as human beings, tend to dangle "Being Content" right in front of ourselves…like a carrot in front of a donkey. I'm sure you have gone down that road a time or two in your life: "I will be content when I get that promotion"…"when I buy that bigger home"…"when we get pregnant"…"when the kids get older"…"when we get out of debt", etc. We are restless and are always striving to have more and do more. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, in that we need to have goals and dreams to keep motivated…but if we are not content with our lives along the way…then we really aren't enjoying our lives! We could really learn a great lesson on how to be content from animals. They are always content. Yes, they get hungry and thirsty and tired…but they take … [Read more...]

What Do You Want to Leave Behind?


Whenever I am getting ready to take a trip, I start "Nesting". What I mean by nesting is that I start to clean and organize and make sure everything is in order...Just like pregnant women do right before the baby is coming. It is a well known phenomenon, as it is documented and realized by so many women. When that baby comes home from the hospital, everything is just as it should be. I have always been this way. I like to come home to a clean and organized home. I do not want to come home to a mess and a bunch of work. I like to have all the laundry finished and put away before packing for my trip...then when I come home, I only have the dirty clothes from my vacation to launder and not a huge pile. I guess all this nesting also helps me to enjoy my trip more. It would be hard … [Read more...]

Where Do You Focus Your Energy?

Mrs. Magoo

I am so very happy to live in a really wonderful neighborhood! I think about it all the time. Our homes spread down the street almost two miles long; there are cul de sac fingers all along the way, and all the homes are filled with top-notch people. Our neighbors range from newlyweds to families with young children, to grandparents, to couples with no children at all. The ladies all get together about once a month for a wine/appetizer night, there are block parties every few months, and there are dinner parties and gatherings all the time. I am so lucky to have the neighbors I do. We go out to lunch to celebrate birthdays, we have swim parties, and we help each other out. Everyone gets along; it is so unique and refreshing to have such a diverse selection of people who enjoy hanging out … [Read more...]

Happy Is As Happy Does


It is so easy to be happy for yourself when something good is happening! When life is fabulous, and you are just strolling along and singing a song, and things are going your way…it's easy to have joy in your heart. I don't think anyone can argue with that. An interesting thing happens to some people when they are witness to other people's happiness and celebrations: they have a hard time being happy for them. I have seen it over and over again. It comes in the form of jealousy, bitterness, and downright hatred. I wonder why this is a fact. Do these people feel that if other people are happy, that there is not enough to go around? Do they feel that if other people are happy, that it takes away from their own happiness? Have you been guilty of this in your life? I know I have! Can … [Read more...]

Follow Your Passion


As I talk with people, I realize that most children have a passion and most adults have forgotten what theirs is. I have concluded that most adults were once filled with passion for something, but after getting married, having kids, etc…their passion has fallen to the wayside. Some adults are not married and/or don't have children, but they are married to their work…and their personal passion has become nonexistent. Why is this? Why do we veer away from the things that bring us the most joy? It's sad to see so many people working so hard to make ends meet, while doing something they don't even enjoy. It hit me one night about five years ago: My husband and kids were out for the night and I had a rare several hours alone. I didn't know what to do with myself. Yes, I could do … [Read more...]

Getting Even

getting even

What comes to mind when you hear the words, "Getting Even"? Do you think of someone who has wronged you? Someone who has said a nasty word about you? Does your blood pressure elevate? Do you relive the nastiness once again and wish harm on someone and retribution for the pain they caused? I think that is pretty normal, after all, we are human. It is normal, but not necessarily the healthiest way to think and feel. You may have heard the quote, "Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and hoping they will die." That concept is pretty silly, isn't it? But we all have thought that. We think bad, revengeful thoughts and hope it somehow affects the wrongdoer. In reality, it only hurts the person holding onto the grudge. I wrote about Holding a Grudge and … [Read more...]

True Love

True Love

LOVE is the most powerful emotion of all. It's at the very top of the Emotional Guidance Scale, and rightly so. We all strive to LOVE and receive LOVE. LOVE protects, it heals, it nurtures, it teaches, it endures, it brings people together, it sets us free, it encourages, it lifts us up, it comforts. "LOVE" is found in the Bible (NIV) 551 times…it must be important and powerful! We are instructed over and over to LOVE one another, to LOVE ourselves, to LOVE God. It seems that if you are ethical, honest, moral, and LOVING…you will get that right back in return. Proverbs 21:21 – Whoever pursues righteousness and LOVE finds life, prosperity, and honor. This past week, unfortunately, we had a terrible family emergency. Without going into any detail, my … [Read more...]

You Are Who You Hang Around


Last weekend my life-long best friend flew out to spend the weekend with me. We stayed at a great resort in Scottsdale, enjoyed the spa, went shopping, hiking, and did a lot of eating. It was a great time…mostly because we connect, we have a history, and we have common values and respect for each other. We are a lot alike. One night after a full day of shopping and eating a fabulous dinner and sharing a bottle of wine at The Roaring Fork, our driver from the resort asked where we wanted to go. We promptly and tiredly said, “To the resort, we’re going to bed!” He didn’t like that answer and instead drove us to The Martini Ranch…where we soon realized it was “Heavy Metal night”…err…not quite our cup of tea! WOW!…are we old!? The music, if you can call it music, was beyond loud! It was … [Read more...]

The Power of Appreciation

thank you

Why is it so easy to have a "lacking" mindset? Why must we continue the dangerous act of comparing ourselves to others? Are we not perfect in His sight? Monitor your thoughts throughout the day...lack is all too common in our thoughts! It all started when we were babies...with growth charts, doctor's statistics, "When did your baby start to walk/talk/read, etc?"  We have grown up in a very competitive society.  Sports, spelling bees, "Student of the Week", being picked first or last for dodge ball, "Why does Sally's Mom let her go to the movies and I don't get to go?", and the list runs right on into adulthood. This is natural for humans to do, and something that has been going on for generations, so it's not going to stop here. … [Read more...]