Life is Like a Sitcom


"A situation comedy, often shortened to sitcom, is a genre of comedy that features characters sharing the same common environment, such as a home or workplace, with often humorous dialogue. Such programs originated in radio, but today, sitcoms are found mostly on television as one of its dominant narrative forms." Think about your favorite sitcom. Think about all the silly and frustrating situations that we watch and that make us laugh. The characters get into predicaments that we would cringe at if they actually happened to us. We would be impatient, get angry, and say things that aren't very nice. The characters on TV that are quirky and make us laugh on our couches would irritate us to no end in real life. We would bitch and moan, complain, and find no humor in it at all. We … [Read more...]

Cherish Your Relationships


I had a wonderful friend that I met in college. Her name was Laura. We met in our Communications 101 class at CSUSB. She was a sweet and kind girl and we soon became the best of friends. A few years into our friendship, I got married, had my first daughter, and divorced. Laura was right by my side through it all, just as I was there through her marriage and divorce. Her name soon became "Rhoda" to many, as my baby daughter could not pronounce Laura. "My Friend Rhoda" is how I referred to her, and still do. She watched my baby daughter on weekends while I worked at the grocery store. She was "Family" to me. Years later, I remarried, and so did she. I had three more daughters, and she had a hard time getting pregnant. After several years, and through the help of doctors, she had triplets! … [Read more...]

How Young Are You?

act your age

"Act your age!" How many times have we heard that in our lives? How many times have we said that to our children? This phrase always is spoken after some silly or immature words or activities are witnessed. Somewhere along the road of growing up, we lost that ability to be silly and we have become so serious. Why is that? Why don't we skip and laugh, and dance? Why don't we get messy with finger paints? I guess we have a preconceived notion of how we are supposed to behave and act when we are a grown up. Children have such an imagination, such a zest for life! When we lose that, we become dull and we tend to mistreat our bodies. I'm not condoning irresponsible behavior; however, I do think being playful is healthy. Stay with me…there is a connection: Out of curiosity, I have done a … [Read more...]

True Love

True Love

LOVE is the most powerful emotion of all. It's at the very top of the Emotional Guidance Scale, and rightly so. We all strive to LOVE and receive LOVE. LOVE protects, it heals, it nurtures, it teaches, it endures, it brings people together, it sets us free, it encourages, it lifts us up, it comforts. "LOVE" is found in the Bible (NIV) 551 times…it must be important and powerful! We are instructed over and over to LOVE one another, to LOVE ourselves, to LOVE God. It seems that if you are ethical, honest, moral, and LOVING…you will get that right back in return. Proverbs 21:21 – Whoever pursues righteousness and LOVE finds life, prosperity, and honor. This past week, unfortunately, we had a terrible family emergency. Without going into any detail, my … [Read more...]

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


As early as I can remember, I have had the attitude of "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" (Small Stuff is Daily Stuff...not Tragic, BIG, Stuff!). When I became an adult, I read this book (below)...and it enlightened me and confirmed that I was on the right track of living stress-free! Do yourself a HUGE favor, click on this it, read it, and let it sink in! You will not be sorry! **For all of you non-readers whose heart rate just jumped up a assured...The book measures a mere 5.5" x 6.5" and each chapter is only 1.5 tiny pages long.  You could read one chapter each day in the time it takes you to go potty! (That's assuming you go Big Potty every day...but that's another blog topic for another day!) Here is a story about a specific event that took place in my … [Read more...]

Live Longer by Smiling More


The most attractive thing you can wear is a smile!  Not a sarcastic, meek, or half-opened-mouth smile...but a true-feel-the-happiness-smile!  Much like the benefits of laughter, smiling is good for you in many ways: Smiling makes us attractive - Have you ever seen a really pretty girl who has a frown on her face? She doesn't look attractive does she?  On the contrary, have you ever seen a not-so-attractive person who wears a beautiful smile?   You are more apt to approach this person, aren't you?  We are drawn to people who smile.  We want the happiness that they have. Frowns, scowls and grimaces push us away. Are you drawing people to you or are you repelling them away? Smiling changes our mood - "Turn that frown upside down"...remember that? When you are feeling blue, try it and … [Read more...]

What We Learn From Little Children


WOW...There is so much we can learn from little children!  If we really take the time to stop and observe and listen to these little beings, we can acquire a great deal of knowledge.  I'm not talking about them teaching us how to change a tire or something of that sort...but rather we can learn from them about humanity, humility, true love, courage, and the like. Little children lead a genuinely great example. Two people I admire and try to consistently emulate agree that children are fabulous and  are great examples...these two people are Jesus and John Denver (I know...funny twosome, huh!?): Matthew 18:1-4 At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, "Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?" He called a little child and had him stand among them.  And he said: "I tell you … [Read more...]

Laughter is Nature’s Medicine


When was the last time you had a good old-fashioned-grab-your-belly-because-it-aches laugh?  Really think about it...was it today?...this week?...this month?...this year?...  I am truly hoping that you and your family and friends laugh as often as possible! I had a couple of those belly-laugh experiences in the last week.  The first laugh-fest took place when I was on the phone with one of my fabulous sisters and we started laughing at a story I was telling her.  The more she laughed, the more I laughed...around and around we went!  It was exhilarating!  We laughed and and laughed and laughed!  When we got off the phone I was still giggling and reeling from the energy and high it had produced. My second laugh-fest this week took place over the weekend.  Seven of my dear friends and I … [Read more...]

Life is Like a “Mirror”


This is a fun and easy analogy: Life is Like a "Mirror"   When you look into a mirror, you see an exact reflection of you.  If you frown into the mirror, you will see a frown.  If you smile into the mirror, you will see a smile.  It is impossible to frown into a mirror and see a smile in the reflection.  That is how easy life works.  If you smile at the world, the world will smile back at you. The same holds true whether you smile, frown, laugh, scream, snarl, stick your tongue out, etc.     If you act grumpy towards the world and expect the world to smile back at have it all wrong.  What you want out of life you need to first give to life.  In other words, what you put out there comes back to you...just like your reflection in the … [Read more...]

Jumping For Joy is Good Exercise!

Jumping For Joy

When was the last time you felt so much joy in your heart that you couldn't contain yourself?  Can you remember the circumstances?  Did you squeal and laugh and jump up and down???  Did you dance around the house and sing at the top of your lungs?  Did you raise your hands up to the sky and yell praises of gratitude?  Did you cry warm tears of  joy? Did you hug the closest person to you, and did you close your eyes as tight as they could be closed?  Did your heart start beating faster?  Did you hold your breathe and wave your hands in front of your face?  Could you feel your adrenaline release into your system?  Could you feel your heart open and burst with love and genuine happiness? Hopefully this memory is not in the too distant past!  It is so healthy for you to Jump For Joy!  It … [Read more...]