Life is Like a “Mirror”


This is a fun and easy analogy: Life is Like a "Mirror"   When you look into a mirror, you see an exact reflection of you.  If you frown into the mirror, you will see a frown.  If you smile into the mirror, you will see a smile.  It is impossible to frown into a mirror and see a smile in the reflection.  That is how easy life works.  If you smile at the world, the world will smile back at you. The same holds true whether you smile, frown, laugh, scream, snarl, stick your tongue out, etc.     If you act grumpy towards the world and expect the world to smile back at have it all wrong.  What you want out of life you need to first give to life.  In other words, what you put out there comes back to you...just like your reflection in the … [Read more...]